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Quotes: Rule-Abiding Rebel
"How rebellious!... In a conformist sort of way."
Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

"Can't hassle us, pig! We're going the speed limit!"
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Candace: Hey mom, can I get a pink streak in my hair?
Linda: Why would you do that?
Candace: To express my individuality! Everyone's doing it!

Calvin: Mom, can I have some money to buy a satan-worshiping, suicide-advocating heavy metal album?
Calvin's Mom: Calvin, the fact that these bands haven't killed themselves in ritual self-sacrifice shows that they're just in it for the money like everyone else. It's all for effect. If you want to shock and provoke, be sincere about it.
Calvin: Mainstream commercial nihilism can't be trusted?!

"I hate comedians that are like, "Fucking strap in, motherfuckers, cause I'm about to get really dangerous!" and then the next thing they always say is, "The fucking food on airplanes is bullshit!" There is nothing safer than a comedian who tells you he's dangerous."

"And the musicians today who don't do drugs and, in fact, speak out against drugs? Boy do they suck! Ball-less, soulless, spiritless, corporate little bitches..."
Bill Hicks, Relentless

"Besides...what little girl (or grown-up woman) back in 1976 took Charlie's Angels as a stealth feminist manifesto? I see that observation often when I read reviews and TV histories that mention the show (just listen to those unintentionally hilarious interviews with headcase Drew Barrymore, when she was flogging those dreadful movie versions of the show). However, I can't help but feel those generalizations are coming from writers and pundits who really need Charlie's Angels to be about what they want it to be about, extrapolating out nice-sounding, "important" theories for their political agendas, rather than acknowledging how Charlie's Angels actually plays: as pretty but disposable rot. Anyway...aren't most women too smart to take this kind of fantasy seriously? Charlie's Angels was a guys show first and last, despite protestations to the contrary, a standard detective series given a new twist by featuring not one, not two, but three hot babes with the-then novel approach of putting as much of their skin on display as possible, just for the sheer sake of such exhibition."

"Nothing says rebellion like a generic, store-bought green mohawk. No, really!"

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