Tear Jerker / Back to the Future

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Part I
  • Both times that Doc gets shot in Part I. Marty's reaction might be a little Narmy to some, but...imagine seeing your best friend killed in cold blood, twice, and not being able to do a damn thing about it in either case.
  • It's subtle, but after the skateboard scene where Biff and his goons chase down Marty, he heads back to Doc's lab... and finds that he made it to the end of the 1985 tape.
    Doc: (on tape) Oh my god... They found me. I don't know how, but they found me... RUN FOR IT MARTY! (tape rewinds) Oh my god... They found me. I don't know how, but they found me... RUN FOR IT MARTY! (tape rewinds)
  • The scene when Biff corners Marty, and finds Lorraine in the car... At that point Marty sums up Biff's character in two simple words.
    Marty: Leave her alone, you bastard!
    • And when George finds Biff with her instead of Marty, the fact that she sounds so terrified.
    Lorraine: (tearfully) George, help me! Please!
  • The moment where Marty starts fading away and George looks like he's about to give up on Lorraine after a Jerkass steals her away during the dance, and Marty weakly, inaudibly pleads to George not to do so as he starts to collapse. It's less than a minute, but the intensity of that moment makes it feel so much longer.
  • Marty hugging Doc goodbye before trying to get back to 1985. Now more than ever, his mind is on whether his friend will get the message. If he doesn't, this will be the last time he'll see him alive, and Marty knows it.
    Doc: In about 30 years?
    Marty: (briefly looks like he's about to cry) ...I hope so.
    • And Marty can't even give Doc a proper goodbye, in case it really is the last time he'll see his friend alive, since Doc steadfastly refuses to listen to anything Marty has to say about Doc's future!

The Telltale Games
  • When Marty first meets with "Citizen Brown Universe" Biff in Episode 3, you find out that Biff is forced to be a good guy and follow all the rules or else. At first, you don't seem sorry for him as now he's not the evil bastard he was like in the past movies and previous episodes, looking to be a changed person for good. But you can tell that he regrets dearly being a Citizen Plus by the way he talks, especially when he gets to the part about giving up his many dogs, you can't help but feel sorry for him.
  • A minor example comes in "Citizen Brown", with (as Marty looks on from below) the DeLorean falling out of the billboard and smashing into the ground. While not as bad as seeing it get crushed by the train in Part III, it's still a smack to the face to see the DeLorean get wrecked... again.
  • In Episode 3 it's hard to watch Citizen Brown struggle with what he's done. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, indeed. Thank God for Doc's notebook...
  • Also in Episode 3: When you finally manage to get Citizen Brown to believe that you're from an alternate timeline, what is the very first thing he asks? "In this... other world, the one you say you come from... am I... am I... happy there?" And he has this desperate look on his face.
  • Citizen Brown aka Doc!A's Face–Heel Turn as he doesn't want Edna to become a Crazy Cat Lady is very sad for Marty, as well for the player. Can be a What the Hell, Player? as well.
  • After Marty breaks up Emmett and Edna, Emmett hides up on the clock tower ledge, and sings a couple lines from Trixie's "I Don't Care" to himself.
  • The ending of Episode 4.
  • Episode 5: Citizen Brown Doc being erased from existence as Marty is kneeling next to him.
  • Episode 5: Having to see the completely rusted and dead DeLorean in Alternate!1931. Its one thing to have to see the car, a staple, a character, an icon, of this franchise get trashed in BTTF3, but to see it rust off into a wreck, a hollow, decayed and empty shell of its former self, its parts stripped, to make a clunky and rudimentary alarm system, is a real punch in the guts. Imagine encountering the long decayed web-covered skeleton of Bugs Bunny, or Mickey Mouse. Even Marty says, half-choked, "I hate seeing it like this".

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