Quotes / Medusa

You cursed my soul, my mind is dead
Eyes like a weapon, snakes on my head
A priestess I was, the pride of Athena
Now I'm banned to live the life of a beast
Grave Digger, "Medusa"

Who turns people to stone and poisons the rivers?
Who reduces cities to rubble?
And who is leading the Underworld destruction of the land and heavens?
Pit explaining Medusa's day job, Kid Icarus: Uprising

You may gaze at her reflection
In still waters of the lake
But don't look at her directly
Or death will be your fate
Angel Witch, "Gorgon"

Damn them all, I'll create my own perfection
Damn them all in the face of their rejection
Damn them all, this dog will have her day
My garden's full of pretty boys who couldn't stay away
(Damn them all!)
Heather Dale, "Medusa"