Quotes / Villain: Exit, Stage Left!

"Not to call you a coward, master, but, sometimes, cowards do survive."

"Exit stage Crowley."
Crowley, Supernatural 6x22

"[Y]ou really have to wonder if it's worth going after the villain sometimes. Surely sometimes the heroes would rather just go home and take a hot bath, right? Maybe have a beer, watch the game, let the other heroes or even, god forbid, the police deal with the villain for once."
David Anez, Bob and George Strip #161 commentary

WAM DIE ORCHIMAUR! and he fell down as my dragon spirit roared and spit at hom. he was hurt but he didnt kno want 2 do so he left. "thats right FUCK U PUSSY U RUN LIKE A BBY GIRLIE!" i scroared.
Naruto Veangance Revelaitons

Dalek Sec, Doctor Who

Hol Horse: This situation here... seriously, it's like 1 vs. 5. The hell I'm doing this!
(Hol Horse runs away.)
Jotaro: Wait Up!
(Jotaro pursues Hol Horse.)
Polnareff: Come back here!
(Polnareff also pursues Hol Horse. Tabitha shows up, riding Sylphid.)
Sylphid: Kweeeee!
Tabitha: Grab on.
(Hol Horse grabs onto Sylphid.)
Hol Horse: Thanks, little missy!
(Sylphid flies away.)
Polnareff: What?!
Hol Horse: Adios~

"Enough of this nonsense! My plan has failed horribly. I had enough. I'm going home. Curse you and curse everything in this stupid world!"
The Evil Guy, Something Else

"Block. Cobra Commander's bugging out. No sign of Firefly."

"It's going to seem like I'm running away. But perhaps I'll sneak away to another era to think about my next plan."
Pokey, EarthBound

"You really think this is the end? HAHAHAHA! This - this is only the beginning! (Beat) Of my escape!"
Peridot, Steven Universe

"Villains are always so quick to flee."
Rena, Elsword