Recap: Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Episode Listing:

  • Work - When a storm brings down a tree at Plato's Peak, Zach, Annie and their friends must work together to get it out. But Sock doesn't feel like helping.
  • Honesty - Zach accidentally breaks an antique camera after being told by his father not to touch it. When he lies to cover up his deed, Plato and friends teach him the value of honesty.
    • Stories: "The Frog Prince", "George Washington and the Cherry Tree", "The Indian Cinderella" (told by Annie)
  • Responsibility - When Annie gets a new bike, her mom expects her to use it to deliver cakes from her bakery. Instead, she accepts Zach's challenge to race, and narrowly escapes a dangerous fall. The cakes and her bike aren't so lucky.
    • Stories: "Icarus and Daedalus", "King Alfred and the Cakes", "The Chest of Broken Glass"
  • Compassion - Zach finds out that one of his neighbors' house is on fire and becomes worried about it. He learns from Plato and the gang about the value of compassion.
    • Stories: "The Good Samaritan", "The Magic Dipper", "Androcles and the Lion"
  • Courage - At a racing game, Annie is forced to race with another girl, but trips over and falls flat on her face as they're about to reach the finish line. She is distraught by it.
    • Stories: "Theseus and the Minotaur", "Belling the Cat", "William Tell"
  • Self-discipline - Zach had an argument with his mother about not having an allowance to buy a new video game. He eventually retreats to Plato to help do some chores and get much better.
    • Stories: "King Midas and the Golden Touch", "Genghis Khan and his Hawk", "The Magic Thread"
  • Friendship - Annie's "new best friend" is teasing her at school and eventually breaks up with her, which upsets her. She has to find another friend herself.
    • Stories: "Waukewa's Eagle", "Why Frog and Snake Don't Play Together", "Damon and Pythias"
  • Loyalty - Zach accidentally climbs on his old friend's plaque and breaks it when they were hanging out with each other outside. To solve this mistake, he goes over to Plato's Peak and learns the value of loyalty.
    • Stories: "Yudhisthira at Heaven's Gate", "The Cap That Mother Made", "Queen Esther"
  • Respect - When Zach and Annie are rude to a friendly junk yard man who is helping them build a go cart for an upcoming race, Plato is concerned and tells the humorous story of a woman whose disrespect of others causes toads to accompany her words!
    • Stories: "Please", "Diamonds and Toads", "The Bell of Atri"
  • Faith - Annie's friend Ruth dies unexpectedly, and she grieves at the seemingly senseless loss, seeking comfort at Plato's Peak. Zach and their friends comfort Annie, and tell stories of how faith can get one through the most difficult of problems.
  • Humility
    • Stories: "The Emperor's New Clothes", "King Cnut Commands the Waves", "Phaeton"
  • Generosity - Zach and Annie collect food for a shelter, but then start arguing over who deserves more recognition, prompting Plato and their friends to explain the meaning of true generosity.
    • Stories: "Rocking Horse Land", "Old Mr. Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner", "Gift of the Magi"
  • Trustworthiness
    • Stories:
  • Determination: When Zach injures his leg biking a difficult trail with Annie, Annie and Zach keep each other's spirits up by telling tales they heard from Plato and friends.
    • Stories: "King Menelaus and Proteus", "Jinkyswoitmaya".
  • Integrity
    • Stories:
  • Gratitude
    • Stories:
  • Selflessness
    • Stories:
  • Honor
    • Stories:
  • Patience
    • Stories:

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Book Of Virtues