Quotes / Treasure Room

And at first glance the crypt seemed brimming with liquid fire, catching the early light with a million blazing facets. Undreamable wealth lay before the eyes of the gaping pirates; diamonds, rubies, bloodstones, sapphires, turquoises, moonstones, opals, emeralds, amethysts, unknown gems that shone like the eyes of evil women. The crypt was filled to the brim with bright stones that the morning sun struck into lambent flame.

Alexios I: "Whaaat? Look at all this annoying treasure, just clogging up my otherwise lovely room! Wow, that's a nuisance! If only I had a buddy here who could cart it all off for me after saying one measly little oath."
Daniel: "And 'measly little oaths' were indeed said."
Extra History: The First Crusade part III, "A Good Crusade?"