Recap: Asterix the Gladiator

As a unique gift for Caesar, Odius Asparagus, prefect of Gaul, decides to bring him one of the indomitable ones from the village surrounded by fortified camps. As the only Gaul the local Legionaries are comfortable with going up against, Cacofonix is kidnapped. Never ones to let a fellow Gaul be put in danger, Asterix and Obelix head for Rome on a Phoenician merchant's ship, thrashing a pirate crew along the way.

In Rome, Caesar's lanista (trainer of gladiators) Caius Fatuous decides that Cacofonix is no good as a gladiator, but will make excellent food for the lions. Asterix and Obelix learn of this, and because they don't know where Cacofonix is being held, decide to join the games themselves. Needless to say, they handle their formal training a bit differently than most would-be gladiators.

Sure enough, at the next games, the antics of the Gauls drive Caesar into frustration. However, the crowd eats it up, so Caesar permits the Gauls to name their reward; they chose to go free, as well as bring Caius Fatuous with them. Caesar is more than happy to let them have the unwitting instigator of his recent humilation. The Gauls put Caius to work on the Phoenicians' ship, showing him what it's like when someone lives off of your muscle. The Gauls return to their village, have their feast...

...and Cacofonix still gets Bound and Gagged.

(Note: First appearence of the Pirates)