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Quotes: Redundant Parody
"Most of those movies are meant to be funny, which would make turning them into comedies pretty difficult and very stupid. It would be like doing parodies of Lonely Island songs: retarded, pointless and mind-numbingly painful to watch."

The reader is torn
Between laughter and gaping
Spoofs shouldn't be worse
Than the things that they're aping

"It really shows how stunningly lazy the so-called writing is on this movie when they're stealing a joke from the very movie they're supposedly satirising! Shameless! Simply shameless!"
Film Brain, during his review of Epic Movie

"Look guys, there's a difference between parody and plagiarism! THEY'RE NOT THE SAME THING!"
Film Brain, during his review of Epic Movie

"...Schwarzenegger movies already verge on self-parody. So a Schwarzenegger spoof seems redundant. The novelty of Schwarzenegger parodying his tough-guy image is undermined by the fact that Schwarzenegger spoofs his tough-guy image in pretty much every movie he makes."
Nathan Rabin, from his book version of My Year of Flops entry on Last Action Hero

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