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Quotes: Superhero Paradox
Commissioner Gordon: So many are here [at Arkham Asylum]. Nearly double from when you first appeared. Not that there is a direct correlation, but... Do you give it any thought?
Batman: No.
Commissioner Gordon: Oh.
Batman: [internal monologue] I know what Gordon is implying. That my... presence... somehow attracts these men and women to my city...

Have you ever considered that all of this is your fault? Your presence creates these animals...
Hugo Strange, Batman: Arkham City

I used to believe Batman was responsible for you people. But now I see nearly everyone here would have ended up exactly the same, Batman or not. Oh, the gimmicks might be different, but you'd all be out there in some form or another bringing misery to Gotham. The truth is, you created him.
Janet van Dorn to a Joker Jury, Batman: The Animated Series

The Penguin: Oh itís true, I forgot that you believe itís yours!

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