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Recap: Back to the Future
  • Recap for Back To The Future : The Game from Telltale games

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    Episode 1 - It's about time. 

May 14, 1986.

6 months have passed since Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown disappeared with his family and Time Travel Train. After a very vivid dream about Doc being erased from existence, Marty wakes up in his room. His mother warns him that the estate sale of Doc's belongings has already started and that he should join his father to pick up some of his stuff before everything is sold. Since Doc has been missing for so long, the city wants to sell his house and George volunteers to supervise the sale so Doc's stuff will be treated with a minimum of respect.Marty is surprised when the time-traveling DeLorean suddenly shows up without a driver, along with Einstein and a recorded message from Doc explaining that he had built a safety device which automatically returned the car to the present, presuming he might get into trouble in the past and trusting Marty to save him. Since the Last Time Departed feature doesn't seems to work, Marty is left to figure out when is Doc stuck in time.

Using clues in the car, Marty visits the elderly Edna Strickland - a former reporter and Vice Principal Strickland's older sister - and finds that Doc, posing as "Carl Sagan", was stranded the 14th June 1931, charged with the arson of a speakeasy under the mob boss Irving "Kid" Tannen's control, and was killed by Tannen's gang the next day.

Marty and Einstein travel to 1931 aboard the Delorean, and Marty meets Doc who suggests that he join forces with his younger self (17-year-old Emmett Brown, who works at the courthouse) to build a Rocket Powered Drill to get him out of jail before he is killed the following day - without telling Emmett what the drill is for, of course. Marty meets Arthur McFly (his young grandfather), Irvin "Kid" Tannen and a younger Edna Strickland. Later, Marty finds that in order to accomplish his mission he has to help the teenage Emmett serve a subpoena to Arthur McFly. It was established that Arthur was the accountant for Kid Tannen's illegal speakeasy business.

Thanks to that Emmett is free for the rest of the day and he's able to build the Rocket Powered Drill to get Doc out of jail. Not before apologizing to him, Marty steals the drill from the young Emmett. However, Doc is kidnapped by Kid Tannen with a Police vehicle. Marty uses the Rocket parts of the Drill on Edna's bicycle to catch up with Tannen. He's able to successfully rescue Doc.

As they are about to return to the future, Marty finds himself disappearing, a result of Artie being killed by Tannen's gang.

    Episode 2 - Get Tannen ! 
As he starts to fade, Marty sees that the 1931 newspaper has changed. After receiving the subpeona then testifying against Tannen in court, Arthur McFly is killed by Tannen's thugs as revenge.Doc sees that the newspaper mentions Arthur being killed around 5 minutes ago, and since Arthur is dead, Marty's father will never be born and neither will Marty.As Doc is about to start the DeLorean, a cop shows up and threatens Doc/"Carl Sagan the Arsonist" with a gun while waiting for backup.Marty pick ups the keys and starts the DeLorean to rescue his father.

Marty goes back in time several hours, avoiding his other self, and manages to save Arthur, rescuing him from Tannen's trio of thugs and urging him to lay low for a while.Arthur then asks Doc and Marty if they are "G-Men." Deciding to just play along, Marty and Doc declare that they ARE G-Men and tell Artie to look out for a suspect named "Sylvia." "Sylvia" is the name of Marty's grandmother, Arthur's future wife.

Upon returning to 1986, Marty finds that history has been altered and in this new 1986 Kid Tannen was never sent to jail as he was supposed to have been later in 1931. The Tannen crime family now runs Hill Valley and endlessly harasses the McFlys. An old Kid Tannen then reveals that the only reason he didn't kill Arthur McFly was because his girlfriend made him promise not to. After escaping Kid and his goons, Marty and Doc then travel back to August 25, 1931, the night when Kid Tannen was supposed to be arrested.

Doc explains that Kid Tannen was originally arrested when Trixie Trotter, his beautiful girlfriend and the singer at his Speakeasy, turned on him and gave Jennifer (Marty's girlfriend)'s grandfather, Officer Danny Parker (who happens to have been the same cop who held up Doc earlier), some incriminating evidence.

Marty tricks Trixie in giving him evidence to Parker by making her believe Arthur was killed by Tannen, breaking his promise. Marty’s trick works and Trixie turns over what she had on Kid to the police. Not long after, Kid Tannen is arrested. Thanks to Marty and Emmett, Kid is brought in, causing Edna to develop an interest in Emmett.

As Marty flies the DeLorean to 88mph, Doc realizes that something went terribly wrong during their trip to 1931, and begins to fade from existence. When Marty arrives in what he thought was the corrected 1986, it turns out to be yet another alternate timeline. Doc has been replaced with an Alternate Emmett Brown named First Citizen Brown.

    Episode 3 - Citizen Brown 

As Marty tries to get out of the DeLorean that is now wedged in a billboard, he meets an alternate Jennifer Parker, punk rock vandal who is totally different from the correct timeline's Jennifer, and asks for her cooperation to get out. She gives him a Tire Iron against Kid Tannen's booze. Marty breaks out of the DeLorean with the Tire Iron and finally reaches the ground. The DeLorean crashes into the ground, causing further damage, to the great displeasure of Marty. But thanks to the DeLorean's battery and its flying tires, he manages to get above Hill Valley's wall and further go into the city.He meets alternative versions of his mother (drinking problem) his father (peeping tom, City surveillance through cameras) and Biff (who can't swear or use violence). It is also revealed that Emmett and Edna got married, resulting in a drastic change in the former, and as a result, everything that happened in the movie trilogy never occurred. He learns from Biff that if you break enough rules, you get to meet First Citizen Brown. Marty goes on a mission to break 3 rules, kissing in public (with Alternate Jen), having a dangerous animal (Einstein) and having forbidden material (Lorraine's booze).

Marty is brought to Brown who coldly greets him. After talking with Brown, Marty manages to point himself and Doc out on a 1931 photo Brown owns. Brown can't believe Marty is on a 1931 photo but Marty explains about time travel and the DeLorean. All goes well until Marty points out that too many rules made people miserable in this Hill Valley. Brown snaps and asks Marty for proof before ending the conversation. Marty goes back home and finds an unconscious George on the floor near his monitors.

Marty wonders who did this and they watch a recording of the past couple of hours showing Biff KOing George with a bat, and his Citizen Plus Treatment watch flashing and showing X-11. And Georges surveillance tapes were stolen, which show people voicing their dissatisfaction with Brown, just what Marty needs to prove his point to Brown.Marty meets with Biff and asks why he did this. But Biff doesn't remember the event ever occurring, and he can't break rules, he gets all sick just by swearing. Marty plays a bit with his watch and notices that the X-11 setting turns Biff into a mindless zombie. Marty asks Biff to retrieve the tapes and Biff jumps into the trash chute.Marty follows him and lands in Kid Tannen's old speakeasy. Edna is standing with Biff, and she uses the X-11 setting to order Biff to catch Marty.Marty manages to snap Biff out of it by showing him many of his favorite things that are hidden in this room (Beer, Porn, Cars ...)The sheer stress makes Biff collapse and he passes out. An obviously pissed off Brown shows up and asks Edna what this X-11 thing is for.

Edna answers that it's to make people obey the law, but Brown will have none of it and ends the argument. Brown struggles with what he has done and Marty gives him Doc's old notebook.Brown gets a "Eureka" moment with a flash in his eyes, obviously overjoyed now that Marty gave him a way to correct his errors. Browns exits the speakeasy as Biff awakes, now back to his normal self. Biff tries to beat up Marty for making him jump into the chute. Marty manages to knock out Biff and goes to Brown's office where Edna awaits him.

Edna reveals she is preparing a Citizen Plus Treatment for Brown, to makes him obedient again before sending guards to knock Marty out.

    Episode 4 - Double Vision 

Marty wakes up in a cell. Locked up and ready to go for the Citizen Plus Treatment. Marty hear his father's voice coming from the camera and asks him for help to retrieve his guitar locked up in a locker. Marty asks for the guard to open the locker, only he can't see the code over the guard's shoulder. George looks up the code with his camera.Marty notices that Jennifer is in the next room, acting extremely weird - she has already been given a Citizen Plus treatment. Using his guitar, Marty plays rock and roll for Jen and is able to return her to her former rebellious self. Knocking a guard unconscious, Jen gives his uniform and face-hiding helmet to Marty so he can walk here undetected. Marty notices Brown about to have the Citizen Plus treatment by Edna. Using his guitar and the huge loudspeakers, he blows Edna and the guards off, saving Brown.

Brown explains that he hid the damaged DeLorean at his lab near Clayton Ravine (named this as a result of Clara Clayton never being saved thanks to the events of the movies never happening). Brown walks away without Marty to fix the DeLorean as Edna comes over.Edna explains that Brown is next to useless without her, as he's far too absent-minded to do anything on his own. Browns flashes in with the DeLorean, explaining that the repairs took him 6 months, but that he's back in time. Brown coldly rejects Edna's attempts at affection and Marty and Brown, now asking to be called Doc, escape back to 1931 in the DeLorean while Edna swears revenge.

Marty discovers that he and Doc have arrived far too late in the past, a day before the Hill Valley Science Expo instead of several months earlier. Emmett is madly in love with Edna and nothing seems to dissuade him otherwise. Worse yet, he wants to propose her during the night. Doc discovers that the DeLorean's time circuits are malfunctioning so they can't get in the past without heavy risks.Doc suggests to go to the more level headed part of the couple: Edna. Using Emmett's experiment entry for the expo, a good Citizen meter designed to work by charting electrical responses to images and other physical responses, Marty has to find out some way to make Emmett look like a deplorable scumbag on the level of Kid himself.

Marty and Doc have a falling out when Doc asks Marty what becomes of Edna. Upon hearing that she becomes old and lonely, he feels a bit of compassion for her despite what she did to him. Doc proposes a third option where everybody wins. Him with a more level headed Edna, and Marty with his family restored. But Marty refuses, in order to restore the timeline, Edna must live a life of solitude. Doc parts with Marty angrily and drives off in the DeLorean.

In order to help repair the timeline, Marty is able to convince Trixie Trotter to help make it look like Emmett and her have been having a affair behind Edna's back. This, along with making his mind map like Kid's and using the rapidly aged clothing enzyme to destroy the suit Edna gave him, causes Edna to break up with Emmett, devastating him and making him completely give up on science.

Marty finds Emmett on the courthouse roof. Through reverse psychology, Marty is able to get Emmett angry enough to reignite his love for science. Unfortunately for him, a lightning storm dislodges a statue next to the clock that precariously puts young Emmett's life on the line. Marty manages to saves Emmett's life before revealing his true name: Marty, as they depart to build Emmett's invention for the science expo.

Driving the DeLorean, Brown picks up a crying young Edna and instructs her to tell him everything she knows about Marty, intent on thwarting his former friend's plan.

    Episode 5 - OUTATIME 

Marty wakes up at Emmett's. The phone rings as Emmett instructs him to take his new static accumulator to the Science Expo but suddenly the communication cuts. Marty takes the accumulator and heads for the Science Expo.

Arriving at the parking lot of the High School, Marty is almost ran over by Citizen Brown driving the DeLorean. He has convinced himself that science was the cause of all the problems in Hill Valley in 1986. Brown is sure that if Emmett stops science, that 1986 will never happen, and that Edna will live happily with Brown without being involved with science. Brown tries to get rid of the accumulator as Marty accidentally turns it on. Marty manages to turns it off, but Brown runs away. At the expo, Marty can't find Emmett but he meets Edna and officer Parker near Emmett's booth. Edna requests to Officer Parker to arrest Marty McFly (Citizen Brown having lied that that Marty is a criminal named "Yakov Smirnoff"), but Officer Parker decides to let him go, secretly asking him to discredit Edna's words.Marty needs some evidence that will tarnish her reputation.

Science Expo's bathysphere owner Jacques Douteux mentions that he saw Emmett going to the House of Glass with a bald old man.As Marty gets into the House, he witnesses Young Emmett being knocked out with chloroform as Brown realizes that Marty is following them.As Marty exits the house, he can't find Brown nor Emmett, he asks Douteux again but Douteux answers in a very strange way. Marty realises that Brown is under Douteux's diving suit and orders him to free Emmett. Brown plays dumb but Marty, suspecting that Emmett is in the Bathysphere, crimps the bathysphere's oxygen line. Citizen Brown begins to vanish from history due to his younger self being inside the bathysphere and lacking oxygen, and eventually gives in and raises the bathysphere.Brown then flees from the expo.

While trying to find some dirt on Edna, by using the recording device shaped like a flower pot from Officer Parker's booth and the phone of the future to impersonate "Carl Sagan" in the House of Future, it is revealed that Edna is the real Speakeasy arsonist and she put the blame on Doc just because Einstein tried to stop her from starting the fire. When Marty showed the evidence to Officer Parker, Edna makes a distraction and runs away from being arrested by him.

Without Edna and Brown, Emmett can now start his experiment until his father Judge Brown arrives, ordering him to stop this at once. Judge Brown disapproves of Emmett's love of science, and doesn't want his son to make a fool of himself. Emmett and his father have an argument until Marty manage to talk some sense into both of them as a peacemaker. Then Judge Brown decides to support his son despite what happens.Marty, happy to see that Emmett and his father have made up, exits the expo to see Edna driving the DeLorean in Marty's direction.At the last second, Brown pushes Marty out of the way, saving his life. The dying Brown regrets his mistake in trying to trust Edna and starts to fades from history as he asks Marty to show him his newspaper. It is revealed that the corrected timeline's Doc has been presented a key to the city of Hill Valley. He smiles and disappears.

Emmett comes out of the expo, saying that he's probably banned from the expo for the next 50 years after what he did.Noticing that Marty seems sad, Emmett asks for an explanation that Marty can't really give him. Marty gives Emmett a folded piece of newspaper from 1986 making him swear to never look at this before 1986 when he will be given the key of the city. Young Emmett ask Marty whether he'll be seeing him again. Marty replies with "I guarantee it." Young Emmett waves him goodbye and enters the school to meet his father.

Just then, the DeLorean arrives out of nowhere and Doc Brown (now back to his normal self) is in the car to meet up with Marty. Only then Doc finally realize than the boy who helped him in 1931 and the boy he helped in 1955 were the same Marty Mc Fly, finding amazing that he had a way to send messages in order not to mess up the time stream.

Danny Parker comes and says he saw a car like Doc's vanishing into thin air. Doc and Marty panic as they realise that Edna was in the car.Suddenly the whole Hill Valley vanishes and Marty and Doc are in the middle of a deserted location. William McFly (Arthur's father) comes and says that nobody lives here except "Scary Mary".Marty goes to see "Scary Mary" only to find an elderly Edna Strickland with a rusted out DeLorean. By gathering clues and talking to Edna, Doc & Marty learn that Hill Valley was wiped out on July 17, 1876 after Edna tried to burn Beauregard Tannen's saloon and accidentally burned down the whole town.Edna then pulls out a rifle with the intention of killing Marty and Doc, only to be stopped by William. Marty & Doc go to 1876 to find Edna trying to burn Tannen's saloon down.Marty manages to knock out Edna while Doc punches Tannen, but Edna runs to her DeLorean to escape.

Using their own time machine, Doc & Marty chase Edna. They manage to send her back into her original timeline by using a flux override to her DeLorean's flux emitters.She crashes into Hill Valley's Police Station and is put under arrest by Danny Parker. Due to the timeline catching up, Edna's DeLorean disappears.

Marty is glad that it is over when he remembers about Arther and Trixie - they had gotten married in secret, much to Marty's panic. It turns out that Trixie Trotter's birthname is actually Sylvia Miskin - she uses Trixie Trotter as a stage name. Both of them thank Marty for everything he has done for them as both of them are in love.

Returning to 1986, Doc now lives part time with Clara and the kids in 1986, since he has now his father's legacy on continue. Doc gives Marty a book titled "The McFlys of Hill Valley" after finishing the research about Marty's grandmother Sylvia. Doc never knew she sang in a speakeasy under a stage name, which was the whole reason he went to 1931 in the first place.

Suddenly, old Edna appears to greet both of them with a different and kinder personality. They were surprised to see her liking dogs and are shocked to discover that she is married to Kid Tannen. Rather than knowing or changing it, they decide to move on and both head to the lab.

Three DeLoreans suddenly appear with three different Future Martys, each of them asking for Doc's help to fix their respective futures.Marty and Doc ignore them and get into the Delorean while Doc says: "The Future can wait, we have a present to catch up with."Doc & Marty start flying the Delorean while Marty asks the question, "Where to Doc ?" and Doc answers with: "Mr McFly, thrill me !"They both depart to an unknown time and place.
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