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Quotes: Poke the Poodle
Lies and fibs, cheats and steals,
My treacherous villainy makes me squeal.
I never tip, I butt in line,
I never clean the dishes and it suits me fine.
I'm so pleased, I'm such a sleaze.
This bad guy thing's a breeze!
King K. Rool during a song in Donkey Kong Country

Dr. Polaris: * Ahem*
"Luthor": ...What?
Dr. Polaris: You gonna wash your hands?
"Luthor": No! 'Cuz I'm evil.

"Revenge! Sub par snacks! Deal with my wrath!"
Cassiel celebrates her first successful ploy in Misfile

"I looked up a girl's skirt the other day. Isn't that the best kind of evil?"

"If you must know," a disconnected whisper confided, "we dressed in blackface and wrote filthy slogans on the side of the citadel. Horrible, horrible things about Princess Tanalasta and a centaur."
A strong political statement, Alias thought sarcastically.
Azure Bonds, Forgotten Realms novel by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb.

But, as if on purpose, when it reached the limit, [Gavrila] always proved too honest for an extremely base deed. (On a small base deed, however, he was always ready to agree.)

"I, Voldemort, give you full permission to use the most evil of magics!" They're like, no, Voldemort! Not the ear magic! "YES! BURN ALL THEIR FUCKIN' EARS!"

"In real news, the Weather Underground bombs the US State Department, hurting absolutely nobody and generally continuing their reputation as the fluffy bunnies of the terrorist world."

"And that's how Jason Took Manhattan. I guess he didn't really TAKE Manhattan, so much as...I don't know. Annoy it briefly? Strolled through it for about 3 minutes without hurting anybody? And then got killed in a really embarrassing fashion that doesn't make any sense? Heck he barely made an impact on Manhattan. What are the papers bound to say if they even run the story? 'JASON VOORHEES GOES ON RAMPAGE: DESTROYS BOOMBOX, NOBODY HURT.'"
The Spoony One on Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

"Oh, and we also got an appearance by a vaguely heel Lord Alfred Hayes, who made fun of Todd’s name. And yeah, that was pretty much heel Alfred – he was never blatantly evil, just more like he got out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning."

"Aha, I'm going to waste all their minutes! Mwa ha ha ha!"
The Nostalgia Critic mocking the villain of Rock-A-Doodle

"Making fun of his hair color? That ruthless son of a bitch!"

"I'm gonna find the wrong crowd and not read things together! Yeah, That's right! Entire novels left unopened!"

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