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Quotes: Year Inside, Hour Outside
Woman: Time passes differently in Narnia, so by putting the CPU and storage for my machine there, I was able to run through the Folding@home and SETI@Home databases in about an hour.
Man: There are so many problems with that.

"[The Jaunt is] longer than you think, Dad! Longer than you think!!"
Ricky, The Jaunt

Rachel: Welcome back, little squirrel.
Makoto: I have a name, you know - Makoto Nanaya! So, I was unconscious here all this time?
Rachel: Yes, though "all this time" may be something of a misnomer. In THIS world, you've been unconscious for two or three minutes.
Makoto: But it felt like way longer!
Rachel: The Cauldron is a tricksy little gewgaw. It can do mysterious things, such as elongate time.
Makoto: I had no idea the cauldrons were so powerful...
—>— BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

"Does a single day in her world equal one month in ours? Or does crossing dimensions warp time itself?"

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