Quotes / Taught by Television

G is for Georgia
Likes watching TV
Replaying the movie
Upon DVD
'Til one day by magic
The screen opened wide
Before Georgia knew it
It sucked her inside!
Now she'll save the hero
By hook or by crook
She knows all the future
'Cause she's read the book

Wanda: But, Timmy, how did you know the answer to such a difficult question?
Timmy: I watch TV! It's educational!
The Fairly Oddparents storybook Time Out!

Polnareff: Are you sure you've ridden [a camel] before?
Joseph: I sure as hell know how to ride one! I've watched Lawrence of Arabia three times!

"Since TV didn't lie (well, not usually) (okay, very often) (especially during commercials) it had to work!"

Jotaro: Now Granny, it's time for your favorite "by the way".
Enya: Please, no more!
Jotaro: You've been calling me Jotaro for a while now. Why do you know that name? Nobody called me that since we got here.
Enya: W-what'd you say?
Jotaro: Tell me. When I was a kid, I sure loves me that Columbo show. Couldn't sleep a wink thinking about it.
Enya: No no no, it was in the hotel's ledger. You wrote it down, didn't you?! Your name!
Jotaro: Hotel ledger? You mean this?
(Jotaro shows Enya the hotel ledger. Turns out Jotaro used the alias of Sakuranbotaro.)
Enya: Sakuranbo!
Vaguely Recalling JoJo, episode 15: Justice part 2