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Quotes: Superdickery
"So, in this comic we find out Superboy would rather be pimping out his ho than saving innocents."

"Hordes of impressionable poverty-stricken young people having all their arms and legs broken by an extremely rich businessman."

Jay: This genetic experiment? The best superpower that Captain America comes out of it with is the ability to pretend he's sick so he can steal peoples' cars.
Jack: That's the best superpower in the world! I can run slightly faster than an old man!
Jay: What a dick!

Chris: Superman flies out to space and listens to things for a little bit, and I’m not sure if this is intentional on Singer’s part or if we’re just reading into it, but he definitely hears sirens and gunfire and babies crying, but doesn’t move an inch until he hears the alarm from someone robbing a bank. Superman is all about the 1%, y’all.
David: I never picked up on that. Oh my God, he really has truly messed up priorities.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Superman Returns

David: ...we get a short piece of exposition showing that an Important College Scout About the Future is visiting town to watch Clark be a football star and presumably cheat a number of hardworking human athletes out of glory and recognition they would get were it not for the gloryhounding alien.
Chris: I keep trying to think of something to add, but you basically nailed it. My pal Chad once summed up Superman’s morality by saying that he’s a guy with X-Ray Vision who never uses it to look at girls, but with the Smallville version, who knows? I’m willing to bet that there’s an entire episode where Clark does just that, shortly before melting the wall of the girls’ locker room with his heat vision.
Smallvillains, on the Smallville episode "Transference"

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