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Quotes: Taught by Experience
"Your first child is like your first car. You love it! You can't believe you have it! ...But you're going to put some dents in it."

"Don't ever be afraid to fail. Look at me! I haven't failed, I've succeeded in finding what doesn't work."
Christopher Titus

"I wish they had won. You learn a lot more from a loss than a tie."
Coach O'Ryan, D3: The Mighty Ducks

"Jarvis. Sometimes you've got to run before you can walk."

Experience is a good teacher, not a kind one.
Battlewise Aven, Magic: The Gathering

Even a small, inept street-fighter has a tremendous advantage over the average middle-class American, who hasn't had a fight since puberty. It is a simple matter of accumulated experience, of having been hit or stomped often enough to forget the ugly panic that nice people associate with a serious fight. A man who has had his nose smashed three times in brawls will risk it again with hardly a thought. No amount of instruction in any lethal art can teach this — not unless the instructor is a sadist, and even then it would be difficult because the student's experience would be artificially warped and limited.

San Francisco is a big karate town: in 1965 there were roughly seven thousand full-time fee-paying karate students roaming around the Bay Area... but in any active bar you can hear a story about a bartender who "busted up a guy who tried to pull some karate stuff." It hardly matters how many of the stories are true. The point is valid: the difference between survival and wipe-out in a physical crisis is nearly always a matter of conditioned reflexes. A bartender with scar tissue all over his knuckles will hit faster and harder than a karate-trained novice who has never been bloodied. For the same reason, a Hell's Angel who has been over the high side often enough to joke about it will ride a motorcycle with a style and abandon that comes only with painful experience.
Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels: A Strange And Terrible Saga

Bishop: Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
The Mechanic (2011)

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