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    Back to the Future 
On October 25, 1985, Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school senior from Hill Valley, California, visits the home of his friend, eccentric local scientist Dr. Emmett L. "Doc" Brown. Finding Doc absent, Marty plugs his guitar into Doc's amplifier, but is blown across the room when its circuits overload. He then receives a call from Doc to meet him at 1:15am at the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. Unfortunately, Marty realizes that he's late for school when Doc hears his clocks chiming and excitedly tells Marty that they are exactly 25 minutes slow. At school, Marty meets up with his girlfriend Jennifer Parker, and both are reprimanded for tardiness by school principal Mr. Strickland, who tells Marty that he is a "slacker" like his father, and sneers at the idea that his band are auditioning to play at the school dance, telling him that no McFly in the history of Hill Valley has ever amounted to anything. Marty defiantly tells Mr. Strickland that history is about to change.

Marty's band, the Pinheads, are rejected mere seconds into their audition for being "too darn loud". Marty confides in Jennifer that he doubts he has a future in music, and doesn't want to send his demo tape to a studio out of fear of rejection. Jennifer reminds him of Doc's advice to him: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." As they talk, Marty admires a brand new Toyota pickup truck being delivered to Statler's Toyota dealership on the Courthouse Square. As he and Jennifer are about to kiss, they are interrupted by a lady soliciting donations for the Hill Valley Preservation Society, who oppose Mayor Goldie Wilson's plans to restore the courthouse clock tower, which was struck by lightning at 10:04pm on November 12, 1955. They take a flyer to get the woman to leave them alone, but then Jennifer's father pulls up, and before she leaves, she uses the flyer to write down her phone number as she is going to be at her grandma's house.

When Marty gets home, he finds that the family car, a 1979 Chevrolet Nova, has been wrecked by his father George's supervisor, Biff Tannen, who is berating George for not telling him about the car's 'blind spot' (the fact that Biff was drinking beer while driving may have been the real cause of the accident). He bullies George into doing his reports for him and dismisses Marty as a 'butthead' before leaving. At night the family are having dinner, and we learn that Marty's older brother Dave works at a Burger King (and has to ride the bus to work), while his sister Linda has no love life because their alcoholic mother Lorraine disapproves of girls chasing boys. Lorraine remarks that fate brought her and George together when her father hit George with his car after he mysteriously fell from a tree in front of her house. Her tone as she tells the story makes it clear the romance has long since gone out of their marriage; Marty, tired of hearing the same story regularly for years, abruptly leaves the table.

Marty dozes off, but is woken up by a phone call from Doc around 12:30am. Doc asks him to bring his video camera to Twin Pines Mall. They meet up and while Marty starts to record his film, he learns that Doc has created a time machine out of a DeLorean and watches him perform a test run on his dog, Einstein, by sending him one minute into the future, a journey triggered when the car reaches 88 miles per hour. Overjoyed by this success, Doc demonstrates how the time machine works by entering several significant dates into the keypad. Doc enters the date November 5, 1955 and explains to Marty that on that day, he was hanging a clock over his toilet, slipped, and knocked himself out on the sink; when he came to, he had the idea for the flux capacitor, the device that makes time travel possible. Marty is more shocked that the DeLorean is nuclear-powered, as the only way Doc could find to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity that powers the motor is to use nuclear fission. He admits to Marty that he got the plutonium by ripping off a group of Libyan terrorists who paid him to make a dirty bomb for them; he gave them an empty casing filled with pinball machine parts. But as Doc re-fuels the DeLorean and prepares to go into the future, the terrorists catch up with him and spray him with machine gun fire. Marty is able to escape in the DeLorean, but he accidentally activates the time circuits, and when he accelerates to 88 miles per hour in an attempt to outrun the terrorists, he inadvertently sends himself to the last date Doc entered into the keypad: November 5, 1955.

Twin Pines Mall was Otis Peabody's family farm in 1955, and Peabody and his family mistake the DeLorean for a crashed alien spacecraft and the radiation suit-wearing Marty for an extraterrestrial. As Marty flees the irate farmer's rifle fire in the car, he knocks over one of his twin pine trees. Marty tries to convince himself that he is dreaming, but as he returns to Lyon Estates, the subdivision where he lives with his family, he discovers that they have only just broken ground on the first houses. The DeLorean is out of power, so he hides it behind the large billboard advertising the glorious future awaiting families who live on Lyon Estates, then walks to the Courthouse Square, which is much cleaner and less run-down than it is in 1985. He goes to Lou's Cafe (occupied by an aerobics studio in 1985) to look up Doc Brown in the phone book, but when he calls the number, there is no answer, so Marty makes a note of Doc's address. He accidentally meets his father George, who is having breakfast at Lou's, when Biff and his friends bully him to copy his homework. After recognizing the janitor as future mayor Goldie Wilson (his offhand remark that Wilson will one day be mayor actually inspires him to pursue a career in local politics despite the racial barriers of the era), he follows George only to discover, to his horror, that his father is a peeping tom, hiding in a tree and using binoculars to spy on a girl undressing in a nearby house. Suddenly George loses his balance and falls into the path of an oncoming car; Marty instinctively shoves him out of the way and gets hit by the car instead while George flees.

Marty wakes up, convinced he's just had a nightmare about going back in time, but he bolts upright in horror when the teenage girl watching over him tells him he's back in "good old 1955", and is even more horrified to discover that the girl is his mother, Lorraine Baines. She assumes that his name is Calvin Klein since that is the name on his underwear, and she is clearly more than a little smitten by the mysterious boy who fell in front of her father's car. Marty joins Lorraine's family for dinner, meeting his then-infant uncle Joey, who cries whenever he is taken out of his crib (foreshadowing his future as a career criminal and jailbird), and confusing his uncle Milton when he claims to have seen the episode of The Honeymooners ("The Man from Space") that they are watching over dinner even though it is airing for the first time. Lorraine's mother Stella says Marty looks familiar, and asks if she knows his mother; Marty glances at Lorraine and says she probably does. When Lorraine begins aggressively flirting with him, he quickly makes excuses to leave in search of Doc Brown; Lorraine's unimpressed father Sam says that Marty is an idiot who must have idiot parents, and that if Lorraine has a child like that, he'll disown her.

Marty shows up at Doc's mansion (which had been blown up by a lab accident by 1985), but 1955 Doc refuses to believe that he is from the future; he says that Marty's picture of himself and his siblings (in which Linda is wearing a "Class of 1984" sweatshirt) is shoddy trick photography, as the top of his brother Dave's hair has been cut off, and finds the idea that B-movie actor Ronald Reagan is US President in 1985 to be ludicrous. But when Marty tells him that he knows how Doc got the bruise on his forehead - from hitting his head against the bathroom sink and conceiving the flux capacitor, the device that makes time travel possible - he finally convinces him. When Marty shows Doc the DeLorean and the flux capacitor, which looks just like Doc's drawing, Doc is overjoyed to discover that he has finally invented something that works. He watches the video Marty recorded in 1985, but is horrified to discover that the DeLorean needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to work, and he remarks that while he is sure plutonium is easy to find in 1985, it's far rarer in 1955, and the only power source they can use is a bolt of lightning - but there's no way to know where or when one will strike. Marty remembers the flyer about the clock tower and shows Doc that lightning will strike the clock tower the following Saturday at 10:04pm. Doc is delighted again, but hurriedly shoots down Marty's suggestion that he can show him around Hill Valley, as anything he does while in 1955 might irreversibly and disastrously alter the future. Marty awkwardly admits that he has already run into his parents, and Doc asks to see the picture of the McFly siblings again - and discovers that now Dave's entire head has vanished, erased from existence.

Doc takes Marty to Hill Valley High (which is much cleaner than it is in 1985, although Mr. Strickland is still the school disciplinarian and was bald even then), explaining that he needs to make his parents fall in love before he can go back to 1985. Marty admits that his parents' relationship has never made sense to him, as they have nothing in common. He sees George in the hallway between classes and tries to introduce him to Lorraine; she, however, is too smitten by Marty to even notice George. At lunch, Marty is surprised to discover that George writes science fiction short stories, but has never let anyone read them or submitted them to publishers for fear of rejection. Marty tries to persuade George to ask Lorraine to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, but George refuses for further fear of rejection and because she's probably already going with Biff, who is aggressively hitting on her. Marty pulls Biff off Lorraine, and only the timely appearance of Mr. Strickland stops Biff from beating him up in retaliation. After school, Marty chases after George, who is adamant that he is not going to the dance as he doesn't want to miss Science Fiction Theater, and says "no one on the planet" can persuade him, which gives Marty an idea. That night, he dresses in his radiation suit, wakes George by putting headphones on his ears and blasting guitar music through them, then introduces himself as "Darth Vader... from the planet Vulcan" and threatens to fry George's brains if he doesn't ask Lorraine to the dance.

The next morning, George finds Marty and asks for his help in wooing Lorraine. Marty agrees, but suggests he keep quiet about "Darth Vader" as no-one will believe him. In Lou's Cafe, George attempts to flirt with Lorraine and, though fumbling the words due to nerves, he seems to be getting somewhere when Biff shows up and prepares to throw him out. Marty trips Biff before he can get to George, then distracts him for long enough to land the first punch before fleeing to the Courthouse Square, where he grabs a young boy's box trolley and snaps off the top to create a makeshift skateboard. Biff and his gang drive after him in their Ford and eventually pin him to the front of the car, but he outsmarts them by climbing over the car and hopping onto his skateboard as it appears from behind it; the bullies are so stunned, they do not notice they are about to crash into the back of a manure truck until it is too late. Unfortunately, this display of heroism makes Lorraine more attracted to Marty than ever.

Marty watches Doc demonstrate how he plans to get him back to 1985 using a model of the Courthouse Square, but his fascination gives way to alarm when he discovers that Lorraine has followed him back to Doc's mansion to ask him to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Since Lorraine tells Marty that she is attracted to strong people who protect those they love, he decides to set up a scenario that will make it seem as though he is trying to take advantage of Lorraine before George comes to her rescue. George warms to the idea and tells Marty he wishes he had his courage. Remembering what Jennifer told him about his music career, Marty tells George that he just needs self-confidence: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." Marty borrows Doc's car for the date, and as Doc makes the final preparations to send Marty back to 1985, he says he'll miss him after he goes back, as he feels his life is better for having met Marty in 1955, especially now that he knows he has the experience of time travel to look forward to. Distraught over the thought that Doc will not live to use his greatest invention, Marty tries to warn Doc about the terrorists, but Doc refuses to learn anything about his future for fear of disturbing the space-time continuum. Marty writes Doc a letter urging him to take any precautions necessary to prevent his death at the hands of the terrorists and slips it into his jacket pocket.

On the night of the dance, Marty is stunned to discover that Lorraine has swiped liquor from her mother's drinks cabinet and smokes cigarettes, and has previous experience fooling around with boys in parked cars. However, when she aggressively kisses Marty, she withdraws, saying it's like kissing her brother, a reaction Marty finds more relieving than surprising. Just then, the car door opens - but Marty finds not George, but Biff, who is drunk and furious with Marty over the manure incident. He shuts himself in the car with Lorraine and tells his gang members to take care of Marty; they lock him in the trunk of a car which turns out to belong to the band for the dance, Marvin Berry and the Starlighters, who are outside for a smoke break and chase Biff's gang away. Unfortunately, the car keys are locked in the trunk with Marty.

George shows up at Doc's car on cue and tries to follow the script of his plan with Marty, but is alarmed to discover Biff in the car instead of Marty. Biff tells him to leave, but George refuses, so Biff twists his arm behind his back. When Lorraine tries to intervene, Biff shoves her to the ground and laughs. The enraged George finally discovers his self-confidence and knocks Biff out with a single punch to the jaw. Marvin finally gets Marty out of the trunk of his car by jimmying the lock with a knife, but slices his hand in the process; Marty arrives just in time to see George and Lorraine head into the dance together, but when he checks the photograph, Dave is completely gone and Linda is rapidly disappearing too. Marvin's injury means the band cannot play on, and so George and Lorraine's first kiss cannot happen - unless Marty knows someone else who can play guitar...

Marty joins the Starlighters on stage both to play guitar and to keep an eye on George and Lorraine, but during the first number, "Earth Angel", Mark Dixon, a student, cuts in between George and Lorraine. Lorraine tries to get George to intervene, but he has lost his confidence again, and Marty collapses on stage as he begins fading out of the photograph and out of existence, his hands becoming semi-transparent. Fortunately, George's crisis of confidence proves short-lived as he shoves Dixon to the floor and kisses Lorraine passionately. Marty springs to his feet and sees himself, Linda, and Dave re-appear in the photograph; overjoyed, he begins to play the guitar with renewed vigor. At the band's request, Marty plays one more song, "Johnny B. Goode." Marvin Berry calls his cousin, Chuck, and tells that he found the "new sound" Chuck was looking for. Marty does Chuck Berry's trademark duck walk, and then gets carried away imitating other guitar heroes: windmilling his arm and kicking over his amplifier in imitation of Pete Townshend, lying on the stage kicking his legs in imitation of Angus Young, playing behind his head like Jimi Hendrix, and tapping in the style of Eddie Van Halen. In the face of uncomprehending stares from the audience, Marty says, "I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it."

As Marty leaves the dance, he runs into Lorraine and George one last time. Lorraine tells Marty that George has asked to walk her home; far from being upset, Marty is delighted, telling them he has a good feeling about their future together. When they ask if they'll ever see him again, he tells them, "I guarantee it." Before he leaves, he tells them that if they have a child who, when he is eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug, "Go easy on him."

He rejoins Doc Brown, who has suspended a cable from the top of the clock tower to channel the lightning into the DeLorean; Doc seems uncertain how to react to the news of George's bravery, which even Marty admits was completely unlike him. Just as Marty is getting ready to take the DeLorean to the starting line Doc drew, Doc discovers Marty's letter in his jacket pocket and, refusing to learn anything about his future for fear of disturbing the space-time continuum, begins tearing it up, but before he can throw the pieces away, a tree branch falls onto the cable, disconnecting it. Doc absently puts the pieces back in his pocket and goes to the top of the clock tower to re-connect the cable; Marty tries to yell his warning about the terrorists, but is drowned out by the clock striking ten. With only four minutes to go before the lightning strikes, Marty has to rush to the DeLorean, and decides to simply go back to eleven minutes before he left so that he can get to the mall in time to warn Doc of his fate - but when he tries to start the car, it goes dead. Meanwhile, Doc is poised to plug in the cable at the clock tower end, but it is pulled so tight by the tree branch that it unplugs at the street level end. Just as the DeLorean finally roars into life and Marty speeds down the road, Doc plugs the cable in at the clock tower end and slides, zipline style, down the cable and re-connects it at street level mere seconds before the lightning strikes and sends Marty and the DeLorean back to 1985. The ecstatic Doc runs down the fire trail left by the DeLorean, laughing with delight at his successful experiment before looking toward the clock tower.

Marty returns to 1985, but the DeLorean has stopped working again, and while Marty frantically tries to start it, he sees the terrorists' VW bus drive past on its way to Lone Pine Mall (as it is now known since Marty ran over one of the twin pines). Marty arrives just in time to see Doc get shot as his past self screams in grief before outdriving the Libyans and going back in time while they crash into a Fox Photo booth. Marty rushes down to Doc's body and turns away in tears. Suddenly, Doc wakes up and reveals to Marty that he has a bulletproof vest under his radiation suit. Marty asks how he knew, and Doc shows him the letter from 1955, yellowed with age and taped back together. When Marty jokingly asks about disturbing the space-time continuum, Doc tells him, "Well, I figured, what the hell." He drops Marty off at his house and drives off to 2015 with Einstein in the DeLorean.

Marty wakes up the next morning, convinced his time travel adventure was just a nightmare, but when he goes into the dining room for breakfast, he is amazed to discover the house is much more tastefully and expensively furnished, that Linda has so many prospective boyfriends that even she can't keep track of them, and that Dave has an office job. He is even more amazed to see George and Lorraine return from a tennis game looking fit and happy, and clearly still very much in love. Lorraine is now much more approving of Marty's relationship with Jennifer, but when Marty reminds her that the wrecked car has derailed his weekend plans with Jennifer, the family are shocked. George assures them that the car is just fine, and opens the door to reveal that not only is the McFly family car a brand new BMW, but Biff is outside waxing it in his capacity as an auto detailer. George even catches Biff in a fib about whether or not he has put on the two coats of wax for which George has paid him, revealing that now it is Biff who is afraid of George. Both George and Lorraine agree that for all his faults, Biff is the one who caused them to fall in love. Just then, Biff enters with a delivery box containing the proofs of George's first novel, a science-fiction story called A Match Made in Space. George proudly echoes Marty's advice to him in 1955: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything," advice he has taken to heart to become a successful writer. Biff also gives Marty his new keys, which he discovers are for the Toyota pickup he was admiring in the original timeline.

Jennifer arrives as Marty takes in the sight of his new truck, and they decide to go for a ride together. Just then, Doc reappears in the DeLorean, and urges Marty and Jennifer to return to 2015 with him, as something needs to be done about their kids. After Doc re-fuels the now fusion-powered DeLorean with some of the contents of the McFlys' garbage can, Marty and Jennifer enter the car and Doc pulls out of the driveway. Marty points out that there is not enough road to accelerate to 88 mph. Doc replies, "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads," and flies off in the now hover-converted DeLorean.

    Back to the Future II 
The movie starts where Marty McFly ,Jennifer Parker (which also concern her as well after she sees the DeLorean) and Doc Brown leave Marty's house and time travel to the year 2015 to stop Marty's kids from destroying their lives. However, Biff Tannen comes out of the house intending to show Marty one of the new Biff's Auto Detailing matchbooks he has had printed, and accidentally witnesses their departure. They arrive on October 21, 2015 where Doc is forced to tranquilize Jennifer because she asks too many questions about the future; Doc's firm belief is that no one should be allowed to know too much about their own destiny or future.

Doc lands the DeLorean in an alleyway adjacent to the Courthouse Square where they take Jennifer out of the DeLorean and lay her to the side as she is still sleeping and as to not disturb their mission. Doc explains to him that Marty Jr. was approached by Griff Tannen, Biff's grandson, and his gang and was asked (forced) to join in a robbery. The robbery fail and Marty Jr. was used as a scapegoat as Doc shows him a 2015 newspaper of him being captured. After that his sister Marlene McFly attempts to break him to of jail only to cause more problems which leads to the the McFly's family downfall. Doc's plan is for Marty to impersonate his son and refuse Griff's offer.

Disguise in Marty Jr.s outfit, Marty follows his plan and meet upon an elderly Biff and later Griff who ask him to wait inside seeing his grandpa not coating his car in Cafe 80's. The plan nearly messed up when Marty Jr. unexpectedly comes. Marty manages to switch places with Marty Jr. who was tossed at the back of the counter and refuse Griff's offer which leaves to a chase scene after Griff and his gang are not happy with his answer(similar to the 1955 in the first movie). Borrowing a hoverboard, Marty manages to escape the gang, but was nearly caught when he lands near the center of the pond as the hoverboard stop working. Griff and his gang was about to beat him until Marty purposely drops down into pond causing them to crash into the courthouse and end up in jail, preventing the robbery; Elderly Biff seems to remember this similar experience back in 1955.

After escaping, Mart notice the advertisement of Grays Sports Almanac 1950-2000 and decide to buy it since it shows winning results. Once meeting back with Doc, Doc was devastated to see the commotion but Marty notice the headline has change to Griff being arrested for vandalism in the courthouse. Joy, Doc decide to return but snatches Marty's almanac warning him that it would comes a huge alteration in the past should it falls in the wrong hands. This was overheard by the elderly Biff when he notice the real Marty running away out of the cafe, realizing that Marty is from the past. Doc was going to throw it away until he was shock to see a few cops picking up Jennifer, who is still tranquilized, back to her 2015 'home' since her fingerprint in the future doesn't change. Doc tells them that if Jennifer sees their future self, she would either faint from shock or in worse case scenario, a paradox results in upsetting the time-space continuum and destroy the entire universe. They decide to follow them while Doc throws it into the trash unknowing that the elderly Biff overhears everything and takes the almanac out from the trash.

Upon waking up Jennifer was scared as to see her future family and hides inside the closet and sneaks into the bathroom realizing that Marty's family life isn't what she think it is. She then witness the 2015 elderly Marty gets a video telephone call from his colleague Needles, who goads him into cooperating in a profitable, but illegal, scheme which Marty agrees after Needles calls him "chicken". However, their Japanese boss at Cus Co, Ito T. Fujitsu ("The Jitz"), has been listening in. He appears suddenly on the video screen and Marty is summarily fired. "The Jitz" fires Marty by sending a fax to him, bearing the words YOU'RE FIRED!!! (also superimposed over the video image in large letters filling the screen), one of which is taken by Jennifer. Doc finally finds Jennifer and tries to sneak her out of the house. But before leaving, she retrieves the 'YOU'RE FIRED' letter and learns that 2015 Marty's hand is broken after crashing into a Rolls Royce during a speed race dare at Lone Pine Mall (the future Marty's residence) and quits from music career. Worse after Marty being pressed charges for destroying the Rolls Royce and unable to play the guitar, he felts into guilt and depression of his actions. Before Jennifer exits the house, suddenly her future self sees her and both faint from shock.

Unaware, 2015 Biff manages to follow the DeLorean and while Marty and Doc were to rescue Jennifer he manages to use it and travels back in time and returns back in pain while exiting the DeLorean and accidentally breaks off his cane. He hides behind a nearby car while watching Marty and Doc carrying Jennifer back into the DeLorean unaware that Biff starts to vanish as his plan works. Realizing the consequences, Doc decides that after returning back to 1985, he is going to destroy the DeLorean as it would only bring disaster and misfortune especially to the wrong hands.

Returning back to 1985, Marty and Doc leave Jennifer on her porch swing but didn't bother to notice the changes in the timeline when there's security bars on the windows of the house. They didn't notice the sign of Lyon Estates being defaced when Doc returns Marty back home. This however make Marty realizes he's not at his home when he trespassed a black family house confusing him to be his house the usual way. Rushing out of the streets he notice there's a lot of wreckage and gang fights while cops starts chasing them. Marty though he has gone back in the wrong year but picks up a newspaper showing today's date 'October 26, 1985'. Suddenly he is confronted at gun point by Strickland who wore a bulletproof vest wrongly assume he's been stealing newspaper from him. Marty was shock to know that his school was vandalize six years ago and luckily escape from Strickland when a group of teenage gangsters shoot at his plant pots.

Entering the middle of town, Marty finds the place to be a dilapidated, crime-infested, corrupt hell-on-earth with the courthouse now turned into a casino hotel, attached to which is the Biff Tannen Museum . A video documents Biff's life, describing how Biff became a millionaire overnight after a trip to the racetrack on his 21st birthday, how subsequent successful bets on sports led to him being dubbed "the Luckiest Man on Earth," how Biff parlayed his lucky winning streak into a vast business empire called Biff Co, successfully legalized gambling in 1979, and in 1973 realized his lifelong dream by marrying his high school sweetheart, Lorraine Baines McFly. Marty wails in shock until Biff's goons appear and knock Marty out. Upon waking up, he finds himself in a room with her mother only she's physically abused, an alcoholic and have major plastic surgery because Biff demanded her to get breast implants.

Just then, Marty's 'stepfather', Biff bursts in and sees him, demanding to know why he's not in Switzerland, implying that in this reality, Marty and his siblings are in overseas boarding schools. Biff warns Lorraine that Marty is a butthead just like his father. Lorraine, offended defends George, telling Biff that he's not even half the man he was. Biff roughly pushes her to the floor. Marty rushes at Biff, but Biff's gang grab Marty, and he punches Marty in the stomach. Lorraine snaps and tells Biff she's leaving. But Biff threatens her by cutting Lorraine off from his money, cancel Linda's credit cards, revoke Dave's probation, and put Marty and them all in jail, just like her brother Joey. He leaves warning Marty to get lost within an hour. Marty is shocked, wondering how she could leave George for Biff. Lorraine says that they must have hit Marty too hard this time and to much shock on Marty, she tells him that he's at Oak Park Cemetery for the past twelve years. To Marty's horror, he finds his father's gravestone, which says he died on March 15, 1973. he cries in grief. Just then, Doc finds him and says he knew Marty would come here to know about his father.

Doc takes Marty back to his lab and shows him bound collections of newspapers which he obtained by breaking into the boarded and closed down library. Marty tears out the page of the newspaper that reports his father was shot dead in an alleyway while on his way to receive a book award. Using an old chalkboard, Doc theorizes that somewhere in the past, the timeline has diverged into an alternate reality. He then shows the bag that contains the sports almanac since he remembers the receipt inside and even shows Biff's broken fist-shaped cane handle, which he had found in the DeLorean. The clues he has in the DeLorean reveal that 2015 Biff had given the book to himself sometime in the past, thus changing his future. He even shows a proof that Biff is carrying an almanac in the 1958 newspaper where he made his 'so-called' first lucky win. Doc says this is how time travel can be misused and why the time machine must be destroyed... after they've corrected the timeline. Marty blames himself as he thought of the almanac idea but Doc tells him what's been done been done and going to fix this before destroying the DeLorean. Marty suggest to go back into the future but Doc tells him they can't as they would end up in a future where Biff is way too powerful, married to Lorraine and Doc is committed into an asylum. Doc suggest going into the past but doesn't know when. However, Marty has an idea.

Biff is in a jacuzzi with two topless women, watching "A Fistful of Dollars" on TV, when Marty comes in and turns off the TV with the remote, and confronts Biff about Grays Sports Almanac. Biff invites him to the office where Marty ask him when he gets the book after Biff reveal an old almanac. He tells him the date, saying he remembers that he had crashed his car during drag racing (in reality it was a manure truck), he met old Biff who claims to be a distant relative and gives him the almanac saying it would make him rich. He even adds that there's no trick into it and also mention that if someday he's asked by either a crazy scientist or a kid he has to kill them. Biff pulls out the gun to kill Marty,but Marty manages to distract him and runs out of his room for his life. He tricks Biff into believing that he's going to jump during the confrontation on the rooftop. Doc catches him and knocks Biff out. They head back to November 12, 1955 which Doc tells Marty it's unbelievable that old Biff chose that date, that it must have cosmic significance, or perhaps an amazing coincidence. Marty then realize they need to get Jennifer and Einstein back but Doc reassure him that once they restore to the proper timeline, the alternate world will change around Jennifer and Einstein and neither of them would have any memory of these horrible events.

The two of them go back to 1955. Doc advises Marty to wait until Biff of 2015 gives his younger self the almanac so that he can go back to the future with the time machine. In disguise, Marty follows Biff to a mechanic's shop in the middle of town. After arguing regarding the repair for his car and met Lorraine who prefers to date with Calvin Klein (Marty's alter ego in Back to the Future) than him, Biff suddenly met his older self which he starts the car saying it is his lucky day while driving off with Marty inside the boot of the car. Back at Biff's home, Biff was surprise he knows his place as Old Biff gives him the almanac saying it makes him rich. He even proofs it to him that the almanac's record is true by mentioning UCLA wins by 19-17 convincing Biff to bet on the winner as before Old Biff leaves. Sadly Marty didn't manage to grab the book in time and decides to find him during the dance after getting himself locked in the garage.

At the dance, Marty continually tries to obtain the almanac. He follows Mr. Strickland, who had confiscated the almanac and after stealthily obtaining the almanac, he discovers that Biff had actually swapped the cover with an Ooh-La-La magazine. He then spots his father George knocking out Biff, like before. Marty then snags the almanac from Biff. Just as he radios Doc to pick him up, he runs into Biff's cronies, who mistake him for "Calvin Klein." They chase Marty backstage where he is able to stop them from attacking his earlier self by dropping sandbags on them, knocking them out cold. However, in a confrontation with Biff where he calls Marty a "chicken", Marty gets knocked out when he is hit by the door as his earlier self leaves to meet with the 1955 Doc at the clock tower, and Biff gets the almanac back. Eventually, Biff, nose bloodied from Marty punching him, drives off in his newly cleaned car, and Doc and Marty follow him in the DeLorean. Hanging onto the side of the car with the aid of the hoverboard, Marty finally grabs the almanac and is rescued by Doc from being run over by furious Biff's car and Biff crashes into a manure truck again.

The storm begins to start as Doc lands Marty to the ground for him to burn the almanac to repair the timeline. Overjoy they were happy that their timeline is restored but suddenly the DeLorean was struck by lightning causing it to disappeared. Marty panics under the rain until a few minutes later a Western Union delivery man appears with a letter. The letter was given to Western Union with the explicit instructions to deliver it to Marty "at this exact location, at this exact minute, November 12, 1955". Marty tears open the letter to find out it is in fact from Doc, who is trapped in 1885 but tells him he is alright. Overjoy Marty is relieve while the delivery guy was curious what's going on and Marty realize there's one person who can help him.

Soon, Marty rushes off to find the 1955 Doc, who has just succeeded in sending the other Marty back to 1985. Upon seeing that Marty has returned from the future, Doc exclaims "Great Scott!", faints, the words "TO BE CONCLUDED..." ending the movie.

    Back to the Future III 
Picking up from the last movie, back at November 12, 1955, 1955 Doc woke up in his bed realizing while recording in his tape that he manages to send Marty back to 1985 and dream he came back. Unfortunately he was shock to see Marty waking up in one of his sofa as Marty passes the letter from his future self. It turns out that 1985 Doc has been struck by a lightning bolt and accidentally send him back to 1885. It also mentions the location of the DeLorean, how to repair it so Marty could return home (and destroy it which confuses 1955 Doc but Marty tells him not to think so much) while telling Marty not to pick him up; he's perfectly happy in that era and accept his new life as a blacksmith in the Old West fearing the consequences of time traveling and takes care of Einstein. So they decide to retrieve the DeLorean in an abandoned gold mine near the cemetery. But after retrieving it, Marty and 1955 Doc is shocked that 1985's Doc dies on September 7, 1885, a few days after he wrote the letter. Doc is not happy that he's going to get killed by Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen over the matter of eighty dollars and being erected by his beloved Clara who's name he does not recognizes. Ultimately, Marty decides to save Doc by going back to 1885.

Out in the Indian-motifed Pohatchee Drive-In Theater , Doc finally restore the DeLorean but with some replacement parts from 1955 and it can't fly due to the damage the lightning cause. Doc even gives Marty a flashy cowboy outfit and thanks him again while Marty goes back to September 2, 1885 with the DeLorean. Unfortunately, upon arriving he's been chased by Indians and manage to hide the car in a cave. However after the Indians leaves due to being actually chased by the Cavalry, Marty realize that the fuel line's been ripped thanks to one of the Indians attack. Before he could do anything he was chased out by a black bear. Dehydrated, he collapse at a nearby farm where he wakes up in a cabin live by his own great-great-grandfather Seamus McFly and his family. Marty introduce himself as 'Clint Eastwood' and seek help to find his friend Doc in which Seamus is gladly to help him judging by his looks and body.

The next day, Marty goes into Hill Valley, and goes into the local saloon to try and find out where Doc lives. Unfortunately, he comes at a very bad timing when Buford came into the saloon overhearing Marty's a friend of the blacksmith that he wants to talk to. They first start picking on him for his flashy cowboy outfit until Marty accidentally calls him 'Mad Dog' which enrages Buford as he hates that name and shoots Marty below the legs. This cause Marty to 'dance' which accidentally trips on a loose board causing the spit bowl to fall on top of Buford, angering him further. Marty tries to run away but Buford and his gang manages to capture him and intend to hang him from the partly-complete clock tower. Luckily he was saved by Doc with his custom-made rifle. Buford was pissed and blame him for the horseshoe Doc attaches to his horse as his horse make him spill his bottle of Kentucky Red-eye so he ask for $5 for the bottle he spill and another $75 for the horse. Doc refuse and ask him to bring it back but once Buford say he already shot the horse dead , Doc can't help him in which Buford threaten him that someday he's going to get a bullet in his head someday as his gang leaves. Although Doc was not happy about Marty coming over, he's still happy to see him eventually and decides to change him out of the 'ridiculous outfit' that his younger self make him wear in his house.

At Doc' blacksmith shop, he was shock to find out his own tombstone and joke that he should have paid him. He even curious who's Clara but Marty assume it is his lover in which Doc jeers that he has no time for love. This answers the identity of Clara once the Mayor visits him to greet a new residents of a school teacher by the name Clara Clayton. Doc decides to head back with Marty but unfortunately once Marty tells him that there is no gas due to the Indian attack, Doc was stunned as he informs Marty that the DeLorean always runs on gas despite the use of Mr.Fusion to travel back in time for the flux capacitor. Since it would take the next century to find a gas station, they decide to find an alternative ways to boost the DeLorean to 88mph. They tried to use horses to pull it but it only reaches 20mph. They try to pour the strongest whiskey from the saloon inside the tank, but destroying the engine's fuel injector. Doc says it would take six months to fix it but Marty reminds him he doesn't have much time since he's going to get shot in a few days even when Doc suggest to wait until winter to get some decent ice to speed up the DeLorean. However, upon hearing the train, this gives them an idea when they talk to the conductor about it which coincidentally the next train appears on Monday.

Doc came up a plan to use the train locomotive to push the DeLorean over Shonash Ravine (confuse that it is not Clayton Ravine in their time) but when they check out the Ravine, they realize the bridge isn't complete. However Doc sticks to the idea as this would definitely work. Just then they spotted a runaway carriage while a lady in it calls for help. Doc manages to save her on time before her whole carriage drops down in the ravine. This also marks Doc's love towards her as she introduce herself as Clara Clayton. Turns out that she too is interest in science but have to leave while Clara's packing her stuffs in her new home. On the way back, Doc was glad that she saves Miss Clayton from the Ravine but Marty realize that she's that same school teacher who falls inside the ravine which is name 'Clayton Ravine' as some of the kids who doesn't like certain teachers wish they would fall into a ravine. Doc is shocked that he alter the past; this deepens his resolve to destroy the time machine.

After coming up with the plan to return back to the future, Marty and Doc attend the town festival in which is also the inauguration ceremony of the clock tower which is still being built. Taking this opportunity, Marty and Doc gets their photo taken in front of the clock before it is set in place. While Marty decides to try his luck in the shooting gallery (which impress everyone of his shooting skills), Doc meets Clara again and they dance in joy. However, Buford decides to kill Doc during the dance due to him saving Marty. He plans to shoot him using a small derringer, hidden in his jacket but once Marty notice it and sees that the tombstone has been altered, Marty foil his assassination plan by tossing a plate at his hand, wasting Buford's only bullet to hit at Doc's hat. Marty tells Buford to leave him alone while Buford decides to have a duel showdown after Marty's actions. Marty refuses but once Buford calls him "Yellow", Marty accepts in which he is challenge at Monday morning, the day he was suppose to leave. Marty was soon congratulated with everyone for standing up against Buford and present him a gun and bullets.

The next day, Marty realize that Doc's gravestone has changed and was glad he manages to save him but Doc reminds him that since the gravestone is there, one of them may end up dead as Marty realizes his name was going to be written when an undertaker measure his body for his coffin after the duel. At night, while placing the DeLorean in place on Monday, Doc warns him not to get angry when someone call him names and even accidentally hinting him about the accident in the second movie. Marty was shock and ask out of curiosity of his future but Doc refuses to tell him but advise him "Marty, we all do things that affect the course of our lives. You gotta do what you gotta do, and I gotta do...what I gotta do". Doc changes the subject that he decides to stay with Clara in 1885. Marty refuse the idea but instead suggest to bring her along but Doc rejects the idea as time traveling may injured him future; worrying the consequences.

To make matters worse, Doc comes over to her house and confess the truth to Clara about his real identity but instead gets slapped and dumped by her for telling a ridiculous lie to break up with her. Heartbroken, he heads into the saloon. The next morning, Marty was looking for Doc since today's the day they have to leave but finds him still in the saloon, telling the truth about his year in Luckily, everyone in the saloon thinks he has just gone drunkard crazy. He and Marty prepare to leave, but Doc downs his drink and passes out. Luckily thanks to a wakeup juice from the bartender, Doc manages to regain himself but it is too late as Buford and his gang catches him for the duel while both hide inside the saloon.

Doc and Marty notice the tombstone photo of Clint Eastwood's name, revealing Marty couldn't win in a gunfight. Buford even tries to taunt him, even calling him names, but after Marty realize the real reason why he's being killed, he does not care what Buford or anyone else thinks of him. Marty and Doc try to escape out the side door of the saloon but Buford's gang catch Doc. Buford threatens Marty, telling him that if he doesn't show up Doc dies. With no choice, Marty decides to duel Buford. However during the showdown, Marty intentionally drops his weapon, asking to fight each other like men. This doesn't work as Buford shoots him in the chest, shocking the audience and Doc. Buford laughs at his naïveté and stupidity and decides to finish him off but everyone is shocked when Marty kicks the gun away from his hand, standing up as if nothing has happened to him. Buford punches him in the chest but somehow hurt his arm. Marty reveals that he used a stove cover as a bullet proof vest and uses it to hit Buford, sending him hurtling into the tombstone. Marty then gives a final punch to him after which Buford lands face first into a cartload of manure. Everyone cheers for him even Seamus (who was there to witness the event) until Marshal James Strickland's deputy and his men arrive. Buford's men release Doc, seeing Buford is under arrest. Buford comments "I hate manure!" before being taken away. Marty and Doc are happy that the tombstone in the picture has vanished. They quickly get into their actual plan.

Meanwhile, Clara is about to leave town but then after hearing a conversation from the passengers behind regarding Doc being upset about hurting her, she stops the train and rushes back to Hill Valley only she's a couple minutes late for Marty and Doc to start their plan. She decides to catch them with a horse. After 'borrowing' the train, they put their plan into motion and push the DeLorean to 88mph with the train by using special logs to boost up the train at the cost of the train's engine being destroyed once it reaches it's maximum speed. However, by the time Doc is about to join Marty, Clara catches up and gets Doc's attention. Doc is shocked as Clara apologizes to Doc and decides to join along. Doc goes back to take her but suddenly, the engine explodes causing Clara to fall, dangling from the train. Marty is shocked and unable to stop the train. However, he remembers the hoverboard and passes it to Doc for him to rescue Clara just in time. The DeLorean reaches 88 mph before they can get in, leaving Marty no choice but to leave without Doc. The train flies off the bridge, destroying itself after it drops down the ravine.

Arriving back at October 27, 1985 on Eastwood Ravine (change due to his alias supposedly dropping into the ravine), Marty returns the present but must suddenly get out of the DeLorean as a train runs it over. Marty looks at the wreckage. He knows that Doc's wishes have been fulfilled but is upset that he will never see Doc again. He first checks on his family and sees that everything's back to normal as how it happen from the end of the first movie and takes his truck to visit Jennifer. He wakes her with a kiss and is taking her for a drive. Then they reach Lone Pine Mall and Needles challenges Marty to a drag race. Jennifer realizes this is the incident she heard about and pleads with him to ignore Needles. Marty seemingly accepts after being called "chicken." But once the traffic light turns green, Marty reverses the truck and tells Jennifer he isn't "stupid enough" to race them. Then he witnesses Needles' truck nearly crashing into the Rolls Royce and realize had he accepted, he would have crashed into it. Jennifer checks the "YOU'RE FIRED" paper she got from 2015 and sees the words vanish, proof he has changed the future.

He returns to the DeLorean's wreckage site with Jennifer, depressed that he will never see Doc again. While Jennifer tries to comfort Marty, suddenly the railroad crossing lights activates but oddly with no train on sight. They are pushed back by an explosion as a modern-like train appears out of nowhere. They are greeted by Doc, who tells them that this time machine train runs on steam with the Flux Capacitor located on the front. He is now married to Clara and they have two sons, Jules and Verne. He came back to make sure Marty did not worry about him and to present him with the framed photo of both him and Doc in front of the clock with the inscription 'To Marty, Partner in Time. September 5th, 1885". Jennifer asks regarding the paper that she received from the future that recently faded. Doc assures them that since it disappeared, the future lies towards whatever they want. "So make it a good one, both of you!" As the Browns are about to leave, Marty asks if he's going back to the future but Doc tells him that he has already been there. The train vanishes into thin air, ending the movie.

Animated Series

     Season One 

     Season Two 

Telltale Games

    Episode 1 - It's about time. 
May 14, 1986.

6 months have passed since Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown disappeared with his family and Time Travel Train in Back To the Future III. After a very vivid dream about Doc being erased from existence, Marty wakes up in his room. His mother downstairs realize he is awake and reminds him about the estate sale of Doc's belongings has already started and that he should join his father, George, to pick up some of his stuff before everything is sold. Realizing he's late, he quickly goes to Doc's garage to stop it but sadly it was too late as some of Doc's stuff has been sold.Since Doc has been missing for so long, the city wants to sell his house and turn it into a parking lot while George volunteers to supervise the sale so Doc's stuff will be treated with a minimum of respect. Luckily, Marty manages to take back Doc's Notebook before Biff takes it back home. Suddenly, he hear a familiar sound from outside and decide to check it out. He is surprised to find the time-traveling DeLorean showing up with only Einstein in it, an unknown shoe and a tape recorder inside. Once he plays the tape, Doc's voice is played explaining that he had built a safety measure device which automatically returned the car to the present, presuming he might get into trouble in the past or future and trusting Marty to save him. Unfortunately despite Doc telling him to follow the 'Last Time Departed', it suddenly malfunctions when Marty checks it. With the unknown shoe as the only clue, he ask Einstein to find out who it belongs.

Following the unknown shoe in the car, Marty follows Einstein and ends up visiting the elderly Edna Strickland, a former reporter and Vice Principal Strickland's older sister. Returning back her shoe, Marty soon finds out that Doc, posing as "Carl Sagan", was stranded the 14th June 1931, charged as an arsonist by burning down the speakeasy under the mob boss Irving "Kid" Tannen's control, and was killed by Kid's gang the next day as soon he was released. So upon returning back to the Delorean, he was confronted by George but he wasn't there to stop him even though Marty creates an excuse after wearing the 1931 outfit. George only tells him to be careful and entrust Marty about dealing with his problems.

And so Marty and Einstein travel to 1931 aboard the Delorean, and Marty meets Doc in jail who assume he's safe since he's going to be release tomorrow. But once he shows tomorrow's newspaper that Marty swipe from the elderly Edna (which in the present is consider old), Doc was shocked and after some rejected suggestions by Marty, Doc suggests that he seeks help with his younger self (17-year-old Emmett Brown, who works at the courthouse) to complete a Rocket Powered Drill to get him out of jail before he is killed without telling Emmett what the drill is for and not revealing about time-traveling. During his 'quest', Marty meets Arthur McFly (his young grandfather), Irvin "Kid" Tannen and a younger Edna Strickland. With a bit of help from Dr.Brown, Marty manages to lie his way through young Emmett that he's from the patent office to check the Rocket Powered Drill and want to present the drill to their office before they give the honor to 'Dr.McCoy'. However Marty realize that in order for Emmett to show the drill, he needs to subpoena his grandfather (For associating with Kid Tannen's illegal speakeasy business) and get some alcohol for the fuel.

After getting those done Emmett is free for the rest of the day and he's able to build the Rocket Powered Drill to get Doc out of jail (despite the minor setback argument from his father due to the 'trick' he ploys to get the alcohol). However, out of guilt, Marty decides to tell the truth about getting his friend escaped from jail but oddly young Emmett lets him. Upon reaching the station, Doc is kidnapped by Kid with a Police vehicle. Marty uses the Rocket parts of the Drill on Edna's bicycle to catch up with Kid and successfully rescue Doc.

As they are about to return to the future, both were relieve this is over until Marty finds himself disappearing.

    Episode 2 - Get Tannen ! 
As he starts to fade, Doc is shocked as he reads the 1931 newspaper Marty brought revealing that his grandfather, Arthur McFly is killed by Tannen's goons after testifying against Kid Tannen once Arthur receive a subpoena. He adds that since he was killed 5 minutes ago, the timeline must be catching up as if Arthur's killed neither Marty or his father George will be born. Ultimately, Doc decide to go back to the time before his trial ends warning Marty that mustn't see each other but as they were about to leave in the DeLorean, suddenly a cop shows up and threatens Doc/"Carl Sagan the Arsonist" with a gun while waiting for backup. Marty pick ups the keys that Doc purposely dropped and starts the DeLorean to rescue his father without Doc.

Marty goes back at 4pm, avoiding his other self, and manages to save Arthur from Tannen's goons when they were about to rat him out below the soup kitchen. After reuniting and rescuing Doc, they put Arthur somewhere else that he should stay low. Arthur then asks both if they are "G-Men." Deciding to just play along (and worried he may never find Sylvia if he doesn't come back to Hill Valley), Marty and Doc declare that they ARE G-Men and tell him look out for a suspect named "Sylvia" (which is the name of Marty's grandmother, Arthur's future wife) since she's the girl for him before leaving him.

Upon returning to 1986, suddenly Marty finds out that his father is been crippled, Biff has two other brothers, Cliff and Riff and the elderly Kid Tannen is still alive. Worse, he find out that the Tannen gang family are the 5th most dangerous crime family in California, running Hill Valley. To prove it Biff shows Marty a gun lighter present by Don Valenti, leader of the Valenti family who ranked 3rd. After outwitting the Tannen brothers, Marty was shocked to see the elderly Kid in the limousine about to shoot him. Luckily he was rescued by Doc and both drives away in the DeLorean. He informs him that in that new timeline somehow Kid Tannen wasn't caught and the Tannen crime family now runs Hill Valley and endlessly harasses everyone there including the McFlys. In the end, Marty and Doc travel back to August 25, 1931, the night when Kid Tannen was supposed to be arrested.

Doc explains that Kid Tannen was originally arrested by a rookie cop by the name of Danny Parker (Jennifer (Marty's girlfriend)'s grandfather) when Trixie Trotter, his beautiful girlfriend and the singer at his Speakeasy, turned on him by giving some incriminating evidence. With the help of a disguise and the lighter he pick up from the Tannen brothers, he manages to enter the speakeasy easily posing as a member of the Valenti gang.

Before entering the Speakeasy, he meets up with Edna who was practicing her song of "You Should Care"...badly and young Emmett doing some rocket car testing with Einstein. However their relationship is severed when Edna and her society got kicked out by Judge Brown, knowing Emmett's true intention that her soup is filled with alcohol. Since then, Edna's been harassing him and his experiment and even writes bad article about Emmett. But it seems that after the major argument with his father, the timeline accelerate as the following day he quit his job and devoted mostly towards science thanking Marty for it.

On further investigation, it turns out the Danny Parker was the same guy who Marty accidentally lets the Tannen mobs escaped when Marty first arrived in 1931 (when the DeLorean teleported in between the gun car chase fight), letting an important witness getaway and unable to apprehend an 80-year-old arsonist (Doc). He was demoted for the 'car vanishing into thin air' story, been sent to a psychiatrist by his family and his girlfriend breaks up with him. Out of guilt, he decides to become a corrupt cop by secretly being in cahoots with Kid Tannen. However once he talks to Marty, Danny realize he was in the wrong and ended up sobbing in grief. With the help of the music score that he swipe from the younger Edna, Marty manages to boost back Danny's confidence.

As for Trixie's case, she intends to betray Kid Tannen but she couldn't since the one person she trust isn't here... Arthur McFly. Luckily, Marty manages to see him returning back to Hill Valley to watch a movie. Marty and Doc discuss to him to meet Trixie Trotter to turn on Kid in which Arthur realize where this is going but still won't reveal the secret to them. Unfortunately, one of his goons spots Doc and informs Kid about it. To make matters worse, when Trixie manages to reunite with Arthur, Kid caught him and was going to kill him but Trixie saves him by making a promise she won't sell him out thus planning to destroy any incriminating evidences to Danny after the speakeasy is close. But Marty manages to convince Trixie into giving Officer Parker evidence by tricking her into believing Kid broke his promise by killing Arthur after seeing a caricature of Arthur on the 'Wall of Fame' (in which all of the people frame up there are killed by Kid).

After solving both problems, Officer Parker tells everyone to get out of the speakeasy, but they soon realize Kid is on the loose thanks to a tip-off from his goons that someone is plotting to blow up the speakeasy with dynamite. After finding Kid and exposing his location, Kid was seen taking Edna as hostage believing Doc didn't do it. But after knowing his plan fail and Marty's a phony, he decides to take out his anger at Marty and Parker with an Tommy gun. Thanks to Marty's wits and Emmett's invention (with a bit of Doc's help), Kid is brought in and arrested, causing Edna to develop an interest in Emmett when Edna was saved by one of Emmett's prototype flying machine, while Trixie is relieve to find Arthur alive.

As Marty flies the DeLorean to 88mph, Doc realizes that something went terribly wrong on the way back to 1986 when his Frankenstein movie ticket that he keeps for memories (which cause him to use electricity for the flying machine) begins to fade from existence. He tells Marty to stop but it was too late as they already hit 88mph and ends up in another alternative 1986. Panic, Marty crashes into a poster while in shock to see Doc is gone. Just then he hear his voice from the poster he crash by the name of First Citizen Brown.

    Episode 3 - Citizen Brown 
As Marty tries to get out of the DeLorean that is now wedged in a billboard, he meets an alternate Jennifer Parker, a punk rock vandal who is totally different from the correct timeline's Jennifer, and asks for her cooperation to get out. She trades him a Tire Iron with Kid Tannen's booze. Marty breaks out of the DeLorean with the Tire Iron and finally reaches the ground. Unfortunately the DeLorean crashes into the ground, causing further damage, to the great displeasure of Marty. But thanks to the DeLorean's battery and its flying tires, he manages to get above Hill Valley's wall and further go into the city without needing the pass.

Upon visiting, he meets alternative versions of his mother (retain her drinking problem), his father (retain his peeping tom habit, by working as a city surveillance guy through cameras), and Biff (who acts very nice after taking Citizen Plus and can't swear nor violence). It is also revealed that Emmett and Edna got married, resulting in a drastic change in the former, and as a result, everything that happened in the movie trilogy never occurred. He even realize that him and Jennifer's personality and role is reversed and now she's dating with another guy dumping Marty that he's a square. But worse, once Marty checks on his father's work, it turns out that nobody likes the way Citizen Brown runs the place. So in order to meet Citizen Brown, he seeks advice from Biff that by breaking enough rules and demerits you can see him.

Marty goes on a mission to break three rules. First he decides to find some booze. George suspects Lorraine that her drinking habit hasn't change and ask him to check on her. But Marty was bad at covering thus causing both to argue. With the help of the statue, he blocks the camera while Lorraine has the time to take a sip of booze from her flask. Luckily, Marty decides to take it from her and keep this as a secret while she broke into tears. However he purposely gets himself caught by Jennifer Parker's dad (who's now the Chief of Police of Hill Valley), confiscating Lorraine's flask and gives him demerit. Second, he manages to find Einstein and release his muffler but this manages to give him demerit after scaring Edna who was taking for a walk. Oddly she remembers Einstein and asks Officer Parker to throw it inside the trash chute. And finally, he manages to convince Jennifer that he's the only one for her by beating his boyfriend Leech in a rock showdown and kisses inside Leech's working place, only to be caught by Edna kissing inside. Not only he gets demerit for it, he gets a lecture from Officer Parker to stay away from his daughter. Ultimately, Marty is caught by Edna and the guards, and they send him to her husband, Citizen Brown.

Soon, Marty is brought to Citizen Brown who coldly greets him and acts as his psychiatrist even when Marty calls him "Doc". Marty tries to convince him about time travel, the DeLorean, and he has met his younger self under a different name, but Brown assumes that Marty has gone mental. Not giving up, he tries to convince Brown on the work he did when he was a teen truthfully, but this causes Brown to get angry accusing Marty for trying to confuse him. So in retaliation, Brown show him his "achievement" photo where he captured Kid Tannen single-handily and met the woman of his life, Edna. But Marty manages to point himself and the original version of Doc, which in disbelief Brown sees it and realize that Marty's telling the truth. Marty tells him the difference between his original timeline and the current timeline now, but this enrages Brown when Marty compares his timeline way better than the current since it ends Hill Valley like a police state. Brown disbelieve his word but Marty can show him proof. Unaware for Marty, Brown believes him as he let him leaves once the conversation is over while Edna leaves after eavesdropping their conversation.

Marty goes back home and finds an unconscious George on the floor near his monitors. He then check the surveillance video to shows Biff KOing George with a bat, and his Citizen Plus Treatment watch flashing and showing X:11 while he's bashing the surveillance equipment. Worse, Georges surveillance tapes were stolen, which is the proof that Marty needs to prove his point to Brown. So he meets with Biff and confront him about it. But Biff doesn't remember the event ever occurring, and he can't break rules as he gets all sick just by swearing. Marty plays a bit with his watch and notices that the X:11 setting turns Biff into a mindless zombie. Marty asks Biff to retrieve the tapes and Biff jumps into the trash chute.

As Marty follows him into the trash chute, Marty is surprise to see that he lands inside Kid Tannen's old speakeasy and reveals that Edna's the real mastermind behind all of it. She modify Biff's watch to X:11 and orders Biff to catch Marty. Marty manages to snap Biff out of it by showing him many of his favorite things that are hidden in this room (Beer, Porn, Cars...) The sheer stress makes Biff collapse and he passes out. Unfortunately, it is too late as Edna has already erased the tapes during Marty's struggle with Biff. Just then, Citizen Brown appears with them after hearing the report from Officer Parker about Biff's into the trash chute. He even can't believe that Edna is using him and even overheard her confession. He was more furious that Edna uses Citizen Plus as a way to control people like mindless puppets out of their free will. Edna tries to charm her way out saying this is what he wants with a bit of her 'addition' stuff but Brown had enough, ending her argument by telling her to wait at home. She agrees while leaving angrily.

All Marty could do is see Brown wails in anguish as this is not what he wants and struggles with what he has done. Brown gives up saying what's done been done as there's no way to change it until Marty gives him Doc's old notebook which the only paper shown is the flux capacitor. Brown realizes that he happens to draw it out of the logo around Hill Valley and gets an "Eureka" moment with a flash in his eyes, obviously overjoyed now that Marty gave him a way to correct his errors. Brown tells him that he would be happy to fix the DeLorean as he exits the speakeasy. Marty manages to free Einstein who happens to be cage inside until Biff woke up, pissed of remembering Marty to jump inside the trash chute and decide to take out his anger at him before going after Edna. With the help of Einstein and the equipment from the speakeasy, they manage to knock out Biff and leaves the room.

He went back to Brown's office only to be greeted by Edna. Fed up of Marty's meddling, Edna reveals she is preparing a Citizen Plus Treatment for BOTH Brown and him, to makes him obedient again before sending the guards to take Marty away.

    Episode 4 - Double Vision 
Marty soon wakes up in a cell finding himself locked up and ready to go for the Citizen Plus Treatment after Brown's complete (by forgery and Edna's false approval that Marty agrees to take it). He even overhead the guards that he was framed by Edna for turning Brown into a complete mental state that it might not bring back the leader they once know. Just then Marty hear his father's voice coming from the camera shocked that Edna locks him in while looking for Lorraine after a fight in the previous episode and stop her from taking the Citizen Plus program. He decides to help Marty to retrieve his personal stuffs in a locker which comes in handy. After that, Marty realizes that Jennifer is the next room and shocked that she has already been given a Citizen Plus treatment when she acts all to weirdly nice. But by using his guitar, Marty plays rock and roll for Jen and is able to return her to her former rebellious self. The guard comes in to check onto her but is knocked out by him, and she gives his uniform and face-hiding helmet to Marty so he can walk around undetected. Jennifer leaves Marty as he needs to rescue Brown. Marty notices Brown about to have the Citizen Plus treatment by Edna forcefully since he wasn't given a chance to speak the truth. Using his guitar, the equipment and the huge loudspeakers, he blows Edna and the guards off, saving Brown.

After escaping, both hide inside the dustbin and realize that Brown have hid the damaged DeLorean at his secret lab near Clayton Ravine (named this as a result of Clara Clayton never being saved thanks to the events of the movies never happening) before he was captured by Edna. They soon witness Marty's alt parents getting captured by the guard when George rescues Lorraine. Brown reassure that none of this will have ever happened as he decides to get the DeLorean prepared and be back in a few minutes without Marty to fix the DeLorean since Marty's help would ends up catastrophic effects.

As soon Marty exits the bin, Edna appears and explains to him that his husband's not coming while mocking his inability to do anything without her even disbelieving Marty's 'so-called' fantasy. Just then Brown flashes in with the DeLorean, explaining that the repairs took him 6 months after using his family fortune and a shady deal with the Libyans, but that he's back in time but didn't realize the error on the timing. He even coldly rejects Edna's attempts at affection and stopping Brown from going with Marty. Surprise that Brown is following Marty, Brown wants to be called Doc, escape back to 1931 in the DeLorean while Edna swears revenge.

Unfortunately, upon arriving they discovered that they have arrived a day of the opening of Hill Valley Science Expo instead of several months earlier and young Emmett is already madly in love with Edna and nothing seems to dissuade him otherwise. Worse yet, he wants to propose her during the night upon further interrogation. To make matters worse, both are stuck in the past as Doc discovers that the DeLorean's time circuits are malfunctioning as it jumps to a different timeline despite the correct time coordinates and doesn't want to risk doing a time jump again worrying it may end up in a prehistoric age. He suggests to go to the more level headed part of the couple: Edna.

Marty meets up with Edna arguing at Arthur for forgetting to writing Emmett's name for the Expo. He greets Marty and tells him that Emmett (with her help) builds a Mental Alignment Meter which test everyone's personality based on the machine. Marty decides to ask her what are her likes about Emmett in order for them to break up. She tells him that his mind is a genius as the machine Emmett creates show's he is a model citizen, he doesn't woe or flirt on other girls and he's wearing her grandfather's outfit and hope he doesn't ruin it. By the time Marty wants to go to Emmett's house, Edna is about to head there until Doc decides to stall her for Marty to go there.

On a mission to break both lovebirds, he visits young Emmett under a ruse that Edna send for her. But he was shocked to find out that Emmett's planning to propose to her at night. So while Emmett's distracted on the machine, since he didn't take of the helmet that uses to show results from the machine he invented, Marty create fake results and swipe it with Emmett's real results before Emmett place them in the box for the Expo he's going to bring. Next he tries to spill oil onto his suit but it seems that Emmett had already created a cleanser that cleans his outfit in an instant. But unfortunately the problem is that it will not work after 12 hours as using it after that hours would result his outfit being destroyed by the bacteria eating the suit like a pack of moths. So Marty steals his cleanser and place it inside the DeLorean to make the cleanser defective. Finally he seeks Trixie's help by purposely showing an increment photo of her to Edna (since she despise Trixie for her background) and gets Trixie fired by Arthur after realizing that she is a Canadian as the Expo only allows American. So with some items requested by Trixie, Marty is all prepared waiting for Emmett to show up.

Unfortunately before Marty gets to proceed with his plans, he and Doc have an argument when Doc realize what has happen to Edna in the original timeline after Marty tells him what happens to Edna. Worried she ends up old and lonely, since his affection of her wife is still intact even after talking to young Edna, Doc proposes a third option where he ask Marty to find a better way than breaking up with Edna but still go through his passion of science. Marty refuses as after what he has done to both of them and it would further mess up the time stream. Furious, Doc parts with Marty and drives off in the DeLorean. And so once Emmett arrives, he purposely spill oil onto his outfit while Emmett uses the tampered and defective cleanser on it. Edna came to correct his outfit but suddenly his tie broke and Edna in horror to see his Grandfather's suit in ruins. As planned Trixie pretends to dump him with all the fake items he has and even show the fake results that shows him to be a degenerate criminal like Kid Tannen which ultimately result Edna to break up with him and storms off, with a smug Trixie looking on. This however works too well as Emmett loses his confidences as he leaves Marty.

At night, Marty finds Emmett on the courthouse roof and assume that Emmett wants to commit suicide due to everything that has happened. But Emmett reassures him that this is where he comes when he needs his time alone. But after much persuasion, Emmett realize that this was Marty's fault to begin with since every bad thing happens to him whenever he shows up from the time he argues with his father to the time Marty makes him a "fake hero" and the time Edna breaks up with him. Thanks to reverse psychology, Marty is able to get Emmett angry enough to reignite his love for science. At the same time, a bolt of lightning shot near them and suddenly Emmett regain his passion and idea of another source of "fuel energy" for his flying car. Unfortunately for him, the same lightning dislodges a statue next to the clock that precariously puts young Emmett's life on the line. Marty manages to saves Emmett's life before revealing his true name: Marty. After saving his life, Emmett decides to ask Marty to help him out back in his lab before the expo opens tomorrow as Marty is relieve to see Emmett's back to his old self.

Driving the DeLorean, Doc picks up a crying young Edna and instructs her to tell him everything she knows about Marty, intent on thwarting his former friend's plan.

    Episode 5 - OUTATIME 
Marty wakes up at Emmett's as he receive an answering message that Emmett instructs him to take his new static accumulator to the Science Expo but suddenly the communication cuts when he sees Edna. Without any doubts, he takes the accumulator and heads for the Science Expo. But upon arriving to the Science Expo, Marty almost gets run over by Citizen Brown driving the DeLorean. It turns out that Brown made up his mind and since science was the cause of all the problems in Hill Valley in 1986, he wants to make sure that his project fails and Edna will live happily with Brown without being involved with science. He even tries to dispose of the accumulator Marty's holding, as Marty accidentally turns it on. Marty manages to turns it off, but Brown runs away.

At the expo, Marty can't find Emmett but he meets Edna and Officer Parker near Emmett's booth which was barricade by Parker. Edna then request Parker to arrest him that he's "Yakov Smirnoff" that Brown tells her about Marty. But Officer Parker talks to Marty privately that he believes that Edna is crazy but he has to obey her because ever since her article's quite popular after Kid's arrest, he worries that she would start a full campaign on certain 'tainted police' (after being blackmailed by Edna), plus the mayor and the Chief of Police loves her article thus doesn't want to get into trouble. So Parker suggest that if Marty wants the barrier to be removed, Marty needs to find some evidence that will tarnish her reputation.

While looking for Emmett, Science Expo's bathysphere owner Jacques Douteux mentions that he saw him going to the House of Glass with a bald old man that happens to be Brown. Marty gets into the House and witnesses Emmett being knocked out with chloroform by Brown while dragging him out of the house realizes that Marty is following them. As Marty exits the house, he can't find Brown nor Emmett, so he asks Douteux again, but this Douteux answers in a very strange way. Marty realizes that Brown is under Douteux's diving suit and orders him to free Emmett. But this didn't work as Brown plays dumb and nearly get hauled away by Arthur (who happens to be the organizer of the expo). But Marty outwits him by asking Arthur to let him see the Bathysphere inside. Suspecting that young Emmett is in the Bathysphere, he crimps the bathysphere's oxygen line which causes Citizen Brown to choke knowing he too would vanish from history due to lacking of oxygen, and eventually gives in and raises the bathysphere. Arthur is shocked to see Emmett inside and Marty's telling the truth about his suspicious towards the fake Douteux. But this gives time for Brown to escape from the expo while Arthur gives a chase. Emmett manage to regain conscious and realize that his booth's been barricade while furiously confronting Edna.

While trying to find some dirt on Edna, by using the recording device shaped like a flower pot from Officer Parker's booth and the phone of the future to impersonate "Carl Sagan" in the House of Future, it is revealed that Edna is the real Speakeasy arsonist, and she put the blame on Doc just because Einstein tried to stop her from starting the fire. Her true intends of doing that is because no-one was stopping Kid's speakeasy operation, and she hates the smell the booze and assumes it dirties people's minds, so out of moral outrage, Edna "did what rightful citizen would do", even fantasizing the burning flames a bit. So Marty shows the evidence to Officer Parker, which causes all three (or two if you save Emmett last) to hear Edna's confession even for Emmett to learn his "ex-girlfriend" is the real arsonist. Edna denies it, but Parker, who has had enough of her behavior and the device recorded in her confession comes from his own booth, wants to arrest Edna and intends to bring her down the station to interrogate her about her whereabouts during the night of the speakeasy fire. Edna pleads Emmett for help but he refuses after what she has done. Out of options, Edna creates a distraction and runs away from Parker. Emmett is relieve that since they are gone, they could remove the barricade and start showing off his prototype.

Without anymore interference, Emmett can now start his experiment until his father Judge Brown arrives, ordering him to stop this at once (hinting that it was Edna's doing when both attempts fail). He is outraged about it and wants to stop his own son from making a fool of himself. Locked between their family affairs since neither doesn't want to listen to each other, Marty becomes the peacemaker and "mouthpiece" and sorts things out. During the conversation, Judge Brown realizes that his son is walking a similar path as he did since his own father disapproved coming to America because they couldn't speak their language and foreigners to America, while Emmett realizes he's almost turning into his own dad, and both come to a realization of their errors. Judge Brown calms down as he speaks with his son that even though he knows it turns into a disaster, he is still there to support him, ultimately managing to patch things up with his son. And so Emmett can continue the experiment and his flying car begins to work while Judge Brown jumps in joy that his son did it. Marty is glad it works out alright,until he looks out through the window to see Citizen Brown getting pushed away by Edna as she steals the DeLorean with Officer Parker giving chase.

Marty rushed out to check on him, as Brown sighs that he thought he could change Edna but makes it worse instead. Marty tries to help, but soon the timeline catches up as Brown begins to fade and tells Marty not to help. Suddenly, Edna is driving straight towards Marty when being chased by Parker's car. But at the last second, Brown pushes Marty out of the way, saving his life, at a cost of his own life. The dying Citizen Brown starts to fade from history as he asks Marty to show him his 1986 newspaper. It is revealed that Doc has been presented the key to the city of Hill Valley knowing that Marty has corrected his timeline. Citizen Brown smiles and disappears, while Marty kneels down, closes his eyes, and has a moment of silence for his late friend.

Just then, Emmett comes out of the expo after a loud crash and explosion, saying that Marty miss the show but tells him that the experiment failed as he's probably banned from the expo for the next 50 years after what he did (hinted that he crashes into the House of Glass and the car explodes while destroying the House). Emmett then realizes he could attempt the experiment again with some modification and begins to show much more passion. Just as Emmett was going to ask Marty to follow him, he notice he seems sad. Marty tells him it is fine, but Emmett realizes that if there's something bothering Marty, it always something to do with him. Just then Emmett sees the 1986 newspaper but Marty refuses to show it to him. Having an idea, Marty gives Emmett a folded piece of newspaper from 1986 making him promise to never look at this until he is given the key of the city in the future. Emmett is confused at first but after much persuasion, he promises. Before his final farewell, he ask Marty whether he'll be seeing him again. Marty replies with "I guarantee it." Emmett waves him goodbye and enters the school to meet his father.

Just then, the DeLorean arrives out of nowhere and Doc Brown (now back to his normal self) is in the car to meet up with Marty, and the two embrace. Doc came to check up on Marty after receiving the key after a long ceremony and couldn't believe that the boy who helped him in 1931 and the boy he helped in 1955 were the same person, cleverly praising him in finding way to send messages in order not to mess up the time stream. Doc was curious why he was here in the first place but Marty gives him reasons why he's here in the first place even not able to remember being in jail, he decides to drop the topic. As soon he's going to ask any other time anomaly Marty might have accidentally trigger, William McFly (Arthur's father) arrives with his vehicle to find his son. It turns out that he have brought Trixie to become a U.S. citizen and somewhat going to get married.

As he went inside the school, Marty panics as he fears the change of timeline. Doc reassures there's nothing wrong but as soon he's about to explain why, Officer Parker stops in front of Doc's DeLorean, wondering that if this is a joke to send him in a nuthouse as he saw Edna in the DeLorean vanish into thin air. Shocked about hearing it, he ask Marty if he remembers the time she jumps into but he tells him that the DeLorean is malfunction as it could jump into any timeline. Doc panics as he hopes that she ends up in the future than the past since this is Edna could alter the past which Marty agrees. Just as Parker was going to ask them for an explanation suddenly they see him vanish and they soon see themselves in a middle of a deserted location which Doc prompt that "Hill Valley has left us".

Just then William McFly stop by looking at the DeLorean. They soon ask them about the town but William only recalls from his father that there was a town here before they move in. He adds that nobody lives here except "Scary Mary". They deduces that "Scary Mary" might know something about this and decides to find her after William gives them directions fearing her. Upon arriving they find out that "Scary Mary" is actually an elderly Edna Strickland who has a rusted out DeLorean outside her porch and goes by the name 'Mary Pickford'. By gathering clues to regain the elderly Edna's memories, Doc & Marty learn that Edna ends up in 1876 and was happy to live in that era since there's no booze and debauchery and even met her grandfather. Until a newcomer by the name of Beauregard Tannen arrives and bought a land to establish a saloon. Once again no one seems to bother about it which make Edna decides to burn down his saloon on July 17, 1876. It works but unfortunately the fire spreads to the other building causing Hill Valley to vanish from existence. Thankfully she still keeps the newspaper regarding the fire and handed to Doc but she soon realize that "Yakov Smirnoff" and "Carl Sagan" (who she assume he's Emmett) set her up so she could destroy Hill Valley and plans to shoot both of them with her rifle with the DeLorean. Luckily William came back and overheard everything and rescue them while telling them to make their escape.

After escaping, they head back to 1879 where Edna was about to burn down the saloon. Marty sneak pass at the back of the saloon while Doc confronts Edna to stop before she lit it on fire. This however wake Beauregard Tannen, who plans to shoot both of them for trespassing which Doc tells them that they're at a stalemate since if Edna burns it, Beauregard shoots them while if he shoots them Edna would burn the whole building down. Thanks to Marty's wits, he manages to disarm both Beauregard and Edna at the same time. Once Doc knocks out Beauregard, they realize Edna is making her escape in the defective DeLorean and make a chase. Edna panics as she was driving away from them until she sees Doc's DeLorean flying above her. Doc reassures Marty that the road in 1879 isn't that smooth to reach 88mph so they have a chance to sync each other's DeLorean and send her back to where she came from by placing some radars onto the DeLorean's flux emitters that Citizen Brown placed.

Success, they manages to send her back to 1931, forcing her to into Hill Valley's Police Station. She was rudely awaken by Officer Parker and arrest her for arson, resisting an arrest, and being an all pain in the ass. Edna says she's a time traveler since she just came back from the past but Parker think she's lying while Kid Tannen, seeing the commotion outside his jail window, thinks that she's drunk as he offers her to bunk into his cell. In the end, Edna is forcefully dragged into the Police Station by Parker, while Marty and Doc, who look from afar glad that's over. Marty then ask what are they going to do with Edna's DeLorean. Doc mentions that after they sync each others DeLorean, Edna's DeLorean grew decaying at an alarming rate and soon the timeline is catching up. As soon Doc check his watch as it's going to happen now, Edna's DeLorean disappears while Kid is shocked about what happened and tries to tell Parker inside.

Marty is glad that it is over, when he remembers about Arthur and Trixie who notice them coming out of the courthouse. They greet them and decide to reveal him a secret as Trixie shows him the engagement ring. It turns out that after Trixie got fired for not being an American by Edna (and Marty for giving her the picture), they accelerate and got married so Trixie can be a U.S. citizen, much to Marty's panic. Marty retorts that she's suppose to be marrying Sylvia Miskin, but Arthur says he DID as it turns out that Trixie Trotter is Sylvia Miskin's stage name. This shock and surprise Marty (even Arthur too upon realizing this as well) and regain his senses and tells them to have fun and ally them not to worry about William until he shows up behind them. Marty assumes that he's angry about this, but William changes his mind after taking a good look at Sylvia and approves their marriage. Sylvia thanks him by calling him "Dad" and gives him a kiss. Before bidding Marty farewell, William tells Marty not to poke his noses on the McFly family, Arthur shake hands with Marty saying it is a pleasure working with him, and Sylvia kisses him on the cheek saying she sees him in the funny papers. Once they leave, Doc knew about Trixie's real identity while joking that he already taken some pictures of her.

Returning to 1986, Marty is shocked that as they arrive a day after, Doc's items are being sold by the estate sale, and Marty asks Doc to stop the bank from selling his house. But Doc tells him that he's just having a garage sale as he, Clara, and their two kids are using their home part time in 1986. George comes to greet both of them and asks Marty if he found what he's been looking for. Marty nods as George goes back into Doc's garage sale after finding something interesting. It turns out that after bonding back with his father, Doc's life is a bit better while all Marty could do is laugh to himself. Just then Doc remembers something and gives Marty a book titled "The McFlys of Hill Valley" after finishing the research about his family tree. Most of his research has been done "traditionally" but the only problem in the family tree book was Marty's grandmother Sylvia. Doc never knew she sang in a speakeasy under a stage name, which was the whole reason he went to 1931 in the first place. It was a way of saying thank you to Marty for being the person who saved Doc from making the worst mistake of his life.

Suddenly, an elderly Edna appears to greet both of them with a different and kinder personality with Einstein. They are surprised to see her liking dogs, and more shocked to discover that she is married to Kid Tannen and calling Biff her "stepson". George comments that they make a lovely couple and who would believe they met in jail. It is hinted that after Kid discovered the 'disappearing' DeLorean, he and Edna were bunked into one cell and mended their relationship towards each other and fell in love. In addition, Kid didn't escape, both got married, and have become much kinder and happier than their original counterparts. Marty just stares at Doc while he tells Marty not to say it and hopefully no other surprise happens, and they decide to move on and both head to the lab.

Suddenly three DeLoreans appear with three different Future Martys, each of them asking for Doc's help to fix their respective futures. Confused, Marty asks Doc who's the original one; Doc points out it's the one he's talking to now. While the Future Martys start squabbling, the original Marty and Doc ignore them and get into the Delorean while Doc says "The future can wait, we have a present to catch up with." Doc and Marty start flying the Delorean while Marty asks the question, "Where to Doc?" and Doc answers with: "Mr McFly, thrill me!" They both depart to an unknown time and place.