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Quotes: Non-Mammal Mammaries
"Focus, dude. Remember, she's a lizard. A lizard with luscious, firm, ripe..."
Ant-Man on Skrulls, Avengers: The Initiative #17

That's right: A whole roomful of people sat down at some point in history and not only greenlit a sitcom about actors in shitty dog costumes, but they requested — nay, demanded — that one of them have prominently highlighted tits. It was immediately canceled, of course, because the world is not as bad a place as it seems sometimes.

Ruto: You want to get married now?
Link: What? Why would I want to do that?
Ruto: I have boobs now.
Link: Oh yeah. Although you are still technically a fish.
Ruto: A fish with boobs!

"Ents do not have nipples. The bird-people of Rito Island do not have nipples. Knuckles the Echidna would not have nipples. Invader Zim probably does not have nipples, especially as his species is grown in jars. J'onn J'onzz only has nipples when he wants to. Andalites definitely do not have nipples. Do Klingon have nipples? You should probably check before you have one of them get naked."

"She's a fish. A fish! Why does a fish need boobs of that caliber? I think she's bigger than me!"
The Tall One (on Princess Ruto)

"Big breasts... hang on a second, she's a sunflower!"
"Yeah — she's a sunflower with big breasts! What did you expect her to be?"

"We have these quintessential female images in our mind, and in the case of the male mind, they're grossly distorted. When you see something that reflects your id, it works for you. Right from the beginning I said, 'She's got to have tits,' even though that makes no sense because her race, the Na'vi, aren't placental mammals."
James Cameron, discussing the character design of Neytiri

"I get called 'Hey Mister' all the time."
— A reptile on FurAffinity who averts the trope.

"Okay... a Spaniard frog with... tits. I mean, really, frogs should not be in heels!"

"Duck Tits! Woo-Hoo!]]"
The Nostalgia Critic on an infamous scene in Howard the Duck.

"What's weirder? Bug aliens having boobs or bug aliens having their own Will Smith? This is the kind of question serious writers of science fiction ask themselves all the time."
Andrew Hussie, on the Trolls in Homestuck

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