Recap / Ojamajo Doremi S1E3: The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts!

New avant title! This time, it's from the new girl's perspective as she's hanging from a set of monkey bars at the playground. She boasts about not losing to Kanto people.

Cue bouncy opening theme!

The episode picks up right where the last one left off. Doremi and Hazuki are heading to school, discussing the last time. Hazuki said she had fun in Doremi's crazy family while Doremi is still angsting about losing steak...again. Before it could continue any further, a blue-haired girl who looks suspiciously like the one from the opening credits blows past them. She teases her saying she could see her underwear. She's playing a prank, of course, and points out that she couldn't see them since Doremi is wearing shorts. Hazuki lampshades her new character status by saying she's never seen her before.

In class, Doremi, still pissed about the encounter, storms in. Kotake, seeing an opportunity, decides to pull the same prank. Doremi nearly literally bites his head off in retaliation. Hazuki tells him that Doremi isn't in a good mood today and warns everyone else not to mess with her when Kotake asks what was up. When Seki comes in, she brings in a new student and, shocker, it's the blue-haired girl Doremi and Hazuki met. Seki confuses them for already being friends with her, but Doremi denies it by pointing out that they only spoke with her once on the way. This later gets her to sit behind Doremi.

The new girl introduces herself as Aiko Senoo and she transferred from Tengachaya, Osaka. She wastes no time in making a good impression on everyone else, starting with trolling the SOS trio, catching Seki's killer chalk, and then proving to be better at gymnastics than even the boys. Reika Tamaki, the resident Alpha Bitch, complains about Aiko's sudden popularity and Doremi and Hazuki grow increasingly worried about her openness. After school, Hazuki points out Aiko's tendency to speak without considering everyone else's feelings when she is seen teasing the SOS trio again.

With all of this in mind, Doremi resolves to follow her just to see what she's really like. After trailing her for a bit, she decided to blow her last magical sphere to make things easier. It fails, again, when she ends up in a butterfly suit instead of turning into an actual butterfly, and she is forced to run from a stray cat. She eventually uses her broom, which she is still inept at flying, to continue the pursuit. She eventually crashes into the door to Aiko's home.

Aiko answers and finds Doremi lying in a heap, so she invites her in and has her stay for dinner. Kouji Senoo, Aiko's Bumbling Dad, comes in and Dormei gets a first hand look at how Aiko is like: Kind, caring, and quite mature for her age in that she takes care of the house and cooks. Kouji offers to make the dinner, which turns out to be Takoyaki, Aiko's Trademark Favorite Food, but Aiko opts to make it herself since she's used to making it. Doremi remarks how good it is, but the two decide to eat it outside on a riverbank when they notice Kouji fell asleep.

While eating, Doremi takes back her earlier judgments and lets her misgivings evolve into admiration. Aiko forgives Doremi an apologizes for giving a bad first impression, and the two become friends for real. She admits some of her faults, though, including an aversion to book learning. Kouji is still sleeping, though, but he'll wake up soon for his job. He was working extra hard, after all, all things considered.

The next day, Aiko meets up with Doremi and Hazuki again. This time, they're on better terms and Aiko apologizes to Hazuki about the way she acted before. Hazuki forgives her and Doremi mentions Kouji. Hazuki points out the upcoming Parents Day, but Aiko warns that Kouji has a long works shift and shouldn't skip work just to meet everyone. Doremi and Hazuki counter by pointing out their parents' jobs, but Aiko proves stubborn and refuses to tell anything to her dad.

As a result, Doremi decides to take things into her own hands and, after getting more magical spheres from Majo Rika (much to her consternation), Doremi mentions the day to Kouji as he's leaving for work. Kouji tells her Aiko had never spoken to him of these things and he could've taken time off earlier had he been told. He further warns that he could get into trouble if he asks for a day off since he's a new employee and leaves. Doremi transforms and uses her magic to make a clone of him to make sure "he" can come that day. She realizes he lacks the Kansei accent Aiko and the real Kouji have, but she brushes it off and fills him in on the plan. She neglects to tell him the room number, though.

Later at school, Hazuki worries that Kouji won't show up, but Doremi believes he would thanks to the copy she made. However, said copy is running around school, looking for the right room. The hours tick by, and still no Kouji. Back the real deal, he notes the time and feels he might just make it if he hurries. Then and there, Kouji enters with minutes to spare and calls Aiko on not telling him about Parents Day. Aiko responds by expressing worry about him having to work long shifts and that she didn't want him to skip work just for this. Both reconcile before the class, however, and Seki suggests Aiko do the final math problem on the board. Aiko confesses she has no idea what to even do.

After the day ends, Doremi is satisfied that one of her plans worked and even compliments Kouji on his Kansei accent. He doesn't seem to understand and drives off after both sides exchange goodbyes. Just then, the clone shows up and Doremi realizes the Kouji who arrived in the classroom was the real deal all along. Aiko and Hazuki are surprised, and it turns to outright shock when the clone vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Cue Oh, Crap! from Doremi, followed by the bouncy music of the next episode preview, and later the sad music of the end credits.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Brutal Honesty: Aiko.
    • She admitted Hazuki didn't leave any real impression on her and noted her speech and dress reminding her of a "stuck-up bookworm" may have had something to do with it.
    • She called Doremi's puffing her cheeks and going "Buu, buu, BUU!" a "weird reaction" and stated Doremi's hair and name are weird.
    • She openly mocked the SOS trio by referring to them as "three worthless idiots."
  • Establishing Character Moment: Aiko and Kouji. And the SOS Trio.
    • In Aiko's case, it's made clear she's brutally honest and enjoys making jokes at anyone else's expense. Her second ECM shows her as having to be the woman of the house and being highly mature and responsible in addition to being very capable of empathy.
    • As for Kouji, he is established to be hard-working and deeply concerned about his job and Aiko. Him going so far as to risk getting fired just to attend Parents Day with just minutes to spare.
    • The SOS Trio quickly establish themselves to be the class clowns of the series by making jokes at Aiko.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The SOS Trio Sagawa, Oten, and Sugiyama use the first letters of their surnames to name their trio. Aiko mocks it by calling them the "three worthless idiots" trionote .
  • The Idiot from Osaka: Aiko, being from Osaka, proves to be a skilled jokester and a good athlete. Later on, she confesses to being Book Dumb by being unable to solve a match problem.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Aiko and Kouji both come from Osaka and have the accent to match, and Aiko is heard saying "ookininote " on several occasions. This becomes a point later on when Doremi's spell-conjured clone of Kouji is noted to speak with a more traditional Tokyo accent instead.
  • Missing Mom: Aiko reveals to Doremi that she doesn't have a mother anymore due to a divorce, and Kouji took her with him.
  • Oh, Crap!: Doremi is horrified when she realizes her Kouji clone failed his mission and vanishes right in front of her and Aiko and Hazuki. she's horrified further when this means she's going to get found out and turned into a Witch Frog.
  • Panty Shot: Subverted on two occasions. The first time, Aiko jokes she could see Doremi's underwear and then explains to her that she couldn't possibly see them thanks to Doremi's shorts. The second time, Kotake pulls the same joke, and Doremi angrily explains to him what Aiko explained to her.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Aiko proves she's not just a rude girl who likes making jokes at everyone else's expense. She proves she's the lady of the house and takes care of chores in addition to cooking meals. She is also more than capable of apologizing for acting like a Jerkass and making amends.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Kouji and Aiko both have blue hair.