Quotes / The Slow Mo Guys

Dan: You don't need safety goggles.
Gavin: I don't want plastic in my eye.
[After a rat trap shatters a plastic pen].
Dan: Wow it hit me in the shoulder. You were right about needing safety goggles.
— From the mouse trap challenge.

Gavin: Do you think that if you [wrapped rubber bands around] a human head, it would eventually cave it in.
Dan: Eventually? Yeah.
— From the watermelon vs. rubber bands.

Dan's Grandfather: I heard various explosions earlier.
Dan: Various explosions. I like that; "various explosions".
— From butane rockets.

Dan: Oh, you got paint dripping out of your ass-cheek!
— From paintballs against bare skin.

Dan: So if you're out exploring with your flint and steel, just grab the nearest can of petrol and there you go.
Gavin: Yeah you really stepped it up a Notch.
Dan: *Groan*
— From flint and steel