Quotes / Kiwi Blitz

Steffi: You said only you and dad know about this bot, right?
Ben: Yeah, we'll have to call the RBL tomorrow and get it registered—
Steffi: DON'T!
Ben: Que?
Steffi: We can use Kiwibot to fight crime!!!
Ben: You're... serious?
Steffi: It'll be awesome! I'd be just like Iron Man!
Ben: Sure, if Iron Man is both retarded and dead. Hey Mister Frohlich, talk some sense into your daughter.
Heinrich: Hm? Hrm... *thinking* Justice + RBL Exposure + Pleasing daughter to be cooler than her mother = ... *out loud* I'm behind you a hundred percent!
Steffi: Hells yeah!
Ben: This is why your wife left you!!!

Cho: Oh hey, it's stopping!
Reed: That might not be a good thing.
Cho: Oh great. It's because there is another clearly-not-street-legal vehicle in front of it. And now the small one is running at the big one.
Reed: ...This better be good.

Time for Kiwibot's (apparently) signature attack! Beak Shot!
[beak skids of Arachbot's armor]
*thinking* It's not very effective...
Steffi, here.

Steffi: Looks like he left some obvious tracks at least. Activating... lower... view window things...
Ben: Yeah, you sound totally badass.

Just remember that when the tracks end, [the invisible mech is] probably standing right in front of you.
Ben, here.

Steffi: Hrm... I forgot about a superhero name. This is important.
Ben: Is it really.
Steffi: Maybe something German?
Ben: How about the Kiwi Commando?
Steffi: Fail. Oh! I got a good one! Call me BLITZ!

I wouldn't be a public menace if I wasn't good at this stuff!
Raccoon, here.

Raccoon: You're pretty lucky, you waited exactly where I planned my escape route!
Blitz: So you were about to steal the artifact?
Raccoon: About to? (:3)

Steffi please tell me you are not doing what you are very obciously doing right now.
Ben, here.

Sorry, but you look offensively boring.
Gear, here.

Gear: Yo, kiddos. Small favor to ask. Hold this for me, wouldja? *hands box to little boy*
Girl: What... is it?
Gear: A bomb. *thumbs up and ;)*

Steffi: This would be so much easier if I could just beakshot 'er.
Ben: I'm going to ask you as nicely as possible to not murder someone in front of the police force.

[Blitz slides out of an alley... and between Officers Strauss and Chris]
Chris: !?
Blitz: Woah, more of you!? [dashes off]
Chris: Hold up!
Kurt: Isn't that- [starts to follow]
Cho: [jogs up, out of breath] Strauss! Don't- *huff*
Chris: [stops] Don't what?
Cho: Let her... *huff* ...escape. ...Damn, I need to work out more.

Steffi: I was wondering how you feel about participating in... questionably-legal-things.
42: Technically, my existance is illegal.
Steffi: Oh yeah.
42: I was also created specifically for gathering information, and I was thus programmed with a certain lack of regard for laws relating to privacy of data.
Steffi: You kinda just keep getting more suspicious.

Now, before anyone asks: Yes, she has Kleptomania. No, it does not compel her to dress up as a Raccoon and steal things for mysterious third parties.
Mary (Author), here.

He acts like he's never been assaulted by an adorable child before.
Mary (Author), on the security guard here.

Blitz: What are you doing here!? Do you have some sort of problem with me!?
Gear: Isn't that thinking a little self-centered? I may be here to kill you, but that doesn't mean it's personal.

Blitz: I told you to get out of here.
Raccoon: Fine, it's none of my business. You to weirdos have your big sexy showdown without me.
Gear: HAH!
Blitz: Wait what?

Gear: ...What do you consider the difference between a criminal and a villain, for instance?
Blitz: ...Hateability?
Gear: HA HA HA HA! That's actually not too bad.

[Steffi wakes up to find 42 watching her]
Steffi: ...42? What's up?
42: Mister Contractor asked me to keep an eye on you when he returned home.
Steffi: So you've been staring at me in my sleep?
42: Only for the last few hours.
Steffi: ...Good going, Ben. So much for ever sleeping again.

Cho: ...Are you going to be okay, kid?
Reed: *contemplative* ...Honestly, I don't know how I feel right now. I guess [losing my arm] hasn't quite sunk in yet. *deadpan* ...It might also be the drugs, which are pretty great.
Cho: Miracles of modern medicine.

Is this... what dying feels like?
Would I know... if I was already dead?
You must be able to tell, right?
That's right...
If I can still hear, I must not be dead.
I bet it's really quiet...
When you die.
I'm scared...
Of that silence.
Steffi, here, half-unconcious after her leg is shot off.

Heinrich: Where is 42? She usually greets me.
Steffi: Usually when I wonder that, the answer is 'right behind you.'
[Heinrich and Steffi look over their shoulders]

Funny Faces are an acceptable substitute for compelling plot points, right!?
Mary, here.

On the scale of ability to keep secrets, it goes something like Spy> Normal Person> Small Puppy> Steffi> Chandra
Mary, here.

Dr. Ghanem: We can talk details while I get some measurements. Now, I know Steffi thinks guns are cooler, but I think knives have more practical uses.
Reed: Wait, what?
Steffi: We're talking about your new arm! What kinda features do you want?
Reed: Oh! Um... I mean, I just want something normal-looking and sturdy, I guess. Something reasonable, y'know?
Steffi: ... :(
Dr. Ghanem: ... :|
Dr. Ghanem: *to Steffi* I had certain assumptions when you said this was a friend of yours.

Reed: Shouldn't you be in school right now?
Steffi: I'm an eSchooler. I only gotta go in on test days.
Dr. Ghanem: I'm totally skipping a board meeting, though.
Steffi & Dr. Ghanem: *fist bump*

Ben would not actually punch Steffi in the face unless he had good reason to. Which he might. But this is like, a METAPHOR. Also I just wanted to draw Steffi getting punched in the face.
Mary, on the Cover Page for Track 13


Y'know what, never mind. As long as your dad keeps paying me as much as he does, I no longer care about your terrifying lives.
Assistant Lady, here.

Someone: Woah hey, katana tiger alert!
Mary: I can ALMOST guarantee you haven't heard that sentence before.

Steffi is honest with her parent, and you should be too! Knowing is half the battle. No wait, please never take any cues from my characters.
Mary, here.

Maybe you haven't heard... but this is my show. And it's the kind where nobody dies.
Blitz, here.