Quotes / Villain Exit Stage Left

Not to call you a coward, master, but, sometimes, cowards do survive.

Exit stage Crowley.
Crowley, Supernatural 6x22

[Y]ou really have to wonder if it's worth going after the villain sometimes. Surely sometimes the heroes would rather just go home and take a hot bath, right? Maybe have a beer, watch the game, let the other heroes or even, god forbid, the police deal with the villain for once.
David Anez, Bob and George Strip #161 commentary

WAM DIE ORCHIMAUR! and he fell down as my dragon spirit roared and spit at hom. he was hurt but he didnt kno want 2 do so he left. "thats right FUCK U PUSSY U RUN LIKE A BBY GIRLIE!" i scroared.
Naruto Veangance Revelaitons

Dalek Sec, Doctor Who

Hol Horse: This situation here... seriously, it's like 1 vs. 5. The hell I'm doing this!
(Hol Horse runs away.)
Jotaro: Wait Up!
(Jotaro pursues Hol Horse.)
Polnareff: Come back here!
(Polnareff also pursues Hol Horse. Tabitha shows up, riding Sylphid.)
Sylphid: Kweeeee!
Tabitha: Grab on.
(Hol Horse grabs onto Sylphid.)
Hol Horse: Thanks, little missy!
(Sylphid flies away.)
Polnareff: What?!
Hol Horse: Adios~

"Enough of this nonsense! My plan has failed horribly. I had enough. I'm going home. Curse you and curse everything in this stupid world!"
The Evil Guy, Something Else

"Block. Cobra Commander's bugging out. No sign of Firefly."