Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 08 E 03 The Mole People

Film watched: The Mole People

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation contains these tropes:

  • And There Was Much Rejoicing: After Lafarge gets killed.
    Crow: Is the first stage of grief pure, unbridled joy?
  • Bad Boss: The Mole People get whipped for any reason.
    Crow: "We have no idea what we're supposed to be doing! We pick up the dirt, you whip us! We put down the dirt, you whip us! C'mon!"
    Servo: "This is all about whipping us, isn't it?"
  • Buried Alive: When one of the expedition members is killed, the guys pretend this is what really happened to him.
  • Eureka Moment: Pearl at the end. "What the heck am I supposed to do with a well-oiled, beefy, handsome, mute stu-...oh. Oh, How~ard..."
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: invoked Played for Laughs, of course.
    Servo: Let this be a lesson to us all: never attempt to unearth ancient civilizations!
    Mike: Stick your head in the sand!
    Crow: Don't go chasing waterfalls!
  • Happiness Is Mandatory: When it comes to Lawgiver Daze.
  • The Load: Lafarge is called this verbatim by the crew.
  • The Long List: Servo rattles off a list of various confections at high speed in the first host segment.
    • Amusingly, Servo has way more pastry names than physical pastries; he repeatedly gives different names for the same individual pastries as Mike points at them.
  • Missing Time: This is revealed to have happened to Crow, explaining (and ending) his amnesia about Mike and the others in Season 8. During one host segment, Mike points out that Crow had made all of the "ancient" artifacts he was digging up.
    Crow: But that would mean that I lived here by myself for 500 years...? Mike, it's you! And Servo! How are you guys? What was I doing here with myself?
    • At some point, Crow made a fertility doll of himself as a female because, apparently, he couldn't conceive.
  • Mythology Gag: Subverted. The crew had checked out The Mole People years before, but never used it for an experiment. However, they did exclaim, "It's The Mole People! These two movies have crashed!" when outtakes from the film appeared in The Wild World of Batwoman as stock footage. The previous mads had also employed a few as their rarely-seen camera crew.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: Mike tries to do a sketch where he dresses as a character from the film (the "gesture professor") and acts silly like the Bots always do, but they shut it down.
    • What the Hell, Hero?: Mike snaps at them for shutting his lame gag down when he always went along with their lame gags.
  • Overly Long Gag: Crow climbing up to the top of his literally mile-high lemon meringue pie... and then falling.
  • Right Behind Me: Bobo grabs Professor Peanut and yells about how much he hates Lawgiver Daze just as Pearl comes up in a palanquin. "You haven't been enjoying my Daze at all!"
  • Running Gag: Referring to Lafarge exclusively as "the load."
    • Mike's "Going down, down, down" and the Bots telling him to stop.
    • "...Pilgrim."
    • How Bentley (John Agar) supposedly never stops talking.
    • Adad appears to be playing a banjo. Servo substitutes hillbilly music accordingly.
    • The albino guys being compared to elves, or Smurfs or other small races.
  • Shown Their Work: People have done the research and claim that the length of time it took Crow to fall one mile was accurate.
  • Society Marches On: One of the more obscure references had Tom Servo rapping "I love my Blublockers!"
  • Special Guest: Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith as a mute hunk that the apes give to Pearl as a present.
  • Take That!:
    • Mike suggests imagining Adam Sandler is being whipped instead of the Mole People when Crow is disturbed.
      Crow: Hmm, suddenly it's great now!
    • In the "Damned by Faint Praise" department, when the high priest condemns the protagonists to die in the Fire of Ishtar:
      Crow: Hey, that movie wasn't that bad!
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Lawgiver Daze; you can practically hear the "Z" whenever Mary Jo Pehl says the name.