Quotes / Super Dickery

"So, in this comic we find out Superboy would rather be pimping out his ho than saving innocents."

"Hordes of impressionable poverty-stricken young people having all their arms and legs broken by an extremely rich businessman."

Jay: This genetic experiment? The best superpower that Captain America comes out of it with is the ability to pretend he's sick so he can steal peoples' cars.
Jack: I can run slightly faster than an old man!
Jay: What a dick!

"Admittedly, this is perfectly in character for Serena — she always was a little selfish — but dang, those poor kids who wrote in asking if they could one day become Sailor Scouts probably had their whole weekend ruined when Sailor Moon not only told them no, but told that one poor kid he was a “bean brain.” Not cool, Serena. At least let me—uh, them down gently."
Chris Sims, "17 Minutes Of Live-Action Sailor Moon Life Lessons"

"Why does Jack spend an inordinate amount of time posing with his hands on his hips atop vertiginous buildings looking out across Cardiff? Surely he isn’t lording it over what he consider to be his town? And if so, wouldn’t have set his sights on something a bit sexier?"

"This must be American Bandstand, because you’re a dick, Clark."
ComicsAlliance on Smallville ("Covenant")

"Jor-El says, "If you save Lana, someone else will die."

And Clark says,
"Okay, I'll kill someone."

Just in case you missed that. Because I'm so mad I want to kick my own head so hard it doesn't land until I finish college. And I dropped out to write. I'm not finishing."
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Reckoning")

Chris: Superman flies out to space and listens to things for a little bit, and I’m not sure if this is intentional on Singer’s part or if we’re just reading into it, but he definitely hears sirens and gunfire and babies crying, but doesn’t move an inch until he hears the alarm from someone robbing a bank. Superman is all about the 1%, y’all.
David: I never picked up on that. Oh my God, he really has truly messed up priorities.
ComicsAlliance on Superman Returns

"Superman’s brilliant strategy for getting rid of the drug dealers is to set fire to the drug stashes in each of their houses with his heat vision, and then… leave. Now, I guess you can read the comic and assume that he has the whole thing under control because, you know, he’s Superman. But setting a half-dozen large fires throughout a neighborhood and then just walking away seems stupid.

As he leaves, Superman comes across a magical white child who appears and offers him candy. Superman smiles, asks this random little kid to deliver a message to the drug dealers for him (?!?)"