Recap / Ojamajo Doremi S1E2 - I Become Hazuki-chan

As the second episode, this episode will stat to have avant titles. In this case, Hazuki is being wished to have a safe day by Baaya. However, as she's walking down the steps in front of her big house, she muses if she shoudl run away from home.

Cue bouncy opening!

Some time after the soccer match from the last episode, Doremi is at home admiring herself in a mirror while wearing her apprentice uniform. Majo Rika appears and makes it clear she doesn't approve and Lala urges the red-headed heroine to be more careful. Both also point out that the magic spheres that Doremi needs to cast magic with require money and require her to help work at the shop. Doremi obviously doesn't listen until Pop nearly walks in and catches her. Majo Rika manages to revert Doremi to normal again and she and Lala hides just in time. Pop simply notifies her sibling that her bath is ready (it's a Japanese thing).

The next day, Majo Rika is complaining about how late Doremi is. A loud crash later, and it's revealed that Doremi still sucks at riding her broom. While giving her more magic spheres, Majo Rika explains that Doremi will need to take exams. Doremi doesn't like exams and contemplates quitting accordingly until Lala points out that she will get a Fairy Companion for passing the first one. Doremi breaks off quitting and heads for school because she's late for it.

Doremi meets up with Hazuki and the two chat about each other's lives. Both point out the perks of one another, Hazuki being rich and Doremi not having as much responsibility, until Doremi accidentally offends Hazuki. Afterward, Doremi talks with the school nurse, Yuki, since she has no idea how or why Hazuki was offended. Yuki gives advice, and Doremi meets back up with Hazuki. Going by Yuki's words, the two girls dodge a falling out.

Hazuki speaks to Doremi about wanting to live Doremi's life instead of her own, and this gives Doremi an idea. She runs off, transforms, and then appears before her friend. Hazuki correctly guesses it is Doremi, but she denies it and pretends to be her witch friend who's come to grant Hazuki's and Doremi's wish. Using magic, she makes Hazuki look like Doremi and, after more trouble flying away on her broom, uses magic of her own to assume Hazuki's appearance. Both meet up and head to each other's homes.

At Doremi's place, Hazuki-as-Doremi finds Pop and accidentally offends the younger girl by calling her "Pop-chan". Then she shocks her further by makeing perfectly made origami cranes. Pop and Keisuke discuss that Doremi's cranes always turn out crooked by comparison, and Hazuki realizes she's not doing a good job acting like Doremi. Later, she does various chores like picking up ingredients for dinner and answering phone calls, among other things, which causes the Harukaze household to comment on how strange their "daughter" is acting all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, at the Fujiwara household, Doremi-as-Hazuki is startled by the place and Hazuki's mother, Reika, forces her to try on a cutsey, doll-like dress. She gets scolded for swearing, which prompts her to try explaining her true opinion. However, she ends up hiding it instead when she sees Reika about to cry.

Again, at the Harukaze residence, Pop and Hazuki-as-Doremi are watching TV when Haruka tells one of them to get Keisuke since it's time for dinner. "Doremi" volunteers but gets fascinated by his collection of fishing lures.

At the Fujiwara residence, Doremi-as-Hazuki is seen having trouble with the violin.

Back at the Harukaze's place, Karuka gets pissed about Keisuke distracting "Doremi" and trying to get her into his hobby. Both argue, and Hazuki dislikes it. Yet, she's surprised when they're quickly back on good terms.

Back at the Fujiwara's, Doremi-as-Hazuki fakes an illness to get out of the violin lesson. Reika and Baaya overreact and put her in bed. They summon a doctor to check up on her, and she claims to have imagined it when her vitals register as "clear".

Hazuki-as-Doremi ends up in bed when she refuses to eat her dinner. Said dinner is steak, which everyone notes as being Doremi's absolute favorite, so everyone thinks something is seriously wrong with "Doremi".

While in bed, both Doremi and Hazuki contemplate each other's lives. On Doremi's end, she notes she has to act mature and grown-up all the time. As for Hazuki, she notes hoe chaotic Doremi's home life seems and how her parents fight a lot only to reaffirm how kind and caring they are. It is around that time when the spell wears off and the two are back to normal.

Majo Rika appears at the Fujiwara place and wakes Doremi up. Doremi realizes she's back to normal and races back home on her broom and appears before Hazuki. She offers to recast the spell, but Hazuki declines. She misses her family and now wishes to return home. The two bond before Doremi gives Hazuki a ride back home on her broom.

The next day, Doremi is dismayed that her family ate the steak Hazuki didn't eat. That said, her folks are relived she is back to normal.

Cue ultra-bouncy On the Next episode preview! Featuring new girl Aiko! Followed up by, once again, the sad ending theme.

Tropes present in this epsiode:

  • Adult Fear: When Doremi-as-Hazuki pretends to develop a sick stomach in order to skip out on violin practice, Reika and Baaya immediately have her put to bed and a doctor called in out of extreme concern for her well-being. Later, Hazuki's father, Akira, comes in and expresses relief that her daughter is alright and that it wasn't serious.
  • Comical Overreacting: Both families, though there is legit concern involved. The music being played during both scenes is meant to help invoke this.
    • Hazuki's family reacts to Doremi-as-Hazuki's attempts to skip out on violin practice with extreme concern, putting her to bed and getting a doctor over to check on her. They even go so far as to carry her to bed.
    • Doremi's family's reaction to Hazuki-as-Doremi saying she doesn't care much for steak is to forcibly carry her off to bed since it is well-known in her family that Doremi loves steak more than anything.
  • Establishing Character Moment: More of them. This time of Hazuki and her family.
    • Hazuki herself was previously established to be responsible. Here, her characterization extends to her being very kind and helpful, such as cheerfully doing chores around the house without question and absolutely disliking when Doremi's parents fight.
    • Reika Fujiwara establishes herself as being the type who believes she knows what's best for Hazuki by having her try on clothes that she personally picks out. She does reveal a very sensitive side when she breaks down crying after Doremi-as-Hazuki gives the impression that she doesn't like the clothing.
    • Baaya establishes herself to be very responsible and protective of Hazuki and her family. She also reveals herself to be a Large Ham, given how loud her welcoming is when Doremi-as-Hazuki "returns home."
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In a way, this is the premise. Doremi turns Hazuki into a copy of herself and she into Hazuki. As far as everyone's concerned, both girls are simply acting strange.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Twice.
    • Doremi's talk about how good Hazuki's life is since she's rich causes the latter to run off in aggravation.
    • Hazuki-as-Doremi naively refers to Pop as "Pop-chan". Pop finds this offensive since she regards herself as being much more mature than her sibling.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Played for laughs and drama. Both families do not take long to notice "Doremi" or "Hazuki" is acting weird, and both families give extreme reactions when it comes to a head. It may look funny, but seeing a child act bizarrely like this is calls for Adult Fear.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: If the last episode didn't establish Doremi's fondness for steak, then this episode does the job with her dismay over missing out.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Toward the end of the episode, Hazuki lets Doremi know that Doremi's family had steak and that she didn't eat her portion. Her assurances that it was saved for later turn out to be a Hope Spot when it's revealed it was eaten, instead.