Quotes / Mundane Object Amazement

You've lived among Muggles; can you tell me exactly what is the function of a rubber duck?

A collection of crystals, various powdered substances, some proteins.... And then it was transformed through a careful, deliberate process into a new shape, placed intentionally where it would be exposed to higher energies....
At the end of this process, Mikuru had transformed things into cookies, through some amazing, slow, medium-scale fusion that Kuyou was delighted to analyze the intricacies of. She could spend millions of rotations examining it and its nuances, at least!
Kuyou Suou watching Mikuru Asahina make cookies, Kyon: Big Damn Hero

Silver: This looks so beautiful!
Amy: What? You mean this desert?
Silver: Everything is so great here, isn't it? The sky is gorgeous, and everyone's happy...