Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who DOTD 2 Shadow Of Death

This was the second release in the Destiny Of The Doctor arc, created in cooperation with AudioGo for the 50th anniversary.

The Second Doctor, Jamie and new companion Zoe land on an abandoned planet and meet some nice space archaeologists. It's explained to them (after they've been captured, held at gunpoint, and forced to explain just who they are) that the base operates under a Year Outside, Hour Inside principle. Using time dilation, the team can explore in shifts, for 18 years, in just 5 subjective years. They hope to discover the remnants of an ancient cilivisation that seems to have packed up and left for no discernable reason.

They're soon hunted down by what looks like a sentient shadow, which causes the archaeologist team members to age to death as soon as they touch it. The Doctor and Zoe team up to hack the airlock system and the time dilation controls while Jamie guides the team to safety. As the shadows come closer, the Doctor is ready to make a Heroic Sacrifice to save his young companions, but gets a message through a bit of psychic paper... from his Eleventh self. The Doctor really quite appreciates the brief psychic vision of his future version (especially the fetching bowtie and the little "love, the Doctor!" note), and strives to save everyone on board, including himself. Since he's not human, he's able to withstand the rapid aging that the shadow induces and instead sits down to have a nice chat with it.

As it turns out, the shadow is the lost civilisation, which has morphed into a new form over time. It just wanted to ask the archaeologists to keep the noise down. The Doctor figures out a way to make it harmless to humans, although it takes him several years of subjective time — but, luckily, just a few minutes from the perspectives of Jamie and Zoe. The team goes on to establish interstellar contact and secure the future of the planet as a world of peace.