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Recap: Ojamajo Doremi S 1 E 1 Im Doremi Im A Witch Apprentice

The camera pans around the town of Misora, slowly reaching a strange magic shop where a young school girl is being welcomed by the creepy owner. She warns the girl as she overlooks a bunch of magic charms said to grant your wish, but once the spell has been cast, it's unknown what may happen to the user...

Meanwhile, it's just an average morning at the Harukaze household. Doremi is making an attempt to give herself courage and takes a moment to overlook the witch book nearby to see if she cast the spell right. She prepares to leave for school when her little sister, Pop, suddenly stops her to question her motives for leaving so early. Doremi tries to lie but Pop sees right through it and tells her it's just useless to try and to just give up. Before Doremi can make a good comeback, their interrupted by their feuding parents. The fight soon turns violent as Haruka yanks Keisuke into another room. Which gives Doremi the perfect opportunity to take off!

Doremi takes this time to introduce herself to the audience and hides upon arrival to school. She watches her crush as he finishes soccer practice, not witnessing the chat between him and Maki, the girl from earlier. Before she takes off, Maki makes Igarashi promise to win, so that she can tell him something. As she prepares to confess how she feels, Doremi mentally panics and goes over the spell again. Unfortunately... he walks right past her and she says nothing...

After a moment of self-pity and loathing, Doremi heads to class. While it's reading time, Doremi goes over the witches guide book again until her friend, Hazuki, tries to tell her it's her turn to read. Not paying attention, Doremi stands up and begins to read from her witch book instead of the reading book. A nearby classmate, Kotake Tetsuya, begins to tease her until it gets out of control and both of them are sent into the hall as punishment. After class, Hazuki notices an upset Doremi while they put away their school items. Hazuki asks Doremi if she plans to attend soccer practice but Doremi runs away before Hazuki can find out what happened. However, due to forgetting, Doremi ends up losing all of her books as she held her backpack upside down. Once again Kotake insults her...

While on her way home, Doremi is trying to figure out why everyone thinks she's so weird because she thinks casting magic would be nice. She comes across a road and notices that she's never been there before. She also sees a creepy building and decides to check it out. Inside she greets the older woman sitting in a nearby rocking chair and quickly notices a bunch of similarities between this woman and a witch. She calls the woman out for it and in a quick puff of air, the woman has suddenly changed into a Witch Frog!

The "cat" from before transforms into her true fairy form and explains that since Doremi caught Majo Rika, she's now being punished for it. Doremi tries to leave the shop but Majo Rika has other plans...

Everyone takes a moment to introduce themselves and while uncertain if this is a good move, Majo Rika asks Lala to get the box from the other room. They go outside and Majo Rika has Doremi reach into the box to pull out one of the [[Transformation Trinket taps]]. But Doremi doesn't listen to Majo Rika's explanation and begins to press the buttons. Majo Rika explains that the apprentice witch must put on the outfit before the music ends. Eventually Doremi gets it right, but Majo Rika questions her finishing pose instead. Without listening again, Doremi then attempts to cast her first magic spell. To which she learns that due to being new to magic, it won't last very long so she shouldn't waste her magic spheres.

Lala refills Doremi's wand before Doremi suddenly finds herself up in the sky! She was trying out her broom but she can't control it and flies in all sorts of directions until Lala manages to stop it. Doremi notices that nearby the soccer game is taking place, so she flies down with Lala to take a peak. Meanwhile, Hazuki is wondering why Doremi didn't come. Suddenly the soccer ball flies straight towards Igarashi! Doremi casts magic to try to help him by stopping time. She moves Igarashi so he avoids injury and before time unfreezes, she notices the charm Maki has as the same one she saw in Majo Rika's shop. Before she can leave, time unfreezes! Maki gets a momentary look at her but Doremi dives into a nearby bush to hide. Unfortunately, because Doremi interfered, the rival team scores a point...

Lala lectures Doremi, who mentions the charm. Lala brings up the forbidden magic in it and explains that using magic to heal wounds is very bad. When Igarashi is injured, Maki ends up using her magical charm to heal it, but it shatters right after. Lala then teases Doremi, pointing out that she probably had a crush on Igarashi too. Doremi tries to fix her mistake since she feels bad, but the spell ends and she is hit square in the face with the soccer ball. Majo Rika uses her magic to freeze time and revert Doremi to her normal human form so that she won't be caught.

Eventually Doremi wakes up to find herself in the nurses office. She and Hazuki begin to chat until they hear Igarashi and Maki in the other part of the room. They rush outside to spy on them as Igarashi asks Maki to go out with him. While Doremi laments over this, claiming to be fine, Majo Rika and Lala watch the scene below them. Majo Rika thinks Doremi is going to be a pain to deal with but Lala thinks it'll be fun. Hazuki points out that Doremi seems to be giving up on Igarashi, causing Doremi to cry as the episode comes to an end...

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