Quotes / Stating the Simple Solution

Jacopo: Right. We kill these people- then we spend the treasure.
The Count: No. We will study them. Learn their weaknesses...
Jacopo: Why not just kill them? I'll do it, I'll run up to Paris- bam, bam, bam- I'm back by week's end, we spend the treasure! How is this a bad plan?
The Count: Death is too good for them. They must suffer as I suffered.

Dr. Hell: …You can come out now.
Gestalt: Your obsession with Photon Power is…amusing.
Dr. Hell: This King of Hell isn’t enough to fight the Ba’al with…only with Photon Power can we survive!
Sayuri: Do you think those three clowns will even succeed?
Dr. Hell: They will live up to my expectations! I have high hopes for Baron Ashura.
Gestalt: And why the elaborate call for a showdown? If you wanted the Photon Power so badly, you could’ve taken the Photon Labs while ZEXIS were dealing with Insalaum!
Dr. Hell: You fools could never hope to understand my plans!
Sayuri: Perhaps. In any case good luck (not!) for the battle.
Gestalt: You might need it more than you think! Mwahaha!
— Saint-ism LP of Scenario 47, Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-Hen

Jesus Christ, man! Why don't you just try acting instead?!