Quotes / The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone

Ladies and gentlemen, we stand at a historical crossroads. Never before has Humanity been under a greater threat to it's integrity and independence as a species. In their arrogance the rulers of Equestria have deemed us unworthy of existence; they believe us to be beneath them, that they can trample over our history and culture and cast us aside into the void of forgetfulness. We are but scum under their hooves, unworthy of our rightful place in the Universe.

I will not deny it. Our history is muddy and difficult, fraught with conflict and dissent. During our darkest periods in history we have commited atrocities I dare not name here tonight. But that is no reason to exterminate us! What right do they have to pass judgement on us? What gives them the privilege to decide our future, YOUR future? Why should we passively stand aside while their so-called benevolent tyrants destroy everything Humanity stands for? We build our societies on the principle that everyone is free and equal, that everyone has the chance to succeed in life and be free to do what they want, and the equestrians have the guts, the nerve, to take it all away!

We declare war so that we may live in peace. We fight for the freedom of every last man, woman and child. For the first time in our history, Humanity as a whole will unite to drive away the threat. This is our finest hour! This is the hour when Humanity as a whole casts aside it's differences and collectively calls out it's war cry, and by God will it be heard! This is the hour our entire population across the globe converges to make a difference, for everyone's well-being! And by blood and steel and gunpowder we will reclaim what is ours by birthright, for Humanity and Earth!

They dare call us monsters. Well then, let us show them what happens when the beast awakens.
"I have a jar of dirt" (reader)

They're goddesses! Goddesses we know exist, I might add! Why should they be bound by laws? They decide what's right. We just trust them, and you should too.
Twilight Sparkle

You've all seen what they did to Cape Town. A city of nearly one million people, with a history spanning centuries, was wiped from the face of the Earth and its people left without homes by the actions of their princess, Celestia. Nothing remains of this once proud city. Ladies and gentlemen of the General Assembly, each and every one of you stands to have the same happen to your entire nation, to your entire species, if we falter here!

They want to destroy our bodies.

They want to destroy our minds.

They want to destroy our art, our music, our architecture, our history, our science, our technology, our monuments, everything the human race has struggled and toiled tirelessly to achieve since its birth, everything that we have ever striven for and found joy and meaning in! Through their actions, their arrogance, they have made themselves the enemy of every man, woman and child of planet Earth.

It is for this reason that the U.N. Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution declaring war with Equestria on behalf of all of humanity.

We will not accept their surrender until the barrier between Equestria and Earth has been destroyed, and their corrupt aristocracy has been stripped of every last trace of power and made to answer for its crimes.

Already, every member of the Security Council has begun mobilizing forces to strike the barrier. I stand before you now to request that all of you, all the nations of the world, do the same. Humanity must stand unified against this threat, for whatever the outcome, we will all win or we will all lose together.

We ask that you lend your ships.

We ask that you lend your planes.

We ask that you lend your tanks, your guns, your missiles, your bombs, your steel, your oil, your soldiers, engineers, doctors, every last bit of support you can possibly spare to this battle. No commitment is too great when the price of failure is our complete annihilation.

I wish all the best of luck to the men and women who will soon fight for every last one of us.

U.S. diplomat Ellen Rowe

Andrew, do you ever wonder what it would've been like if the CBs never got set up, if there was never an expanding barrier? If Celestia meant it when she said she wanted friendship? Could ponies and humans have lived peacefully?

Ice Breaker

Sir/Madam, let there be a speech. An epic, timeless speech that would make Winston Churchill proud as all hell. Let those TCB ponies know that we will never give up, that we will never surrender. Let it be made perfectly clear, that their actions, their arrogance, have made them the enemy of every man, woman and child of planet Earth. Let it be made perfectly clear, that this insult shall not pass unheeded, that we will extract punishment for their actions.

We welcomed them, to our world. We welcomed them with open arms. In turn, they have insulted us, imposed judgment on our species, and damned us to extinction.

This will not do.

Ponies, you have invited a retaliation that you could not possibly imagine. You have united us in a way that you cannot possible fathom, you have created an enemy that you cannot possibly defeat. Your actions have given us the perfect excuse to cast aside every rule, every treaty that bound us and prevented our own destruction, the perfect occasion to unleash the worst horrors created by our most talented psychopaths.

So, give it all you've got! Don't hold back! Send your best warriors, your heroes, so that me may grind them to dust and ash under boots and tanks and guns! Send in you magicians, your most terrible spells, so that we may unravel them with science! Pray to your Goddess, so that we may reduce her to atoms and echoes!

You have called us monsters, greedy and corrupt. So do not even think you have the right to complain when you end up fighting demons.

Dalek Ix (Reader)

To Her Majesty, Princess Celestia:
I have discovered the true nature of your plans for the humans, and I write this letter to tell you that your actions were unacceptable.
You claimed that the Kingdom of Equestria should be responsible for all initial contact with their world, in order to ensure that they would not come to harm ours. We and the zebra tribes agreed, well aware of your nation's status as one of the finest negotiators in the world. We did so with the belief that you would befriend the humans if possible, and eventually we would be able to meet them for ourselves.
What we were not prepared for was your real plan - not to befriend them as they were, but to transform them into ponies, destroying everything they knew and loved in the process. You intended to make them assimilate totally, conform utterly, change them completely without their consent into more ponies and utterly annihilate every trace of their identity - conveniently also vastly expanding your own power base.
We had been observing their world, too, and our scouts confirmed what their sympathizers in your kingdom told us many months ago. In the humans, we found a race very much like us gryphons. They began as warriors, forced by their harsh and inhospitable lands to fight for survival. And in the midst of it all, like us, they managed to build thriving civilizations.
Now tell me, Princess Celestia, how exactly do you see us, then? Once you had several billion new followers, did you plan to target us next? Did you plan to eradicate our culture and force us to change our bodies because of our history?
The world is learning what you have done. Your veneer of invincibility and perfection has been shattered. Sooner or later, you will know accountability for the first time.
Molyneux, Queen of Gryphus