Quotes / Thanks for the Mammary

"Don't you just wish this moment could last forever?"
"This moment with your hand on my boob?"
Scott Pilgrim vol. 4

Mrs. Teevee: Someone's touching me!
Grandpa Joe: (raises hands) Oh, sorry.

House: Why are you dressed like that? Why are you trying so hard to get my attention? Are you screwing with me?
Cuddy: Are you screwing with me?
House: That depends on your answer.
(Cuddy says everyone knows that this is going somewhere, and that they're supposed to kiss now)
(House says that they already did that and grabs her breast instead)
House: Seemed like the logical next step.
Cuddy: Really? I'm an idiot for being surprised.
— "Let Them Eat Cake", House

Oscy: What did it feel like?
Hermie: It felt like a boob.
Oscy: Didn't it feel a little like an arm?
Hermie: Why would it feel like an arm?
Oscy: Because it was an arm.

Penny: Okay, now you're gonna help me get my arm into the sleeve.
Penny: Is that my arm?
Sheldon: It doesn't feel like an arm.
Penny: Then maybe you should let it go.

Largo: (staring at the closed door) Something is there. I can feel it.
Erika: There's nothing...
Largo: (throws his hand back to shush her) SHHH!!!
(Largo realizes "something", and looks back to see his hand right on Erika's chest)
Largo: Wow. Those are a lot softer than I thought they'd be.
Yanagisawa: My God, what was that??
Piro: It kinda sounded like a truck running into the building.

Aelita: I... I'm invisible!
Jérémie: (groping around for her in front of him) You're what...?
Aelita: Hey!
Jérémie: Oops... sorry.

Ishmael: But what do I say to her, Scobe? [...]
Scobie: Thanks for the mammary?

This took me out of my brief daze. I soon realized that Asuka wasn't looking at me anymore but rather lower, toward her chest. I followed her gaze to realize that my right hand was... right on top of her breast.
Shinji, The One I Love Is, chapter 7

Lie again and I'll give 'em a nice squeeze.
Nozomi Toujou, Love Live! School Idol Project