Quotes / Klingon Scientists Get No Respect

Are you real men or some goddamned faggots?
Nikita Khrushchev to some avant-garde artists, 1962

"How many Klingons does it take to change a dilithium crystal? Ten - one to change it, and the other nine to chastise him for performing such a menial task when he's a member of a proud warrior race!"
Ed Byrne, Mock the Week, "Unlikely Things To Hear In A Sci-Fi Movie"

"'Krogan scientist?' Heh. Never met krogan scientist worthy of term."
Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2

Lord High Researcher Fortack: My predecessor said no one would understand the true worth of my work. As I pulled my blade from his chest, I knew he was telling the truth.
Commander Shepard: Not exactly what I would call effective academic peer review.

"My father is a mechanical genius. He could've been Chief Engineer of a starship if he'd had the opportunity. But he went into business, like a "good Ferengi." The only thing is, he's not a good Ferengi. Not when it comes to acquiring profit. So now, all he has to live for is the slim chance that someday, somehow, he might be able to take over my Uncle's bar."

"Predators are the Klingon contradiction: if you're an advanced species that has developed space travel, you don't act like a barbarian. You know what I mean? I can't imagine a Klingon warrior trying to figure out how to make a warp engine. Sitting there with spectacles on and working at a computer? 'It's not the warrior way...NERD! You should be murdering things!' 'I'm trying to develop space travel!'"

"Here, the Klingons are used fleetingly, and [Joe] Menosky seems to have a bit of fun at their expense...I love how they even talk about colonisation in terms like 'worthy.' It suggests that the Klingons were really on a boring mission scouting for potential colonisation sites. They donít even seem to have a dedicated scientific department, having to forward on their research..It seems more likely they just wanted to boast about generic Klingon stuff to Quark, which is a nice touch. I have to admit I always wondered about Klingon culture. With everything built around glory and honour and victory, one wonders how society finds people to fill menial day-to-day work. Do Klingon janitors get to go to Sto-vo-kor? What about the great Klingon cheese-makers? What of the scientists who research stuff that is important to a space-faring empire, but isnít necessarily based around killing things?"
Darren Mooney on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Dramatis Personae"

"Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important."