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Music: Missing Persons
Missing Persons was an American band who played a blend of New Wave music and electronic pop rock. The band was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, vocalist Dale Bozzio, and drummer Terry Bozzio. They went on to add bassist Patrick O'Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Dale's quirky voice and heavy makeup made the band a favorite on MTV in the early 1980s.

Dale and Terry Bozzio met and married while working with Frank Zappa, and Cuccurullo encountered the pair while contributing to the Zappa album Joe's Garage. O'Hearn was also a former member of Zappa's touring band.

Missing Persons music videos:


  • Breakup Breakout: Terry Bozzio left Frank Zappa's band to join UK (who broke up) and then Missing Persons (who also broke up), and so did not return to Zappa's band afterwards. As a result, when Missing Persons broke up he became a session drummer, and has played on many, many records and been in demand ever since.
    • Warren Cuccurullo also got a big break playing with Duran Duran afterwards, playing such memorable guitar riffs as "Serious".
  • Creator Couple: Terry and Dale Bozzio. The band broke up when they divorced.
  • Development Hell: Clandestine People was originally written in 1981 (prior to the band's first album Spring Session M), but it did not get recorded in studio until 1984's Rhyme And Reason.
    • Dark And Dangerous Guy was written in 1986, after Color In Your Life had come out, and was played live, but did not last long because the band broke up. Dark And Dangerous Guy was resurrected by the band for their reunion in 2001 and played live. The reunion lasted only three shows before the band broke up again, due to drummer Terry Bozzio and his ex-wife singer Dale Bozzio arguing. Both a 1986 and a 2001 live version appeared on the "Lost Tracks" compilation. The 2001 version features Dale singing with a worn out voice, and tons of echo on the recording.
      • Action Reaction was actually demoed twice back in 1980 and 1981, but the studio versions were not released until the 2000 reissue CD of Rhyme And Reason (1981 version), and the 2002 Lost Tracks compilation (1980 version) respectively. The song was played live back then too.
  • The Eighties
  • '80s Hair
  • Follow the Leader: Dale's bright fashion sense was very influential on 80s fashion. Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani have both mentioned that they were inspired by her as well (Dale's influence is blatant on the cover of Gaga's EP The Cherrytree Sessions, which takes inspiration from Spring Session M)
  • I Am the Band: Dale Bozzio has used the name Missing Persons for her own solo material and live shows, where she's backed by hired musicians. Rather infamously, her 2014 solo album Missing In Action was touted as "the first Missing Persons record in 28 years", despite being the work of her and a producer. The other members of the band have basically given her the go-ahead, since she is the only person apart from Warren Cucurullo who is still interested in their music.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Dale Bozzio is a woman.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Their three studio albums are out of print on CD despite having been released originally on Capitol Records, a major label. Their song I'm The One is only available on a rare out of print compilation CD.
  • Spiritual Successor: Lady Gaga has acknowledged her inspiration from Dale, which in turn renewed Dale's popularity after years of languishing in obscurity.
  • Stealth Parody: Somewhat - Their lyrics and image frequently parodied 80s tropes. The band members had previously worked with Frank Zappa and wanted to see if they could work his interest in unusual song structures into new wave music. However, their music was more commercial than his and was frequently serious (especially on Rhyme And Reason).

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