Quotes / No One Gets Left Behind

"We go out together, or we don't go out at all."
Hannibal, The A-Team, "Curtain Call"

Dr. Felger: What about "never leave a man behind"?
Col. O'Neill: [furious] What about "we allowed ourselves to be captured"? On purpose?
Dr. Coombs: [contrite] Oh.
Dr. Felger: You what?
Col. O'Neill: We're on a mission, you nit!

"No way. I won't give those guys a single one of you. Not this land. It's people. You. You're all my master's pride. We're going back. Taki's waiting."

Simon: Captain, why'd you come back for us?
Mal: You're on my crew.
Simon: Yeah, but....you don't even like me. Why did you come back?
Mal: You're on my crew. Why are we still talking about this?

"We all go home, or nobody goes home!"
Sergeant Slaughter, G.I. Joe

"We are Sherpas and we have never left anyone to die on a mountain. It is not our way."
Tenzing Norgay's grandson

Asuka:You should have two minutes before the next salvo arrives. Misato, any sign of Aida?
Misato: Nothing. No beacon, no comms, nothing at all. We can't even locate a wreck.
Asuka: Keep looking. We don't leave anyone on the battlefield alone. Never alone.
Misato: Roger. We'll find him.
A Crown of Stars, chapter 75

Zoe Washburne: Sir, I don't disagree on any particular point. It's just... In the time of war, we would've never left a man stranded.
Malcolm Reynolds: Maybe that's why we lost.

(After Judy badly injures her leg while she and Nick are trying to escape the Big Bad and they manage to hide in the museum.)
Judy: (Hands Nick the vital evidence after he bandaged up her wounded leg.) Take the case, get it to Bogo!
Nick: (Immediately hands it back.) I'm not going to leave you behind. That's not happening!
Judy: I can't walk!
Nick: Just-- we'll think of something!

General Pepper: What are you doing? It's too dangerous there!
Fox McCloud: I can't leave Slippy hangin'!

Sasuke: Luffy, why are you here?! Get back to the ship! You can't just fight anything you see and hope to get away with it-your crew needs you!
Luffy: I know my crew needs me. That's why I'm here. We don't leave our crew behind, Sasuke.
The Unchained, chapter 28

Fluorite: We won't go [to Earth]. Not if it means leaving you behind.
Lars: WHAT?! I'm trying to preform a beautiful act over here!
Fluorite: We know this planet. We've been hiding in these tunnels for eons. You'll need us to help you get around. Besides. Us off-colors stick together.

Kara: Stop! We can't just leave her!
Big Barda: (thinking) We can. We should. For showing compassion, Granny would condemn me to a thousand mindyears of all-pain. (loudly) No. We can't.