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Quotes: Super Power Lottery
Green Arrow: You've got so many, it's hard to keep track.
The Batman, "Lost Heroes"

JOHN: man, spacey witch powers sound a lot more versatile than my powers, frankly.

"You know, there's not much more to [Dio Brando] than that, but he's simply the most hardcore character I've ever seen in anything ever. Brainwashing powers, incredible influence, vampirism, body-snatching, regeneration powers, time freeze abilities, and if I understand this correctly, he even reincarnates into a shapeshifting velociraptor in the manga."

Virtually every power was offensive, just about every power had some use. That was the norm, the standard. But exceptions existed. They were the Bonesaws, the Crawlers, the Echidnas, the Legends, Alexandrias, Eidolons and Dragons of the world. By sheer fortune, they’d stumbled onto powers that set them head and shoulders above everyone else. Having the right variant, being in the right situation to use that power.
Skitter ruminates on this trope, Worm

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