Quotes / Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds

"'Minimal collateral damage' and 'Entire star system' do not belong in the same sentence."
U.N.S. Officer, Schlock Mercenary [1]

Evil The Cat: And now I shall destroy the universssse!
Henchrat: Hehehe... uhh, what we do then, boss?
Evil The Cat: Hmm... *startles* Well, I hadn't really thought about it, actually. Gloat, I suppose; cackle wickedly amid the ashes, sort of thing?
Earthworm Jim the Animated Series

Homer: Homer do good?
Bart: Actually, you doomed us all. Again.

Grimlock: "Me Grimlock no care whole planet fall apart! Make no difference to me Grimlock."
Wheeljack: "With you on it?"
Grimlock: "Huh... Hadn't thought of that."
The Transformers, "The Ultimate Doom"