Recap / Leverage S 03 E 06 The Studio Job

Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer as Kenneth Crane.

" Some roads, you start going down, well, you can't turn back, and I'm about 100 miles down one of those right now."
Eliot Spencer

In Memphis, aspiring Country Music star Kaye Lynn Gold is singing her new song to her brother and accompanist Shane—until Mitchell Kirkwood, a former country star turned corrupt record label owner, and his men barge into the place. Kirkwood blames Shane for talking to the lawyers, then takes revenge by injuring Shaneís hands severely.

At the Leverage HQ, Lynn explains that her brotherís hand might not able to move at all. She explains that Kirkwood hires them for the song and assumes that itís their one chance to fame but they didnít read the fine print and used their song, thinking itís a waste to for unknown talents like them for their songs. At the meeting room, the team finds out that Kirkwood is a record producer and CEO of his own record company and sung a lot of good country songs. He gains lots of money and many times he was sent to court but his charges were always dropped. He steals music by stealing the digital Master. Hardison explain that it is a high-quality, multi-channel, studio-recorded, mixed, and engineered tape that could cost millions of dollars and assume that Kirkwoodís company has it. Nateís plan is to get the money (and extra for the hospital bills), the Master and making sure Kirkwood donít go hurting other people by using the Fiddle Game con.

At Saddlebag Saloon in Memphis, Nate confronts Kirkwood as a manager for Kenneth Crane (Eliot) telling him that an European lady named Virginia Ellington (Sophie) wants to sell him the song he sings for $25,000. Surprise, he ask his men Jesse to confirm this (which Hardison manages to create a special site for Sophie) and impress Sophie when confronting her. Meanwhile, Eliot has a stage fright and worries of the amount of people heís going to sing. Hardison ensure that he has it all covered as heíll help him with the pitch and everything. Backstage, Kaye helps Eliot gain some confidence and tips even asking him if he ever feels in love before. Showtime starts as Eliot introduce as Kenneth Crane and sings Kaye Lynnís new song ďThe Road Not TraveledĒ. Stunned, Hardison says somethingís wrong as his vocalís perfect but Nate ensures him that Eliot doesnít need it. Everyone goes wild once the song finishes and Eliot went back stage and make out with Kaye Lynn. Due to hat Kirkwood tells Jesse to stop Nate while he confronts Sophie that heís worth half a million dollar for that deal due to his voices. He even lies that he and Nate go way back while his men lead Nate into a room (Despite Nate calling Eliot for help due to them doing a makeout). However once Kirkwood enters the room, he sees Nate sitting down while the two thugs lying unconscious on the floor while all Kirkwood could do is pay him the money.

Back at the HQ, Nate tells Lynn this is how the Fiddle Game con works and gives the money to her. Now the only thing left is to steal the Master. Hardison and Parker disguise as the hot-shot producers to infiltrate the recording studio office. Hardison checks on Eliot if he arrives yet. Turns out heís been chased by his aliasí fans due to the amount of popularity of his song. As he runs, Eliot tells Hardison to destroy his fan sites since heís wanted in three different countries. Meanwhile, Sophie confronts Kirkwood in a hotel about the deal. But his men manage to take the master of Eliotís during the recording section. Also Kirkwood even gives her money for free in exchanges she forgets about Kenneth Crane, knowing that heís also playing the fiddle game towards them. Parker manages to steal a bunch of masters but it turns out that Kirkwood used all his songs from different unknown singers. Unknowing to both of them, Eliot was confronted by Jesse and tries to kill him, due to the soundproof room. They find out the previous song they hear is been stolen by a singer name Jesse Jenkins. Jesse did tries to sue him but was killed as Nate suspects thatís what heís going to do to Eliot.

Eliot rushes back to Lynnís house sobbing about the fact that Kirkwoodís going to use her brotherís song. Nate suggest to hit him again in a few days but Eliot suggest that it has to be now and decides to head to the music festival in Saddlebag Saloon Kirkwoodís going to play with Lynn in a motorcycle. Knowing Eliotís intention, they decide to change their plans. To stall him, Hardison uses Eliotís fans to assume heís in Kirkwoodís vehicle. This gives enough time for them to enter the saloon when Parker even tries to stall them by acting as a random singer. Eliot confronts Kirkwood but he lies that he needs help while pushing the mic aside; punching him in the stomach saying he wouldnít be stupid enough to confess the murder that he did to Jesse Jenkins with all the microphones. Kirkwood starts to perform but as he sings Lynnís brother song, he was cut short by Lynn continuing his song with a great vocal. Everyone clap hands but just as Kirkwood about to say something, he hears his confession that he tells Eliot about his involvement in Jesseís murder. Kirkwood is smart to push away the mic but he underestimate him that Eliot is wearing the earbuds which Hardison can record it. Kirkwood tries to leave lying itís a joke but Eliot stops him and shows him the proper way to let him stay down in the stomach.

Nate hands the master back to Eliot while Kirkwood is taken away by the cops. Lynn meets an artists and repertoire (A&R) representative who was amazed by her performance. Lynn then thanks Eliot and his team for what they have done while Eliot hands her back the master. She evens aska Eliot to join her since heís a natural country singer but Eliot refuses (see the page quote). As they walk out Eliot was curious on how Nate takes down the thugs without his help while Sophie questions Eliot during that time.

Tropes stolen in this episode:

  • The Cast Showoff: Christian Kane, a country music performer when he's not acting, does his own singing and playing here.
  • Engineered Public Confession: Eliot tries to get Kirkwood to make one inside his studio, but Kirkwood is too smart to fall for such an obvious trick. He turns the mikes off, then incriminates himself... only to learn that Hardison was secretly recording him all along.
  • Fingore: How Kirkwood maims Shane.
  • Funny Background Event: While Hardison and Parker are in a sound studio, distracted, Eliot is in a soundproof room we can see through a plexiglass window, fighting off various murderous thugs and furiously trying to get the attention of his oblivious teammates.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The singer Parker plays is a highly eccentric cross between BjŲrk and Lady Gaga.
    Parker(Casing rooms with a mark in tow): Too much clutter... Not enough clutter.
  • Stylistic Suck: The team watches a video Kirkwood made when he was still performing. It turns out to be a horrifically bad Cliché Storm.
    Sophie: I say we take him down for that alone.