Quotes / 24-Hour Armor

Magnus: You go in [a hot spring] fully dressed? Don't you at least want to change into a...swimming tunic or something?
Pit: Oh no no no! The angel's code of conduct says that we must always be prepared for duty.
Magnus: I guess you wouldn't be an angel if you didn't do things by the book.
Pit: Yeah...and I don't want to steam the sacred buns.
Magnus: We're done talking about this.

"My clothes are different!"
Sora's reaction to seeing his Space Paranoids armor in the manga adaptation of Kingdom Hearts II...

"What? This outfit... Hey, I know where I am!"
— ...and the same character's reaction to his Grid armor in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

"...me outta this thing, you blarg-headed frap monkey! I can barely breathe, and my tail feels like it's shoved right up my..."
Ratchet, Ratchet: Deadlocked