Quotes / The Conversion Bureau: Cold War

Geese Celestia sucks at diplomacy. Not only did she teleport her entire nation on top of Russian and American fleets she stood in front of the Chinese President and told him that he didn't care for his people and that the people she kidnapped were going to be happier away from his nation. She also told Reagan that they shouldn't have a choice in the matter IN FRONT OF HIS FACE come on Celestia he's freaking Ronald Reagan for petes sake! You just basically declared war on a species over 8 centuries more technologically advanced than you, I mean seriously Sarah Palin could do a better job than you did!

I bet Luna before she got lessons from Twilight and others could do better than you just did. It would at least be more interesting with the 'Royal We' and Im pretty sure somepony like Luna would have the brains not to be such a political failure!

*inhale* ... *exhale* ... *inhale* ... *exhale*

Please make longer chapters?
"trekee" (reader)

Right, then, Equestria...

If you piss off two superpowers that have been gearing up for a war for the past nearly 50 years, there's not much sympathy I can give you.
LunarRai (reader)

"Changeling queen - she tricked everypony. I can't believe nopony caught what she did. It's crazy she got away with it with Cadence - but with me immediately after the first time? My guards were supposed to be the best of the best. But Chrysalis now controls this palace, and this country. It's been that way for a month and a half now - I don't know what she's doing. You've got to believe me."
The real Princess Celestia