Quotes / Religion of Evil

To err is to invite retribution.
Thou shalt not.
Submit to His will.
Obedience is blind.
Choice is the one burden we need not suffer.
Power does not reside with the Oracle, but with the Priests.
Damnation is eternal.
Imperial Thoughts for the Day, Warhammer 40,000

"Merciless lord of the Ninth Hell, keeper of all things forbidden and unknown, master of all you encounter, Asmodeus, I call on your dread name."
Gilliard DeRosan, disciple of Asmodeus, The Book of Vile Darkness

Whence night by night
He and his monstrous rout are heard to howl
Like stabled wolves, or tigers at their prey,
Doing abhorred rites to Hecate
In their obscured haunts of inmost bowers.

This guy, Russell, he's the leader guy of the cult. He was rambling on during one of his speeches about the sun being bad. Like, the Beast can't come out because the sun is too bright and it hurts his eyes, or something. If you show up sunburnt, the guy's going to be pissed at you and me.

The religion is an evil thing. We know this because they drink human blood and make flesh offerings. They practice self-mutilation because they feel that it makes you less attached to the mortal world. Their religious arguments are about which mountain peak is the highest and if the fourth one should be included in their worship. I think this is Paolini trying to create a religion. He apparently has missed the point of religion. Or the reason why people worship things. Or have religious dogma. It shouldn't be about which mountain peak is the highest. There's nothing spiritual about that. It's not something that you can base a religion on. At least not a sustainable one. And does the mountain tell them to sacrifice people? Also, religions shouldn't be either good or evil. Because then why would you join up with the evil religion?
Eragon Sporkings, by Kippurbird

We are the Children of Darkness. We are the Followers of Set, Beloved of the Serpent Apep who swallows the Sun. Where there is evil, we are; where the sweet taint of corruption hangs heavy in the air, so too are we found. We follow in our Father's footsteps; exiled into the darkness, we make the darkness supreme. From Egypt to England, Granada to Cathay, our coils slowly strangle the world. Set was born between earth and sky and was raised on blood and sand. His enemies are our enemies: Amon-Ra the Sun God, Horus One-Eye, all who uphold faith, hope, purity. We seduce them, we corrupt them, we destroy them. Sabbat and Camarilla matter not to us, for all are as one, to be shown the power of the darkness, then devoured. The Camarilla grasp at the straw of humanity while drowning in a tide of blood; the Sabbat fear Gehenna, not seeing that it is the liberation all Cainites crave. Given time, we shall open the eyes of all, and all will be blinded by the shadows.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Setites

Beware Saint Toad's cracked chimes! The old aeon's dream of the long, winging flight through the void! Beware Saint Toad's cracked chimes! Saint Toad, commend my soul to the Immaculate Slime! Hearken! Hearken! Listen to the Boiling Meme, for he, he is the messenger of the Lucid Dreamers! The Boiling Meme beams of the stars that scream! The Lucids approach! Eat lest ye be eaten, for the dark teems with eaters! The city does not suffer: the people are liberated! The light burns so darkly. Light is dark and dark is light! Submit! Submit to the bright darkness!
The Priest of the Blinding Light, The Secret World