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Quotes: Trailers Always Spoil
Shall I spend three-and-sixpence to purchase the book,
Which we all can pick up on the bookstall and look?
Well, it may appear strange, but I think I shall not,
For the back of the cover will tell you the plot.
Tom Servo: So they're all clones?
Crow T Robot: No, that was The Island's secret."
MST3K on the Transformers Trailer [1]

"...But this is just the beginning, as Batman uncovers signs of a dangerous new villain unlike anything Gotham has ever— IT'S THE JOKER, alright?! And since his face is all over the fucking posters, I spoil that with no shame whatsoever."

OK, so Jake is just this regular dude who has this thing for the very righteous babe, Allison. And the two of them meet this gnarly old magician named Zebediah, who actually happens to be this creature-person exiled from the underground world, only there's no way you're supposed to know that yet, OK?

"On a side note, this was the first film I remember having one of those incredibly long, plot-blowing coming attraction trailers. Sitting with a group of pals, my friend Andrew Muchoney and I exchanged dropped-jaws looks when a bit from what was obviously the end of the movie was shown. How na´ve we were. Now 80% of trailers are like that."
Jabootu on Superman III

Showing the Kraken in the Clash of the Titans trailer is like asking a girl out with your dick hanging out.

My first response when somebody doesn't get a Hudsucker reference is to say, "Just see the movie." There's one big problem with that, however....its only DVD release was way back in 1999, in a lousy snapper case, on a despised flipper disc, with no bonus features other than "Interactive Menus" and "Scene Access." To make things worse, Warner Bros. placed a big spoiler for the film on the front cover.

Sooo....if you get it yourself, you're going to know the big twist before you start to play it, meaning I might as well spoil the whole thing for you right here. If you can find a way to see the film without seeing its own cover, then do so right away....otherwise, read on.
I don't think we can complain when trailers give away too much AND complain when a trailer shows stuff that's not in the final movie.
Watch The Mysterious Murderer. If you already saw it, don't spoil the ending. If you haven't seen it, you will never guess until the last moment that the mysterious murderer is Jack the Stranger
— The trailer of The Mysterious Murderer routine by Les Luthiers

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