Quotes / Like Parent, Like Spouse

I have the coolest dad in the entire world. My dad is hilarious. He’s also strong, smart and makes me feel like he’s going to take care of everything. I think those are the qualities I look for in a boyfriend.

You remember what my father was like? I fell in love with a man who turned out to be everything I always hated in my father. Why would I do that? How could I be so blind?
Beverly Marsh, IT

"It's trite but true that a lot of young women look for a man who reminds them of their dad. Your dad fights monsters. I fight monsters. Your dad rescued your mom from a dragon. I rescued you from Arctis Tor. Seeing the pattern here?"
Harry Dresden to Molly Carpenter, Proven Guilty

"Today, I told Yukito-san that I loved him. But Yukito-san said that he wasn't my number one person. He asked me whether or not my feelings for him and the way I feel about my dad were similar, and I thought about it. They are alike. But there was another kind of ‘like’ for Yukito-san, too. Maybe not much, but different from the way I like my dad."
Sakura to Syaoran after confessing her love to Yukito, Cardcaptor Sakura