Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who DOTD 1 Hunters Of Earth

This was the first release in the Destiny Of The Doctor arc, created in cooperation with AudioGo for the 50th anniversary.

Susan and the First Doctor have been living at Totter's Lane for four months, and Susan is still finding it hard to fit in. She's slowly becoming friends with a classmate, Cedric, but the two are being watched by a rather Obviously Evil gentleman going by the name of Rook. While Susan introduces Cedric to the music of Bob Dylan, the Doctor tries to get spare parts for his TARDIS at an electronics store and attracts quite a bit of unwanted attention. Also, Susan gets a message from a radio DJ that was allegedly sent by the Doctor, but One doesn't remember sending anything at all.

Susan's classmates start attacking her and Cedric for no reason in a fit of xenophobic rage, which turns out to be Mind Control via hypersonic waves. Rook turns out to be Cedric's uncle, and Cedric was only befriending Susan because of her being a very obvious alien. The word "alien", of course, turns out to refer to Cold War spies rather than outer space Time Lords, and the Doctor and Susan — realising what the radio message meant — save the day by blasting Bob Dylan at the enemy.

The Doctor has a feeling that more is going on...