Recap / Baccano 1933 The Slash Part Two Chapter Four Red Eyes And Red Hair

Tick returns to the abandoned building where Maria is waiting with a pair of umbrellas. He suggests that they return to the Genoard Manor and see if anyone else is still there. Maria's still teetering on the edge of a BSOD at having lost to Adele, but Tick tries to cheer her up again.

Meanwhile, Dallas is spilling the entirety of (what he knows of) Tim's plan to Jacuzzi and his gang in order to gain the gang's trust. In order to facilitate his revenge, he tells them that Ennis is evil and working for a villainous man named Szilard. He then finds out that his father and older brother are dead, and that Eve is the head of the Genoard family now. Dallas decides that since he can't do anything to protect Eve at this point, the best he can do is destroy Larva by manipulating Jacuzzi's gang.

During the conversation, Dallas recalls that Larva was working for Huey Laforet, shocking Chane. She realizes that she is terrified of the prospect of her newfound friends becoming part of Huey's experiments, despite her love for her father.

Then Claire shows up. Jacuzzi greets him, but Claire responds that his name is Felix now, and that only Chane is allowed to call him Claire. In any case, Felix is relieved to see that Chane is not seriously hurt and reveals that he's been listening in on Dallas and Jacuzzi's conversation. He also correctly points out that Dallas plans to manipulate Jacuzzi's gang. The gang is angry at Dallas, but Claire leaves him be—he wouldn't let the gang be manipulated, no matter how much Dallas tries.

Tick and Maria return to Millionaire Row, and ring the doorbell to the Genoard Manor. This time, Eve opens the door and asks if Tick and Maria are friends of Fong (her cook). She calls Fong over, but he doesn't recognize them, and wonders where the rest of the gang went while he was out. Maria takes Eve hostage and orders Fong to lead them to Jacuzzi's hideout. She recognizes Eve from the 1932 incident at the Daily Days office, but doesn't let silly matters like that get in the way of her current mission.

Meanwhile, Firo explains his situation to Christopher are Chi. He tells them that they have to find Dallas (described as a sadistic sicko), and recalls that Jacuzzi's gang may have something to do with this, as Ronnie was going to negotiate with them before disappearing. Firo goes to call the Alveare for more information. Christopher and Chi talk about friendships, with Christopher remarking that for all their decades of BFF, he wouldn't hesitate to kill Chi if he betrayed Huey.

At the Empire State Building, Ronnie complains to himself that Firo seems to be overwhelmingly more concerned about Ennis than him. He realizes that something about Firo's new friends bothers him, and asks Ennis if she would like to come along to the negotiations with Jacuzzi tomorrow.

Christopher and Chi are still waiting for Firo to come back when they start to wonder why Leeza isn't interfering with their helping Firo. Leeza's voice joins them and justifies herself by reminding them that the mission isn't until tomorrow, so Christopher and Chi are free to do as they please until then. Chi wonders if Leeza's actualy reason for not interfering is because Firo has something to do with the mission, or even Huey himself. Leeza confirms it, but refuses to divulge the details as she herself had only heard it in passing from Sham and Hilton. She also informs them that Adele is looking for them. Christopher asks her to tell Adele where they are.

Eve, Fong, Maria, and Tick are on their way to Jacuzzi's hideout. Fong pleads with Maria to let Eve go and take him hostage instead, but she refuses, while Eve reassures Fong that everything will be fine. Tick wonders aloud if Maria is trying too hard to make up for supposedly losing to Adele earlier and nicely calls her out on it. Maria acknowledges it and gives a half-smile. Eve notices that she could escape right now if she tried, but seeing Maria smiling like a good person convinces her to stay.

Meanwhile, at another location in Manhattan, Jacuzzi and Dallas go to negotiate with Tim, who needs the help of Jacuzzi's gang in order to storm the Nebula-owned building, the Mist Wall. Tim explains that the plan is to pilfer the elixir from Nebula with the gang's help. Jacuzzi agrees to assist Tim in exchange for the incomplete elixir of immortality, which he claims to need in order to protect the gang from rival organizations. Tim receives a phone call from Adele saying that the twins have told her where to find Christopher. Meanwhile, Jacuzzi realizes that they left Fong behind at the manor.

Maria and Tick arrive at Jacuzzi's hideout to find it empty. Despite Tick's attempts to calm her down, Maria holds Fong at swordpoint, demanding answers. At that moment, Maria deflects a knife being thrown at her. It's Chane, with another pair of knives in hand. Maria and Chane are about to fight, but Claire interrupts and greets Tick. Tick is pleased to see Claire, but Maria wonders what Vino is doing in a place like this. She decides to not fight Chane, who is convinced by Claire to not fight Maria. Claire also recognizes Eve from the 1932 Daily Days incident and introduces himself properly. Then he explains Jacuzzi's plan to everyone.

Adele joins up with Christopher and Chi, who are still waiting for Firo to return from his phone call. Adele delivers Tim's orders for Christopher and Chi to scope out the Mist Wall before the mission, but Christopher decides to ignore it in favor of helping Firo, who returns right at that moment. He complains that everyone told him to not worry about it because Ronnie is involved. Christopher introduces Firo to Adele, who tells him that she knows where Dallas is and that she encountered Ennis and Ronnie earlier that day. Adele then tells Chi that Ronnie is likely not human.

Meanwhile, back at the Empire State Building, Ronnie wonders how much he should involve himself this time. Ennis finds herself still concerned over Adele and her connection to Szilard, so Ronnie tells her to go to the Mist Wall tomorrow. Ennis wonders about his identity, and Ronnie vaguely responds with a justification of limiting his own omniscience.