Quotes / Least Rhymable Word

Todd in the Shadows: (re: "Unapproachable") I'm not gonna play this time. I'm not gonna do it. There's no point, cause I already know what's gonna happen. Nothing rhymes with that. What's he gonna put there? Coachable? Poachable? No, he's either gonna rhyme it with itself, or he's gonna come up with this horrible forced rhyme that won't fit at all unless he twists the words beyond recognition. So let's see it. Let's see what he does. Rhyme that shit! Go on!
Wiz Khalifa: And my car look unapproachable
Super clean but it's super mean
She wanna ride with them cats
Count stacks, get fly, take trips, and that's that

Todd: (Claps) Bravo, sir, bra-vo! Didn't. Even. Try. Wow, wow. I had not even considered that as a possibility. Abandon the rhyme scheme entirely! Clogged toilets have better flow than this guy!
Todd in the Shadows, "Black & Yellow" review