Quotes / Seinfeldian Conversation

Robert Lutece: I told you they'd come.
Rosalind Lutece: No, you didn't.
Robert: RIGHT, I was going to tell you they'd come.
Rosalind: But you didn't.
Robert: But I DON'T.
Rosalind: You sure that's right?
Robert: I was going to HAVE told you they'd come?
Rosalind: No.
Robert: The subjunctive?
Rosalind: That's not the subjunctive.
Robert: I don't think the syntax has been invented yet.
Rosalind: It would had to have had been.
Robert: Had to have...had...been? That can't be right.

Sister Eda: Alright, the Good Shepherd. What's his weapon of choice?
Revy: Huh?
Eda: Psalm 23 verse 4, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death." But what I wanna know is, what would you take with you, you know, if you were him.
Revy: Hmm, I'd say a Jericho, 941 FBL.
Eda: That's a pretty limp-dick gun for Jesus...
Revy: You're the nun. What's your fuckin' answer?
Eda: [holding up her Glock 17L by its holster] Isn't it obvious? This guy here.
Revy: You're full of shit. I mean he was Jewish, right? Of course he'd have an Israeli-made gun.
Eda: Goddamn heathen. You're out of your league when it comes to this shit.