Quotes: The Corruption

Know that the Warp goes where the Warp wills, into man, beast and machine.
The Liber Chaotica, Warhammer 40,000

"It's about the worst thing I can imagine... losing who you are like that, all the while being twisted into a damned monster."

Once this must have been a humanoid, but now it is utterly distorted by the forces of chaos. Eyes look at you from many places (there's even one on the left thumb!), showing no signs of a mind, only a rage caused by maddening pain and suffering. As you look, the body twists into other unnatural shapes, growing arms and legs spontaneously, the head twisting and disappearing into the back while a grinning mouth bearing needle-thin teeth opens where proper humanoids have a navel. Only death can stop its suffering, and in a mindless rage it flails madly at everything that comes near it.
— Description of chaos mutant, Ancient Domains of Mystery

The Soviet scientist never discovered what caused the energy spikes in this place, but Halina did. She channelled the anima and then the anti-anima, the Filth - the liquid voice of omnipotent molluscs. Something reached out to the cosmonauts. It cut into them, so that they could cut into the cosmos. There is hunger here that bites holes in space.
She so longed to see her precious stars. That is how the sleeping whisper tempted Halina. She joined the whisper. The differences between her and the whisper decline. She changes. See the stars in her chest. By and by she shall become the avatar of a malignant fractal. Initiate probability matrix - the only possible outcome is violence.
—Lore Entry on The Facility, The Secret World,

It could hardly even be called an emotion, this thing called Hate. It was more like a demon that took hold of you and consumed you from the inside out, leaving no room in your heart for anything else, until it eventually destroyed you. Your mind was not your own, given over to this demonic presence that mangled and devoured all it touched with as little effort as water freezing.
Hate was impossible to control. The host was not the master. Rather, it was the opposite. There was nothing one could not do while under the influence of this malicious, wicked feeling. There was also nothing one could do of themselves unless Hate allowed them to do so.
—Avalina's description of hatred (the only emotion that doesn't need a heart to stem from), Hope For The Heartless