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Quotes: Tom Baker

Quotes by Tom Baker

"Actors are able to trick themselves into treating anything as fantastic. It's a kind of madness, really."

"The difference between Matt Smith and me is that he’s an actor and I'm... well, I’m just Tom Baker."

"Apparently, somebody at a convention in Canada, I think, asked her, ‘What was your favourite monster?’ – an annihilatingly dull question – and Lalla went, quick as a flash, ‘Tom Baker!’ I remember thinking, ahh, good old Lalla.”

"How long, K-9?"
" Insufficient data"
"Yeah, you never fucking know the answer when it's important."
Doctor Who blooper reel

Once a man next to me found the handle of a radiator in his mashed potato; he said nothing, merely moving it to the side of his plate after sucking the mashed potato off it first. Nobody else said anything either. If the truth was known several of us were probably jealous.
— Describing army food

But we can't escape into the future like we can escape into the past. So those of us who are not certain of things, and there are an awful lot of us, often rush back to the past. And each one has a particular past he prefers to the present. Sometimes I feel that any past is preferable to the present.

"We are all quite capable of believing in anything as long as it's improbable."

Quotes about Tom Baker

"Tom is one of those people who oscillated between being one of the most wonderful, awesome, engaging people you have ever met, to someone you would gladly shove off a cliff."

""I don't think even Tom Stoppard or Harold Pinter could have written a scene that would have satisfied both Tom and Lalla at that point."
Paul Joyce on directing Doctor Who, "Warrior's Gate"

During Doctor Who's 20th anniversary event at Longleat in 1983, Tom Baker was asked why he left the show. "I was pushed," he replied, giving a long hard stare at John Nathan-Turner, before adding, "by Anthony Ainley."

For years Baker was the sticky wicket when it came to reunions. He remained absent in The Five Doctors, the desire (whether based on a real need or a perceived need) to frame the 30th Anniversary special around his Doctor with the others in cameo roles largely derailed that project, he for years did not appear on stage with other Doctors at conventions, and was the one who didn't do audios for the longest time.

But then, when you are less an actor than a performer and have been typecast in a role the result is necessarily awkward. In all of this there is an uncomfortable sense that anything that can fairly be called Tom Baker has dropped out of the equation, that his very self was eaten by the part... His later reluctance to return to the part becomes an understandable need to maintain the fragile existence he had separate from his definitive role.

And it is not until he becomes the man who was the Fourth Doctor and not simply the Fourth Doctor that he could return to Earth - not until David Tennant finally relieved him of the burden of being the most popular Doctor, not until he had a career separate from the role. More than any other actor to play the part, it seems, Tom Baker gave his life to the role. Let us say little more than that it is good to know that, at last, he seems to have gotten it back.
Phil Sandifer, TARDIS Eruditorium

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