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Quotes: Verbal TIC
"Lets start things off with Jimmy Savile OBE’s – this is pre-knighthood – 1974 opus Love is An Uphill Thing. Not until Russell Brand’s Booky Wook did a book so capture the voice of its (supposed) author. The whole thing is full of “says I” or third person, “Says Jim,” and people often “spaketh he,” instead of just speaking. Jim’s also quite fond of the phrase “on the morrow”..."
Stuart Millard, "Summer of Savile"

"Oh, it's just an endearing little quirk of hers. I'm sure we'll all get used to it."
David Kaye, This Is Wonderland

Joey: Hey, Bakura, something's been bugging me. How in the heck did you manage to win six locator cards in a single duel?
Bakura: I don't know, how come you're always making that stupid "nyeh" sound?
Joey: Nyeh, what stupid "nyeh" sound?
Bakura: The one you just made.
Joey: Nyeh, what're you talking about, nyeh?
Bakura: You're doing it right now!
Joey: I don't get it, what noise? Nyeeee-
Bakura: The one that's coming out of your mouth at this very moment!
Joey -eeeh, but I can't hear anything! Nyeee-["sings" the opening theme song with the "nyeh" sound]-eeeeh I still don't hear anything.

"Prinny Rule No. 1! A Prinny must include the word "dood" in every line they say!"
Valvatorez, Disgaea 4

JOHN: can you not control the woofs?
JADE: i havent gotten the hang of the woofs yet :(

"I can't keep doing it! Just adding 'and a toilet seat cover' at the end ruins any kind of serious talk!"
Sunohara Youhei, CLANNAD

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