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Quotes: Nan Quest
"I was so worried about you after you disappeared earlier, I'm so glad to see that you're okay. This place isn't safe!"
Henry (paraphrased)

"I've been going to the janitor's closet and to the kitchen to get food and water when needed. Somehow, they haven't run out yet. I stay in the light and don't let my guard down. That's how I'm still alive — because I'm not about to die here, in this place. Not without even knowing what it is."
Anderson (paraphrased)

"Maybe he's already dead. [referring to Anderson] Maybe we all are, and this is hell. Or heaven.
At this point, would we even know the difference?
Kim (paraphrased)

"If you see the Beast, just run. Just run, and don't stop."
Anderson (paraphrased)

"'I' do! [in response to Nan]
* Beat*
Everyone has a theory on this place. Everyone wants to KNOW. They want to know too much. That won't do them any good.
* Beat*
Pablo thinks this place is like a mystery, like a dream.
Kim says this place is hell.
But I know.
* Beat*
This place is freedom.
Out there, there are rules. There are laws. There are morals. People fear God.
But in here, there is no right and wrong. And there is no God. There is only us. There is only what we do and what we feel. This is the absolute. This is freedom. This is a world, at long last, of man's design.
* Beat*
Kim and the others think they know so much about the world. But not this place. Maybe you think you know, too, but you're wrong. You have to forget that and just go with it.
Forget about everything you may never be able to know. Forget about if anything you do is anything good, or anything bad. Forget about if what you're doing is what you "should".
* Beat*
This place is the ultimate freedom.
So, why would anyone... want to leave?
Santiago (paraphrased)

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