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Quotes: Mundane Solution
No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.
- Vlad Taltos, from the Dragaera series

Sarge: Now if only there was someway to tap into our inner rage. Like that Hulk fella. Dagnabit, there's never any gamma radiation around when you need it!
Simmons: Well what if we tried getting into the ship and lowering the landing gear. That might raise the ship-
Sarge: -Or, we can build an army of clones that can lift the ship!-
Simmons: I think the jack in the warthog might be able to lift it-
Sarge: -Could develop a machine that shrinks the ship. Or that makes Dount Gigantic! Or both.
Simmons: Or we could try digging underneath the hole.
Sarge: I've got it! a levitation ray.
- Red vs Blue, Sarge and Simmons discussing how to rescue Dount from underneath a ship.

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