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[Erica] Durance has finally become the quintessential Lois Lane for me. I never thought I'd say that.

That being said, this version of Clark is a gullible simpleton.
Julian Finn on Smallville, "Lazarus"

The funnest thing about writing this episode was having the GUYS be the wet blankets trying to be the voice of reason, in the face of the completely unstoppable Black Canary and Huntress. Itís always, ALWAYS the other way around, the guys do all the fun, exciting business while the women roll their eyes and try to keep a leash on...Usually, the guys are the cocky, driven action heroes and the women are the wet blankets trying to keep up.

There's this whole subtext behind the "women are smarter" argument that smacks of the stereotype that women are everyone's mother. As in, you (a male) want to just watch the game and goof off, but your girlfriend or wife is nagging you to clean up (like your mom used to nag you to clean your room). This argument says it's woman's natural place to be the "responsible adult" in the relationship while the men get to go off and act like idiots. Women get all the fun of cleaning up after the men, or all the fun of nagging the men to pick up after themselves. Women's place is to be the stick in the mud, the killjoy, the one who sets limits and enforces them.
This Forum post on Girl Wonder

Anyway, finally dad discovers the truth and this gives Mrs. Tom Hanks a chance to throw a big Oscar clip, one of those 'women are wise and in touch with their emotions and men are big, insensitive, stupid oafs' scenes, but dad, the stupid oaf, is going to drive to L.A. and demand that Hilary come back.
— Cinema de Merde's review of Raise Your Voice

There's a huge pile of crap I think we're better off without, this idea that women are somehow more pure or more wise than men and that the world would be better off if women ran it. I got three names for you that should end that little piece of bullshit straight away. Lucrezia Borgia, Elizabeth Bathory, and Catherine the Great, okay? Don't know who they are? Pick up a copy of Female Psychopaths Who Gained Enormous Political Power and Used It To Fuck Everyone Around Them Up and educate yourself. That'll end this idea that the world would be better off if women ran it.