Recap / Baccano 1933 The Slash Part Two Chapter Three The Insane Weapons Delight

Several days before the incident at Genoard Manor, Christopher and Chi are in Chicago, at a warehouse district on the shores of Lake Michigan. A dozen or so members of the severely weakened Russo Family are waiting there for an East Asian mob family to arrive for a drug deal that could turn their fortunes around. However, Christopher decides that the goons are better off dead when they insult his love of nature—along with Chi, they massacre the Russo men. A third member, a woman named Leeza, joins them and chakrams come flying from out of nowhere. Christopher starts singing as he kills the last of the Russo goons, and Chi and Leeza join him. Before they can land the final strike, however, they are contacted by "The Twins" Sham and Hilton, and leave the scene.

Later, Christopher and Chi are on a boat on Lake Michigan, discussing their current status. The disembodied voice of Leeza joins them and informs the two of their next mission. Chris delightfully accepts, claiming that the sun shines upon their path...

Several days later, Christopher and Chi arrive at a rainy Pennsylvania Station.

Meanwhile, Tick and Maria are still taking shelter from the rain. Maria keeps recalling Adele's Breaking Speech. The thought of having been defeated by someone is driving her to despair. Tick tries to cheer her up by pointing out that since Ronnie took away both their weapons before the fight ended properly, Maria technically didn't lose. Maria tells him that the reason she lost wasn't because of physical strength, but because she didn't trust in her katana enough. Tick tries to interrupt, but Maria snaps at him. She feels bad about it almost instantly. Tick apologizes for being unable to understand how she feels, but adds that he wants her to win next time, as he might be able to understand her feelings of victory.

At the same time, in an abandoned factory by the Hudson, Jacuzzi and his gang are hiding from their pursuers. One of the members brings news that Vino will be coming to help them soon. Not long afterwards, another member reports that Dallas is coming in their direction by himself.

Dallas is making a mental note of all the people he has to get his revenge on. However, as he finds himself sorely lacking in the ability to avenge himself, he goes to the area where he was pulled from the river in search of possible allies. While reminiscing, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by Jacuzzi's gang. Jacuzzi tries to get information out of Dallas (by asking politely), but Dallas retorts by demanding to be taken to their hideout for a proper explanation, while breaking to the gang that they've been living in his house.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Miria are at the Empire State Building with Ronnie and Ennis. Ennis wonders how Adele would know about Szilard and her connection to him. Isaac and Miria confirm with Ronnie that he left their ransom note on the counter at the Alveare, and justify their "kidnapping" to a confused Ennis by explaining that they've kidnapped Firo's two important people—his teacher Ronnie and his girlfriend Ennis. Ennis muses about her feeling for Firo, which at this point are no different than what she feels for Isaac and Miria.

The aforementioned Firo is running through the streets aimlessly, cursing himself for his inability to do anything to find Ennis despite his immortality. His legs give out due to exhaustion and he falls to the ground, but someone hold out an umbrella over him.

Tim stands in front of the skyscraper "Mist Wall" with Adele, reminiscing about the day he found his pet mouse with a large pair of scissors sticking out of its back. He blamed his brother Tick, who did not deny killing the mouse. Tim recalls that it was soon after that he abandoned his past and began to work for Huey. He is shaken out of his daze when one of his men bring him a tasteless Jack the Ripper wannabe note from Christopher. Chris and Chi excuse themselves from official duty until the next day, which is when the operation is scheduled to occur. Tim comments that he's uneasy about having to storm a building that's half the size of the Empire State Building. Adele tells him that she will be going to kill Eve Genoard because Dallas disappeared in the confusion at the manor, but Tim tells her to wait until they can confirm his whereabouts.

Some time earlier, Christopher and Chi are walking through Broadway in the rain, with the former twirling his umbrella. Christopher declares his love of nature and tries to think up a new song to sing, while Chi shoots down all of Christopher's more homicidal suggestions. Along the way, they spot a young man wearing a green fedora, running through the rainy streets without so much as an umbrella. They shrug it off and go on along their way, but they run into the young man again, this time in a narrow street corner. He collapses right in front of them, and Christopher covers him with his umbrella.

When Firo gets up, he is suspicious of Christopher and tries to leave. However, Christopher stops him and offers to help. Firo considers otherwise, but upon realizing that there's nothing he can do on his own, he accepts Christopher and Chi's help. He also notes that Christopher is eerily similar in personality to Claire.